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New Year Gift Guide 2017


New Year is always like a new morning, full of optimism and hope. People enjoy the celebrations of New Year all across the globe, but one thing is obvious that these celebrations are incomplete without gifts. People buy gifts for their loved ones, friends, and relatives. In modern days, you can buy anything you like sitting at your home, only with the help of few clicks. However, because of the plentitude of things available online, it becomes difficult to search and buy the thing that you like. For this purpose, we have created a gift guide for New Year’s products. We hope you will enjoy the gift guide.

Cordless Heated Electric Heating jacket


T is a waterproof and wind-proof jacket and it has three heating zones in the front and the back. It features a portable and rechargeable Lithium battery of 7.4v. The jacket will keep you warm even in the most severe weather conditions. You can use the jacket for outdoor activities in winter. It is available only for $137.71.

Spada Breva Crystal Clincher – Rear Only


This rim is the perfect example of increased durability, comfort, lower resistance, and longer life span. The rim is very lightweight and highly aerodynamic, and it features an excellent hub. The rim is available in silver color only with red Nipple color. The rim also features 32mm Aluminum aero clincher and is highly speed compatible. It is available for £319.00

Knitted Thermal Beanies


These knitted beanies are perfect to keep you warm in the severe winter conditions. These knitted beanies not only keep you warm, but they also give you a stylish look. These acrylic beanies are available in different colors and different styles.

Aluminum Metal Frame and Acrylic Back Case Cover for iPhone


This beautiful and highly reliable iPhone cover is available for multiple iPhone models: iPhone 5s, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and 7 Plus. The cover will not only protect your mobile, but it will also give additional charm to your mobile. You can get it for $24.00.

Sequin Sand Sunglasses


This sequin sand sunglasses are available in Rose, Chrome, Pacific, and Lava color. The glasses are UV 400 and will protect you from ultraviolet rays. The frame of the glasses is metallic while the lenses are made of polycarbonate mirror. It is available for $19.99 USD.

Bucket Hat


This bucket hat is available in beautiful camo color. The hat is perfect for outdoor activities. It saves you from the sun rays being directly coming in your eyes, as well as it gives you a wild look. You can get it for $25.99.

"Designed for the Fit Life" Logo Unisex Zip hoodie


The hoodie is made of California fleece which is made of 100% ring-spun and combed cotton. You don’t have to worry about the size because the hoodie comes preshrunk. It is available in six different colors, and 5 different sizes. It has a zip closure front and features “Fit Style” logo. The hoodie also features two pockets. You can get it for $48.00.

48" Green Pine Garland


It is a 48” long green pine garland which gives a vintage floral look. The interesting thing about the garland is that it looks completely natural and when you look at it from afar, you won’t think that it is a synthetic garland. Better yet, you can decorate this garland with lights and then you can use it for parties, Christmas, or any other festival. It is available only for $10.95.

Pigeon Mandala Mug


It is a simple but most elegant cup that you can ever imagine. It is a white ceramic cup with glossy shining and an artistically portrayed pigeon is printed on it. The cup is dishwasher safe as well as microwave safe. The cup is available in two sizes 11oz, and 15oz.

'Milk Drunk' Unisex Baby & Toddler Tee


This is a beautiful white color Tee for your toddler, on which “Milk Drunk” is printed in black color. It is available for kids of 0-6 months to 2-3 years. The Tee is very soft and is made of 100% cotton. You can get it for £15.00.

Rendition Hoodie


This rendition hoodie is not just a sweatshirt, but it is also suitable for the most extreme winter conditions. The hoodie features a dual-layered heating system which keeps you warm as well as keeps you isolated from the external cold. It transfers necessary moisture, as well as doesn’t hinder your breathability. The most prominent thing in the hoodie is its wind blocking layer which blocks severe winds from touching your body. You can have it for $119.99.

Summer Night Series


The Tee is perfect for summer with its breathable fitting and short sleeves. It is very lightweight and is made of a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. It is available in 6 different sizes and in purple color only. You can have it for $19.95.

High-Quality Long Sleeve Slim Shirt for Men


It is a full-sleeve shirt for men which feature a slim fit. It is available in four different colors – Black White, Dark Blue, Lake Blue, and Red. The shirt features plaid patterns all over it. The shirt is made of cotton and it features turn-down collar. It is available for $22.00.

Diabetes Awareness


It is a hooded sweatshirt made of pre-shrunk fleece. It is available in four different colors – pink, charcoal, chocolate, and blue. It is available in six different sizes. Waistbands and cuffs have double stitching. You can get it for $36.99 USD.

Princess logo Tote


It is a beautiful tote made from spun polyester while the handles are of 100% pure cotton. The measurement of the bag is 15”x15”. It is available in charming light pink color. It is available only for $27.00.

Mock Neck Asymmetrical Peplum Top


It is a beautiful and unique asymmetrical top which features different prints. It has a mock neck and asymmetrical hem. It is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It is available for $42.61.

Blair Blanket Scarf


It is a beautiful scarf which keeps you warm as well as it assures that you look beautiful and stylish. It is available in blue, red, yellow, khaki, and brown color. The interesting thing about this blanket scarf is that you can wear it in multiple ways: you can wear it as a poncho, and you can wear it as a shawl. You can also use it in a bandanna style. It is available only for $25.00.

Short-Sleeve Men’s T-shirt


It is the softest and the smoothest shirt you can ever imagine. The shirt is made of jersey and is highly durable. The shirt gives a vintage look because it is cut in a classical manner. The shirt is very reliable and you can wash it in the machine as well. The whole shirt is double stitched. You can get it for $26.00.

Bandolera – Beige Patent


It is a beautiful heel shoe available in beige color. You can select the height of the heel either 9cm or 7cm. the overall material is beige leather, while the heel is painted beige. The shoe is very light, and despite its high heel, it is also very comfortable as well. You can have it for $199.00 USD.

Crazy Cat Lady


It is an excellent shirt available in four different styles – Hoodie, Long sleeve, Unisex shirt, and Unisex tank. It is made of 100% cotton. The price rate varies for different styles.


Christmas Gift Ideas For Women 2016


Christmas is the time of the year when people are so enthusiastic about buying gifts for their loved ones. Since everyone tries to buy gifts, we encounter crowds in shopping malls, and during Christmas days most of the roads are blocked because of people moving to different places to enjoy Christmas. Men may not find these conditions very disturbing because most of the times they are accustomed to these things, but for women, it can be a real trouble. In these situations, most women are stuck between the desire to buy gifts for their loved ones and how to do it in such a crowd. Online shopping is the best solution for this – a sweet fruit of modern day technology. But, not all online shopping centers are reliable. For the convenience of women, we have created a list of women-related products which are surely going to be appreciated by any decent woman.

Pour Over Coffee Cone Dripper, Stainless Steel Paperless Coffee Filter and Brewer


This special coffee dripper allows special oils and particular aromatics to escape from coffee. It makes the most delicate coffee that you can ever enjoy. It has reusable filters and fresher brews. There is no need to use any plastic or paper; the ultra-fine stainless steel mesh just does perfectly well. It is available for $19.97.

Weightlifting Wrist Wraps, Pink, and Black


These special lifting wrist wraps will give you extra support whenever you are lifting any heavy weight. The bands are highly effective as well as stylish. These bands are made of a mixture of cotton, elastic, and polyester. The interesting thing about these bands is that they also absorb sweat moisture from your wrists. The bands are perfect for power training as well as hardcore training. The band is available only in pink and black color and you can get it for £8.00.

Decorative Throw Pillow


Make you house beautiful and elegant looking by placing these decorative throw pillows on sofas and beds. These pillows offer stunning designs as well as bright color patterns. The classic design is maintained along with the modern touch. The pillows will make your house bright and shining because of their bright colors. These are made of 100% polyester. The dimensions of the pillows are 21″ x 21″.the pillows are available in 8 different colors.

Denim Shirt Women Tops Casual Long Sleeve


It is a beautiful denim shirt for women available in Blue, and Light Blue color. You can choose from four different sizes ranging from medium to XXL. The shirt is simple and elegant without any decoration. It has a regular sleeve style with a casual look. The shirt is made of cotton and you can get it for $21.95.



It is a liquid lipstick with glittering touch. The lipstick is perfect for social gatherings, parties as well as different formal occasions. It has a smooth matte finish, which dries keeping the right amount of moisture. Once you apply the lipstick, it won’t spread on your lips, and it also won’t break. The best thing about this lipstick is that it is three times more pigmented than the other brands available in the market. You can get it for $18.00.

Signature Tote Bag in Black Suede and Leather with Silver Hardware


It is an outstanding rectangular shape tote bag which features a magnetic closure and metal handles. The material used in the bag is authentic leather and suede. It is a highly practical bag and can be used in two ways: you can remove the straps, and you can carry the bag with the help of metallic bar.

Peasant Top


It is a cream colored peasant top with umbrella-shaped cuffs. It has long sleeves, some detail on the neck and two tassels which you can use to close the front part. It is available for $26.00.



It is an outstanding nursing dress which is both classic as well as trendy. It is very soft, comfortable as well as stretchy. It looks so beautiful when wore. It has a medium length and just falls above the knee. It also features an elegant empire belt. You can pull the top of the dress for the nursing purpose. To make the dress even more beautiful, peekaboo lace is attached to the shoulders, cuffs and on the bottom which shows the right amount of the skin. It is available from XS to XL size. You can get it for $125.00.

Brickell Blue


If you love the thick coats of nail polish, this product is perfect for you because even one coat might be sufficient for you. However, if you want to add more than one coat, then you should let the first coat dry. The color of the nail polish is blue. You can get it for $12.50.

Open Meraki Cross Body


This bag is a stunning amalgamation of both modern trends as well as a charming classic look. It is handcrafted and suede lined. It has a magnetic closure and it features one interior pocket. The material used for the manufacturing of this bag is original leather and suede. It is available only in black color with gold color extensions. You can get it for $200.00.

The Pretty Cult


It is a heavy cape which is outlined with black lace. It has a calf length and is gathered on both sides to give a charming look. If you are going for an evening walk, you can put it on along with your favorite dress, or you can put it on to keep yourself warm. You can get it for $100.

Work Hard Pilé Hard


The tank is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. It is a racerback tank that will fit you perfectly. It is available only in black color while the print is in white color. It is available for $24.00.

Eyre Bustier


It is a very versatile dress which will look perfect if you have fair complexion. You can wear this dress with or without accessories, and it will look perfect all the same. It is available in two colors ivory and navy, and it is available in two cloth types which are silk and ivory bold lace. It has a back zip closure. It is available for $395.00.

Kidville Upper East Drop off Pajama Party


It is a pajama party that occurs on every second Friday of the month. It is a three hour party which includes many outstanding activities like dinner, arts and crafts, dance, movies, playbooks, and much more. Charges of the party for one child are $60, while charges for siblings are $40 each.

Julissa Tan Heeled Sandal


It is a beautiful shoe with 3-inch heel. It has back zipper closure. It has man-made sole as well as man-made insole. It also features a lace which helps you to wear it easily. The light brown color of the shoes is very elegant and charming. It is available for $89.00.

Beautiful Seed of Life pendant


It is a beautiful seed of life pendant which is made of brass. Its dimensions are 3×3 cm. it has light golden color and will look stunning with your favorite chain.

Romper Zoya Cobalt


It is a beautiful dress with adjustable strap and side pocket. It has a beautiful cobalt color. This outfit is for all seasons – winter, summer, fall, and spring. It is made of 100% rayon. You can get it for $89.00.

Starch Slides


These slides were made from a used men’s shirt. The eco-friendly vegan leather is attached to the shirt to protect your feet. The sole is handcrafted and is highly comfortable. The small rubber heel protects your feet from shocks when you are running. The slides don’t come in a shoe box, rather we send them in a backpack.



These are actually ornamental churches which can hold candles. The church ornaments are made of aluminum and are powder coated. These churches, as well as the candles they are holding, are not simply ornamental things but they represent your belief. Inside the church, there is a glass candle holder which is also included with the product. You can get it for €42.22.

Cream Accordion Skirt


It is a beautiful and versatile skirt that you can wear all year round. This cream color skirt has elastic waistband and accordion pleats that you will find obvious at the bottom. You will feel relaxed and easy in the skirt. The skirt is made of 100% polyester. You can have it for $44.00.

Brenda Starr Reporter – Dailies and Sundays: Volume One


It is a hardcover comic book which is laminated as well. It has 288 pages, and all pages are colorful. It has landscape orientation of 10″ x 13″. Brenda Starr is considered the most famous fictional female reporter. If you are aspiring to be a female reporter, you can buy this comic book and enjoy it. It is available for $50.00.

Aromatherapy – Peace Lockets Necklace Pendant


It is a necklace pendant representing the peace symbol. It is made of zinc alloy and the chain is also included in it. The length of the chain is 24 inches. It is available in sky-blue, green, purple, red, and pink color. It is available for $15.25.

Leader of the Pack Thermal Top


Every active female, whether she is a skier, runner or yogi, has one dilemma and that is “what am I going to wear?” it becomes extremely difficult to choose from outfits which are hanging in the closet. This thermal top combines the features of all the outfits hanging in your closet and offers a single one that you can wear on any occasion you want. The top is so comfortable that you can easily sleep in it. The fabric is the combination of polyester and spandex. It is available for $168.00 CAD.



It is a beautiful silk square with colorful graphics. The geodes are known for spiritual protection and they boost only your positive energy. It is a 100% mulberry silk which is hand-screen printed. It has hand-rolled edges. You can have it for $80.00.

Druzy Stone Earrings


These are stone shaped earrings and are 14k gold plated. The earrings will sparkle when you will wear them. The earrings are unique as well as elegant. You can get one pair for $45.00.

Astra Garnet Necklace


It is a stunning necklace which features gold stars and garnet heart-shaped briolette on a golden chain. The measurement of the chain is 17 inches. You can get it for £136.00.

Letter Deck


The main focus of these letter deck cards is spelling and spatial memory. Using this game, you can challenge the strength of your vocabulary and your memory. Now you can train your brain for the most difficult challenges using this letter deck. By playing this game, you will be able to recall the information faster if you keep on playing the game. The pack is available only for $9.99.

Organic Baby Carrier Bag in Barn Doors


These bags can carry your Tula, Babyhawk, Onya, Manduca, or a lillebaby. If you are tired of your baby carrier bag being present all the time on the back seat of your car or if you want to keep your baby carrier clean then you can use this bag. It is available for $25.00 USD.



It is an outstanding piece of photography from Brazil. Its height is 45cm while its width is 30cm. it is available for €489.00.

Get Sh*t Done


It is a beautiful case that will add beauty to your mobile as well as it will give protection. It is available for all the latest models of iPhone as well as Samsung. All the cases feature high-quality UV printing.

Ugly Tiffany Mint Holiday X-Mas Pattern Throw Pillow


These are handmade pillows with hand printed beautiful designs. The dimensions of the pillows are 18″x18″. You can get one pillow for $30.00.

Green Tea Matcha Kit Kat


It is a delicious matcha Kit Kat which comes only from Japan. One bag contains twelve pieces. One bag is available only for $8.49.

Pair of Shabbat Candle-Stocks – Ceramic, Geometric Style, Pentagon Shape


These candle-stocks are made of ceramics and feature a geometric pentagon shape. These are available in different colors and different shades of pink, yellow, and white etc. You can get a pair only for $62.00.

Owl Mug


It is a beautiful owl mug and you can give this outstanding mug to someone as a gift. Better yet, if you have a friend who doesn’t sleep at night, this mug will be a perfect gift for him. The colors are stunningly beautiful and the mug looks like as if the real owl is sitting. The mug is available for $22.95.

Massaging Insoles (Women)


These shoes help to increase blood circulation, and also cure restless leg syndrome. It can also cure knee pain and back pain, and ankle pain. It is available for $ 39.95.

Tree on Women's Tee


It is a perfect Tee for women, which is inspired by the winter season. It features a tree on its front part. The tree is first hand drawn and then it is printed on the 100% cotton shirt. You can also iron the shirt and it won’t affect the color of the print or the shirt. It is available in three different colors and you can get it for £25.00.

100% Beeswax Travel Candle – Blood Orange + Cedar Wood


This beautiful candle with warm citrus scent has two main notes of fresh blood orange and a spicy tone of cedar wood. It is also a mood booster, and because of its peculiar smell, you will feel fresh. The candle is made from 100% natural beeswax. Approximate burn time of this candle is 27 hours. It is available for $25.00.

Galaxy Note 4 Snap Case


The case is made of polycarbonate material and is highly impact resistant. It is very slim and lightweight and therefore it won’t impact the overall weight and size of your phone. The edges are smooth and the ports are easily accessible. You can get the case only for $42.99.

Owl Bracelet & Bangles


These bangles are really attention grabbers because of their unique colors: you can choose from seven different color stones. The minimum length of bangles is 6.7 inches while maximum length is 8.3 inches. You can get one bangle only for $19.97.

Cadbury Block Dairy Milk Chocolate


In every 200g of dairy milk, there are nutritional components of one and a half glass of pure dairy milk with cream. The chocolate bar is very tasty as well as nutritious. You can get it for $7.99.

The Blyss Tee Scoop Neck


It is a tri-blend jersey T-shirt made from polyester, cotton, and rayon. The Tee will look perfect with a pair of jeans. The shirt is beautiful as well as very comfortable. The shirt features scoop neck. You can get it for $28.00.

Auriga Flavo C Anti-Aging Serum


The serum contains vitamin C which fights best against the aging. Pollution, sun exposure, and smoking can make your skin dull and boring, but you can nourish your skin by using this lotion. The serum helps to maintain the collagen level and in turn keeps your skin healthy. You can get it only for $21.40.

Ruffle Button Long Sleeve Pullover Top


It is a beautiful top for women decorated with buttons. The style is casual and it is made from polyester broadcloth. It features O-shaped front collar and has full sleeve length. It is available in three different colors – black, blue, and multi. You can get it for $16.99.

Something Bad Is About To Happen – Racerback Tank Top


If you only believe in doubt then buy this racerback tank top to show your doubt to everyone. The tank top is only for ladies and the fabric used is the tri-blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. The tank top is available in 8 different colors and six different sizes. you can get it only for $15.00.

Turmeric & Lemongrass Soap


This is a gentle and luxurious soap made of natural ingredients. The main ingredients are olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, almond oil, and castor oil. Different herbs are also added to the soap. Other natural ingredients are also added to give it a specific smell. There are no added colors. You can get it only for $7.00.

10" Haitian Metal Painted Steel Drum Sun Face in Blue – Caribbean Craft


It is a three-dimensional sun with a diameter of 10 inches. The sun is inspired by local Haitian culture and also has a hook which you can use it to hang on the wall. These crafts are made by highly skilled Haitian craftsmen who are trained by multinational entrepreneurs. Most Haitian art is created for wall hangings. You can get it for $34.99.

Turkey Oven Bags, 1 Pack of 25 Bags – Buddy Bags


These are multi-purpose nylon bags which are affordable and highly durable. All the bags are FDA approved and feature advanced technology of odor control. It is a set of 25 bags with dimensions 19” x 24.5”. If you are using a liquid content, they can support up to 25 lbs. the bag ties are also included with the bags. The bags are puncture resistant so your content will remain secure. The material used for the construction of these bags is of high quality and thus the bags are resistant to oil grease or fats. You can use the bags in refrigerators as well as in ovens.

Brazilian Straight


You can choose the length of the hair starting from 12” to maximum 32”. These are 100% virgin human hair and won’t tangle. If you handle them with care, they can last from 6 to 12 months. The color of the hair is natural black.


Christmas Gift Ideas For Men 2016

Couple exchanging gift at Christmas

The products which attract men and the products which attract women are fundamentally different; therefore, there is a need for the gift guides which include products for men and women separately. Besides, if you explore many online shopping websites where products for men and women are available randomly, you will have to spend lots of time exploring the product that is relevant to you. For this purpose, we have created a list of Christmas gift guide for men. All you have to do is look at the list and instantly choose what things you want to buy without worrying yourself with the unnecessary explorations.

Super Clean Glue Cleaner Multipurpose


It is a type of glue sponge which can be used for multi purposes like cleaning your car or any other thing. Its height is 6 inch while its height is 12 cm. the material is glue microfiber. The weight of the item is 70g.

For God and Country Geronimo Tee


Loyalty to God and loyalty to your country are two most important and sacred things, and this shirt indicates both of these. You can show, by wearing this shirt, that you are loyal both to God as well as to your country. The shirt is available in seven different colors – white, green, gray, orange, olive, blue, and red, on which a black color flag of USA is printed, and the printed words are “For God and Country”.  It is made of 100% cotton. You can get it for $25.95.

Jesus Not Made By Hands T-Shirt

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It is a white T-shirt with the print of Jesus on it. The shirt has Acheiropoieta significance, which means that the print on the shirt is not made by the hand rather came on the shirt miraculously. The shirt is inspired by a Christian tradition of Mandylion, in which the picture of Jesus appeared on the rectangular cloth miraculously. It is a unisex Tee made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. It is available for $28.00.

Rib Beanie


It is an outstanding beanie which is a collection of comfort as well as warmth. It is a unisex beanie and males and females alike can use it. It is available in black color with a green tag on it. It is available for $20.00.

Logo Badge Light T-shirt


It is a beautiful T-shirt made of 100% cotton except for few heather colors which contain 10% polyester as well. The shirt has a classic fit and the fitting will also remain the same no matter how many times you wash it because the shirt is pre-shrunk. The shirt features taped neck and shoulders. It is available in 9 different colors – Grey, Tan, Sand, Natural, Lime, White, Sky, Ash, Daisy, and Pink. It is available for $21.00.

“CNCPT” Snapback


It is an embroidered snapback made of 100% cotton twill. It is available in Black & Black, Black & Red, Black & Grey, and Red & Red color. It is available for £14.99.

Oniride Polo Shirt Striped With Navy Collar and Sleeve Trim


It is a beautiful shirt with navy collar and sleeve trimmings. The shirt features very fine red and blue horizontal lines. The shirt has Italian slim fit design and is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The shirt has simply classic style and gives the touch of retro street style. It is available for $100.00 CAD.

Doer Sweatshirt


The product is available in two types – hoodie and crewneck. Both the hoodie and the crew neck are available in two colors – black and heather gray. It is not a simple sweatshirt; it shows your creativity and your willingness to quit dreaming and enter the world of action where you are actually doer instead of a dreamer. It is a unisex sweatshirt and is made of 100% cotton; heather gray color contains 10% polyester. The shirt is warm as well as comfortable. You can get it only for $48.00.

Straight Outta Durham NC


The shirt is available in three different styles – District Unisex Shirt, District Made Women Shirt, and Hoodie. The shirt is also available in 8 different colors. You can get the shirt in sizes from small to 5XL. It is available for $37.95.

The World is yours – Premium Muscle Tee


This Tee is perfect for those who love bodybuilding. It is a staple Tee which you can get in different colors. The Tee is made of 100% cotton with a shoulder to shoulder tape. You don’t have to worry about the size because the fabric is pre-shrunk, and how many times you wash the Tee, it will retain its size. Bottom hem and sleeves both have double stitching. It is available for $39.99. If you use the coupon ZONE10, you can get 10% discount.

Augmented Urban Tank – Limited Edition Floral – Men


It is a limited addition floral tank that will be great for your gym activities as well as for your return home. The tank is extremely comfortable with the beautiful design. Make people jealous of you by wearing this beautiful shirt. You can get it only for $21.99

Holly Jolly Treat Toppers


These are baked confetti dots, and because of their different colors – white red, light green, dark green – they feature a holiday theme. The size of the large bottle is 134g. It is available for $5.00 USD.

Cream Cheese Brownies – Half Dozen (6)

Version 2

These are delicious cream cheese brownies which are handmade. All the brownies have chocolate at the bottom, while on the outer side there is a layer of secret cream. The size of the brownies is big when compared to the other brownies available in the market. Once you eat these brownies, you will never forget the taste of these rich-in-nutrition brownies. Pack of six is available for $24.99.

Galaxy Yoga Towel


A yoga session is always sweaty, and most people fall on their mats because the mat becomes so slippery because of the sweat. This galaxy yoga mat is perfect solution to reduce slippage. Different galaxies are printed on the yoga mat which also gives you inspiration to do yoga regularly. The dimensions of the mat are 72″x24″. It is available for $45.00.

Food Flask


It is an outstanding vacuum insulated flask which keeps your hot food hot for 6 hours, and cold food cold for 8 hours. It is made of stainless steel. The flask is very compact and is highly practical. You can take it easily with you wherever you go. T also features a vegan leather strap which is holding a bright colored spoon. Even the design of the spoon is made keeping in mind the comfort of the user. It is available for €29.95.

1 Person Preparedness Package


The bag is designed specifically to fulfill all the preparedness needs of one person. It provides you emergency supplies whether you are in the car, at home, or at any other location. T has a survival kit, tools, hygiene and sanitation kit, first aid, auto guardian kit, and guardian survival mini. It is a highly practical kit which you can avail at prices as low as $120.99.

X-Box Custom Basketball Grip


This custom basketball grip offers you best ways to customize your controller. Now you can enhance your grip on the joystick by adding real basketball grip. This basketball grip is perfect for your X-Box. It is available only for $12.00.

Headache Eraser


Because of the burden of the work, and many other activities we feel frustrated all the times, and that is why we feel constant pain in our heads all the time. It is an aromatherapy headache remover. You can use it on both of your temples, and you will see the headache going away in seconds. The product is very handy and easy to carry as well. It is perfect for situations when you can’t find any medicine. Furthermore, it is far better than medicines. Once you use it, you will never go anywhere without it.

The Wallflower Desk


It is a wall-mounted stand which provides you with outstanding workspace. Its main spine is 14” long and has an adjustable table which you can use for laptops as well as for tablets. The desk is perfect for many compact places where any table – no matter how small – will fit. It is perfect for the places like coffee shops, medical facilities, libraries, data centers, and manufacturing facilities. It is available in different colors and materials. You can get it for $425.00.

'Wicked Creature' Double Feature: Sublime Suspicions & the Ratman's Christmas


It is a collection of two stories and it features two wicked creatures: the first one is a politician accused of murder, and the second is repulsive rat man. As the stories unfold, we come to know that the monster is something mundane. The collection consists of 22 black & white pages which are stapled together. It is available for $3.00.

Holly Gift Tags


It is a “Merry Christmas” holiday gift tag. It is a pack of 8. The dimensions of each gift tag are 2″ x 4″. The material is off-white felt cardstock. The pack is available for $8.50.

Just Jam Original


Just Jam Original is a strawberry jam, and when you open the bottle you will experience the sweet aroma of strawberries. You can choose the nicotine level either 3mg or 6mg. it is available for £19.99.



This purse is a combination of style and functionality. There is a contrast of tarpaulin base and the matte design. The bag is perfect for college or any outdoor walk when you want to take necessary items with you. It has multiple pockets inside which are divided and these pockets will keep you organized. It is big enough to be used as a gym bag or a flight carry bag.

La Maison Inondée

La Maison Inondee Bowl Small

It is a flood house porcelain bowl. It will turn your dinner time into a beautiful story. The bowl features a house in the middle, and the main idea of the story is that you have to finish the soup before the house is flooded. It is available in two colors – white or green. It is available in 7” or 10” diameter. It is microwave safe. It is available for $24.00.

Leather Briefcase Satchel – Black


This leather briefcase satchel is the combination of elegance, style, and functionality. This is the briefcase about which you have dreamed your entire life, and finally, it is here. It has a detachable shoulder strap which can also be adjusted. T has an external front pocket. It also has a top carry handle. The cover has two buckled straps. It is available for $439.00.

Pecan Pie Toffee


It is a buttery toffee with the favorite autumn season flavor. It is made from delicious chocolate and organic syrup. Corn syrup is never added to it. You can choose from 6 different sizes.

1971 Three Rivers Demolition Coaster


All the coasters are handcrafted at the travertine marble of 4” x 4”. For the purpose of durability, we have sealed it with triple layers and it also comes with a cork which will protect your furniture. Each coaster is unique in its own right and no two coasters are the same. You can get it for $9.99.

Damara Zebra Shoulder Bag


The bag is perfect for work as well as travel. It is big enough to carry all your essentials and it is also very easy to carry. The handbag is made of genuine Burchell’s Zebra hide. The species of this zebra isn’t endangered. Inside, the bag has a black canvas and two 3” mobile pockets. There are two 8” shoulder straps. As the bag is made from natural things, a slight pattern variation is possible.

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini Slate Grey Desk Lamp


The lamp is highly functional and offers greater light in compact form. It is made of aluminum and has a matte finish. It has cast iron base. By using this lamp, you will be able to concentrate more on whatever you are reading.

Black to Bright Charcoal Tooth Whitener


It is really a struggle to choose between coffee, wine or white teeth because you can’t have all these at once. But, thanks to this charcoal tooth whitener, you can have all these at the same time. The product contains activated charcoal and volcanic ash which will make your teeth crystal white.

Adult Camouflage 3-Season Sleeping Bag


It is a highly practical sleeping bag that you can use for many purposes like when you go hunting in the jungle or when you are camping somewhere. It has envelope type style and is suitable only for adults. The range of temperature scale is from 15℃ to 5℃. The bag is filled with cotton. You can get the bag for $36.99.

Polka Dot X Button Down


It is a beautiful polka dot shirt available in black and blue color. It is available in sizes from medium to3XL. The fabric type is broadcloth and the material used is cotton and polyester. It is available for $33.69.

Dentist's Delight


If you have seen a hockey match, you can certainly tell what is going on in this picture. The teeth are being removed from the patient’s mouth in a checkerboard manner. You can also see the referee who looks exasperated. The dimensions of the print are 20″ x 16″.

Denong Black Tea


This special tea has sharp flavor and a little light caffeine, and it is perfect for early morning. The leaves of this tea are much more oxidized than other ordinary teas. Because of antioxidants present in it, it also helps detoxification. The tea will also keep you warm during the chilly weather. You can use extra ingredients like milk, lemon, and honey to enhance or modify the taste. 30g pack is available for $22.00.

The Monk Boot


These are the most elegant boots you can ever imagine. The shoes are perfect for formal occasions. The shoe has dual straps with two color combinations. The stomp of the shoes will add beauty to your walking style. You can get the pair of shoes for $319.00.

Channel Mixer/ USB Audio Interface


This device performs two functions: it is channel mixer and USB audio interface at the same time. It can be used by webcasters, podcasters, gamers, musicians, and producers. It allows high-resolution audio recording and playback. You won’t feel any noise in the audio. This highly practical audio device is available for $199.99.

United States American Flag Wayfarer Sunglass


The sunglasses have polymer frame and resin lens. The design on the frame is the flag of United States of America. It is very lightweight and durable. The glasses used are of high quality and give you protection against UV rays. It is available only for $18.99.

Paradise Helmet Pin Set


It is a beautiful pin set in the form of a helmet on which scenes from paradise are printed. The background of the pins is black while the scenes are depicted in bright green and red colors. You can get the set of three pins only for $25.00.

Blind Rivet Nut Gun Wrench


It is a hand insert nut tool with multiple mounting mandrels, with different mounting heads like M3, M4, M5, M6, and a wrench. It is made of carbon steel and is highly customizable. You can get it for $88.70.

Motorcycle Kickstand Pad – Frederick the Frog


If you always worry that you bike will fall down on side because you have parked it on a soft surface where there is a possibility that the stand of your bike will sink into sand or asphalt – if it is summer – then there is no need to worry because this frog-shaped motorcycle kickstand pad will keep your bike upright no matter where you park it. You can get it only for $11.95.

Acupressure Pillow for Neck Pain & Relaxation


There is no need to go to a doctor or use medicines for relaxation when you have this pillow waiting for you. It will improve the circulation, will boost the energy, will give you relief from back and neck pain, and the most interesting thing is that it will reduce stress and anxiety. You can get it for $14.99.

E-Pipster Short Sleeve Men’s Tee


We can proudly say that this is the smoothest and softest Tee ever made. It is made of jersey and gives a vintage look. It will retain its color and quality no matter how many times you wash it in the washing machine. It is available in four different colors. The sizes are available from XS to 3XL. It has a slim fit design and has double stitching. It is available for $34.95.

Men's Winter Soldier T-shirt


The fabric of the shirt is 100% polyester, and it has outstanding patterns on it. The shirt has removable sleeves, which means you can use it as a half sleeve shirt or a full sleeve shirt. You can get it only for $29.99.

Vlast Moto X Fitted Tee


It is a half sleeve Tee which will be a great addition to your wardrobe. It features vibrant dirt bike design. The shirt is made of 100% ring-spun cotton. It is available in four different colors and 7 different sizes. You can get it for $20.00.

Climbing 3D Vinyl CD Record Clock


The clock is made from old record CD. The clock is perfect for decorating your house. You can also give it to someone as a gift who has just shifted in a new house. It is available only for $35.99.

Roman Atwood Smile More T-shirt


It is a 100% cotton T-shirt and the print is made using the latest technology. The ink used is eco-friendly and is safe for you as well as for the environment. You can use this highly comfortable and durable shirt as well as you can give it to someone as a gift. It is available in four different colors. You can get it for $18.95. You can get 5% discount by using the code REBATESZONE.

Armand De Brignac Ace of Spades Champagne


This gold pewter water is just amazing; you will fall in love with it the moment you see it. The taste of the champagne is lusciously creamy and you will love the sensation it produces when it touches your palate. Every bottle is hand-polished. You can get one bottle for £179.99.

Mary Jane


It’s not an ordinary watermelon; it is filled with juice as well as fruity goodness. Once you taste it, you will keep on puffing all day. You can choose the nicotine level – 6gm or 9 gm. It is a 30ml bottle available only in watermelon flavor. You can get it for $13.90 USD. You can get 20% discount by using the code CHRISTMAS20.

Swirls – Multi Color


You can choose from six different fabrics on which you will get this multi-color swirls. The fabric is sold by the meter, but the quilting cotton is sold by yards.

Chelsea Travel Pillow


This pillow is perfect whether you are traveling on a plane, in a car or just taking a nap in your house. The pillow stretches, and you can walk wearing it. It features latest design and an outstanding and bright blue color. You can get it for £17.99.


Christmas Gift Ideas 2016


There is a long history of giving presents at Christmas, but most people don’t know the actual reason that why do we give gifts to our loved ones. The tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas can be traced back to Jesus Christ; actually, when we exchange gifts it reminds us of the gifts given to Jesus by wise men. As the tradition remains intact, the nature of the gifts that we choose to give to our loved ones is changed. Not only the nature of the gifts, but the way how we buy gifts is also changed. A decade or two earlier, we went to shopping malls to search for things that will suit best to the person for whom we are buying the gift, but it is undeniable that it consumed a lot of time. With the advancement of technology, the ways of shopping are also changed, and we can select and order anything that we want sitting in our homes. For this reason, we have compiled a list of gifts for Christmas that you will certainly like.

3D Acrylic Mirror Decal Wall Sticker


Wall clocks not only serve the practical function of telling time, but they also make your house look more beautiful. However, wall clocks combined with wall stickers will give a perfect look to your house. These wall stickers are available in three different colors – black, red, and silver. Each sticker is 80cm long and 20cm wide. The whole sticker is divided into four pieces. You can have the sticker for $17.99.

Fierce Girl Hooded Sweatshirt and Sweatpant


The product features a beautiful hooded sweatshirt and a pant. Different sizes are available for babies from 4 months to 24 months. The product is made of cotton and features full sleeve length. It has a pullover closure with print patterns. It is available for $24.99.

Clear Distressed USA Grill Skin


There is good news for all the jeep owners that they can change the color of their jeep by this high-quality vinyl. It is also highly recommended that you buy the installation kit as well for the perfect installation. The kit contains the following things: Heat gun with attachment, cleaning pads, razor blades, and a spray bottle. You must keep in mind that the colors may vary slightly from what are shown in the pictures. The vinyl sheet is available for $99.99.

Doll Baby Wrap


Now your little ones can look exactly like mommy and daddy because of this doll baby wrap. The doll baby wrap is made of exactly the same material from which full-size wraps are made. The wrap is handmade with the highest quality fabric.

Monkey vs. Robot CD, Comic Book


The comic booklet features the story of Adam and Eve; the story features characters like Adam, Satan in the form of insect, and the first robot of Satan. The comic book is totally classical but also gives some modern touch with the inclusion of robot. Outstanding imagery is portrayed in the comic book. The CD provided with the comic book features 30 tracks, and some of them are Kochalka’s biggest hits. You can get the product only for $7.00.

Navy Buffalo Check Tunic


It is a beautiful check tunic which you can wear again and again and it will never age with time. Its beautiful light and dark color patterns make it elegant. The tunic will look perfect with tight pajamas. You can get it for $36.00.

Essentially Well Make & Take Workshop Kit


Essentially Well Make & Take Workshop Kit contains ten different recipes which are as follows: Respiratory, Throat, romance, Muscle, Energy, head, Sleep, Stomach, Defense, and Seasonal. It is available for $34.95.

Car GPS Navigation navigator Map


The product is made using the optical reflection principle; all you have to do is place your mobile on it and it will reflect the route on the vertical mirror that it has. The interesting and highly practical thing about this device is that it has 360-degree rotation base, and with the help of which you can adapt any angle you want. It is the best way to avoid traffic accidents, and it surely increases the security of both the driver as well as the pedestrian. It is made of plastic and stainless steel and is available only in black color.

Sunday Funday Tri-Blend Athletic Racerback Tank Top


It is a black colored racer-back tank top, on which SUNDAY FUNDAY is printed. The material used for this is a tri-blend mixture. It is available for $26.00.

Knitted Thermal Beanies


These hand-knitted thermal beanies are available in different bright colors which save you from cold as well as give you excellent design. If you are going to any outdoor adventure, this beanie will keep you warm. It is 100% knitted acrylic which is both water as well as wind resistant. It is available for $14.99.

BANGEL’D Silver Bracelet


It is a beautiful bracelet for women with beautiful style. It has a lobster clasp and is made of Copper. It is available for $10.00 only.

Always Be a Unicorn Dog Hoodie


It is a beautiful dog hoodie sweatshirt which you can buy for your cute pet dog. Your dog will feel relaxed in the hoodie and will move easily. The material used is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It has a zipper closure on the front as well as a kangaroo pocket. It is available for $29.00.

Journey: Travel Pillow


This pillow is designed specifically for traveling. It can easily be packed in your suitcase, and it will give you a comfortable, relaxed, and healthy sleep. It is 25” wide and you can customize it the way you want. Inside it contains organic wool bolus. You can get one pillow, and one pillowcase only for $109.00.

Muna Classic T-Shirt


It is a beautiful T-shirt available in four different colors – black, white, grey, and rust. It is soft and highly comfortable and features a design on the pocket. The fabric is 98% rayon and 2% spandex. You can dry-clean the shirt or you can also wash it in the cold water. It is available in sizes from XS to L. It is available for $48.00 USD.

Fire Engine Coloring Portfolio


This fire engine coloring portfolio is perfect for your creative child. It is very easy to carry because of the handle on the case, and it contains 12 crayons, and a mini pad with no lining which your kid can use for drawing. You can also avail different packaging options. You can get it for $22.00 USD.

Shark Cutting Board – Small Mahogany


It is a cutting board which is made from highest-quality Mahogany wood, which is handpicked, cut, and finally smoked to give you the best possible board. The board will add beauty to your kitchen as well as to your dining table. You can easily hold it to carry from one place to another because its tip functions as a handle. You can place it straight when you are not using it and it will look like a beautiful sculpture. It is delivered in a beautiful blue-grey box.

Indah 61% Dark Chocolate – Orange


It is a delightful combination of dark chocolate with orange flavor. The essence of dark chocolate is mixed with the fresh juice of ripe oranges. It will give you a citrus sensation. 100% cocoa butter is used in the chocolate. It is a unique chocolate and is one of its kinds. It is vegan as well as gluten-free. It is available only for RS. 90.00.

Decorative Pillow – Milo, the Raccoon Pillow


It is an extremely soft decorative pillow in the form of a raccoon with black, gray and white contrast. The pillow features a Minky fabric. The raccoon pillow is available in two different sizes. The dimensions of the big raccoon are 39 x 24 x 9 cm, while the dimensions of the small raccoon are 25 x 13 x 6 cm. inside the pillow is filled with polyester. You can hand-wash the pillow, but you are not supposed to iron it. The big one is available for $29.95 CAD.

Flamingo Slouchy Vegan Clutch Bag


The bag is designed keeping in mind the minimalistic designs. It features a clutch and a magnetic snap closure. Inside it has only one main section. Its dimensions are 11″ x 9″. The lining on the bag is of 100% cotton. The main material used in the bag is vegan leather. If the bag gets dirty, you can easily clean it with the damp cloth. You can have it for $52.00 USD.

Affordable Red Pleated Formal Prom, Homecoming, wedding guest Gown


It is a handmade pleated gown which has a satin finish. It is lined on the top and it has a sewn understructure. The skirt is hand-stitched and different patterns and details are added. It is available only in red satin color and in one size. You can have it for $89.98.

Dainty Silver chain Anklet with Silver Anchor Charm


It is a silver anklet with a silver chain. The anklet is adjustable because it comes with an extension. Still, if you want a different length, you can order it, and a customized anklet will be prepared for you. The design of the anklet is minimalistic and it features very simple and unique design. The simplicity adds to its elegance. You can wear it or you can give it to someone as a gift. It is available for $17.00.

Black Licorice with Cinnamon Stix Spikes


These are outstanding pants with cuffs and yoga bands which add unique detail to the trouser as well as increase the comfort level. A top stitch is also added for durability. You can get it for $60.00.

Liza Shorts in Pink Seersucker


The shorts are perfect if you are visiting the beach in the summer season. The shorts are made of 100% cotton. You can get one only for $36.00.

5oz Fetch Me Grigio


It is a wine for your dog. It doesn’t contain any alcohol and is suitable for dogs of all ages. The wine is made from filtered water and its other components are organic bacon extract and salmon oil. You can give your dog a treat by giving it this wine and your canine will thank you for it. You can get it for $9.99.

Tubelox Deluxe Set


This deluxe set is a perfect combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is highly practical and improves your creative imagination. Kids can now design and build their own toys using this set. With the help of it, you can make different structures, cars, ships, tables, chairs and many more things. The tool is fun as well as educationally awakening. You can get it for $249.00.

Smart Bowl for Dogs and Cats


If you love pets – dogs or cats – then buy this beautiful bowl for them. The bowl comes in four different sizes and you can choose a suitable size for your pet. It tracks all the record of what your dog eats. It has a smart base which you can easily connect to your mobile via Wi-Fi. The bowl is dishwasher safe. You can get one in $99.00.

Tiny Arcade


The nostalgic, golden age of video games is something that we still appreciate, and this product is an arcade cabinet that will allow you to relive that golden age of games. It features a joystick, and SD card expansion slot. It is available for $59.95.

CR Tradition Bright Turquoise with Batik Contrast


The shirt is made of 100% cotton fabric and has traditional cuffs. It doesn’t have any front yokes. All the shirts are handmade and are of highest quality. You can choose from five different sizes. You can get it for $159.00.

Craft Candle Flight


Now you can choose four candles of different fragrances of your choice. You have following options: Blood Orange, Chocolate Milk Stout, Saison, Sour Golden Ale, Pumpkin Ale, and Apple Cider. You can get the package of four candles only for $65.00.



The two most noteworthy qualities of this butter are these: it provides you the beneficial qualities of shea butter as well as you can use it with ease like other traditional body creams. The other ingredients are shea oil, grapefruit oil, and lavender essential oil. 1.6oz pack is available for $12.50.

Benji Top


It is an elegant full sleeve top which features high front neckline and a boxy drop back neckline. It is available in navy blue color and is made of 100% cotton. Cream and black colors are also available but they are made from different materials. The top is available for $70.00.

Maxi Tealights Pack of Four


Maxi Tealight candles are 100% polycarbonate and are flame retardant. The burn time of each tea light is approximately 10 hours. There are no toxins in the candles, only soy wax. There are more than fifteen fragrance options and you can choose the desired flavor. The pack is available for $14.50

The One Cable Leather Tan with Maco


It is a 1m long cable which allows fast charging of your device. It is tangle free and is available for many devices like Android, Apple, Windows mobiles as well as tablets which are equipped with micro-USB ports. The cable has 12 months warranty.

Wyland Marine Sanctuary Glossy Pint Glass


These are unique glasses with outstanding prints which add color to your daily life beverage drinking. The glass features marine sanctuary with turtles, dolphins, and colorful fishes. The glass has glossy finish outside while it is white inside. It is available for $15.00.

Blok Rok Lotion Applicator


This lotion applicator gives you better coverage of your body without creating any mess. Its size is 5.2 oz. using this lotion applicator; you will be able to apply lotion on your body more perfectly. It is available for $19.99.

Aqua Blue Quatrefoil Bib


It is a bib for your baby which features quatrefoil design. The bib is made of 100% cotton and is highly practical as well as looks stunning. It fits babies who are up to 24 months old. Your little baby cannot pull it off because it has a snap closure. You can wash the bib in the machine. It is available for $12.00.

Maroon Embroidered Peasant Blouse


It is a flutter sleeve outstanding top that features embroidery detail on the blouse part. The top has 3/4 sleeves and is made of polyester. It is available in four different sizes. You can get it for $27.00.

Coin Lariat Necklace


It is a delicate necklace with modern design and it has exclusive charm. The center and bottom drops are outstanding, lightweight, and delicate. The necklace is available in silver and golden color. You can get it for $3200.

Anna City Bag


The bag is made from wine-red leather, and it is accented with gold hardware. The interior is burgundy colored and there are three pockets inside. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and has a snap closure. It is available for $128.00.

Anicca Bags


The bag is made of waterproof material and is highly reliable. There are clippings on the accessory loops. You can easily place anything in it because the zippers can be extended to halfway down the bag. It easily fits laptops and any other useful thing you want to place in it.

Hello Sweetie


The product features luxury graphics on fine art paper. The print depicts different favorite edibles by recalling the past. It is made on A4 size paper and will be provided unframed. The print is available for £55.00.

Sheer Floral Nude Gown with Gold Sequins


It is an elegant floral nude gown with gold sequins which is inspired by Taylor Swift on the red carpet. There are floral patterns all over which add beauty to the dress. You can order a customized dress in any color you want. You can get it for €379.00 EUR.

Aphrodite Bath Salts


This salt is named after a Greek deity and represents love, passion, and desire. Its essential ingredient, woodsy rosewood, serves as an aphrodisiac and will relax you, while the rose oil will intoxicate your body. After taking a bath, you will feel relaxed. It is available for $6.00.

Boston Terrier Not Awake Mug


If you are not a morning person, this cup will speak it all for you. The mug is made of ceramic and will remain true to colors. It will withstand microwave heat as well as dishwasher many times. It has a white glossy finish. It is available for $25.00.

Kite – Black Cord


The cords are available in two varieties – sterling silver or gold filled. The bracelet comes united so you can adjust it for your wrist size. It is available for $29.00.

Travel by Plane Quartz Watches


The watches are designed specifically for those who have some passion for aviation. Once you wear this watch, it will reflect your passion for aviation as well as it will look stunning in your hands. The watches are available in two colors – white and black.

Autumn Tartan Top & Pleated Skirt Set


It is a tartan top and a pleated skirt available in red and gray colors and two different sizes. it will look perfect with high-neck black or white full sleeve shirt. It is available for $46.00.

“True Love” Tote Bag


The bag is made of heavyweight cotton canvas and is suitable for many occasions. It has reinforced handles, and because of its strength, it can support heavy things. You can get it for £14.99.

Transparent Double Sided Cover Case


It is a transparent double-sided cover case available in gold, clear, black, rose, and blue color. The cover is available for all the latest models of Samsung. It gives ultimate protection to your mobile.

Luxury Gold Hard Case


This hard case luxury case is available in black, gold, red, rose, and silver colors. It is available for all the latest models of iPhone. High-quality material is used for these cases. You can get one case for $22.95.

Tool System & Tool Roll


It is a multi-function bicycle tool which has an outstanding modular design. You can use it as a screwdriver or a wrench. It can function perfectly according to the requirement of your bike.


Top Holiday Gift Ideas 2016


Holidays give us moments of respite and we tend to relax more than usual; our relaxation is supplemented by our friends and family members whose company we like. In holidays, we focus more on personal relationships, and in order to strengthen them, we buy gifts for our loved ones. Although we actually don’t want to, but we have to spend lots of time searching for gifts that we think will truly match the personality of the person to whom we are giving it. We can help you in this regard; we have carefully made a list of gifts keeping in mind both qualities as well as price. We hope you will like our distinguished and unique gifts.

Sole-Fog Shoe Odor Eliminator - Citrus Fragrance


If your shoes or boots constantly smell, you can reduce and kill the smelly bacteria with SoleFog Shoe Odor Eliminator. Made with all natural ingredients, the fragrance leaves a citrus fragrance. One bottle can give you more than a hundred bursts.

Brown Tones Cotton Ball String Lights


These balls are made of cotton and measure 4 meters in length. If you buy a set, it will have 35 bulbs, but with a set, you will get two bulbs free. The bulbs are perfect for decorations. One set is available for £33.64 GBP.

11/9 2nd Worst Day in America Anti-Donald Trump


It is a beautiful sweatshirt available in four colors – Black, Dark Green, Maroon, and Red. The phrase “11/9 2nd Worst Day in America” is printed in white color. It is available only for $42.00.

Grass Roots Tee (Unisex)


It is an outstanding Tee made of 100% cotton with slim fit style. It is available only in charcoal gray color. The shirt is perfect for both males and females. It is available for $19.99.

LUXE Burgundy – Silk Velvet Bow Tie


It is one and the only bow tie available for your pet. The tie is double-layered and is handmade. You can easily attach it to the collar of your pet. It will be a perfect addition to your pet’s wardrobe. The tie is made of soft silk velvet. It is available for $25.00.

Air Focus


Air Focus will keep your mind calm and relaxed and it will make you think more clearly and properly. You can use it to focus on any project; whenever you are starting your work, add few drops of it in the water and sprinkle in a room where you are sitting and witness the aroma that will increase your focus. It is available for $14.96.

Windproof Woolen Sherpa Jacket


The jacket is perfect for your winter journeys and extreme winter conditions because the outer part is made of wool while the inner part is made of windproof fleece. All the jackets are handmade and are available only in one color that is ash gray. The jacket is available for $159.00.

Rhodes Sustain Pedal and Rod


It is a set of fender Rhodes sustain pedal and Rod. The product is made of outstanding quality steel which is polished. The another thing used is high-quality and heavy duty Aluminum. Both pedal as well as rod won’t catch rust. The product is available for $125.00.

Cricket Flour


It is a highly nutrition based flour that is obtained from ground organic crickets and baking flour is added with it for high nutrition. You can use this cricket flour as a replacement for the ordinary flour that you use for baking in order to get high nutritional content. It is available for $20.00.

Bamboo Charging Stand Mini


The stand is specifically designed to hold and charge your Apple device and watch; it can also hold and charge any other Android device as well. If you buy this stand, you will no longer have to keep on arranging wires all the time because once placed on the desk, this stand will give sleek look. It is available for $29.00.

World's Strongest Expandable Garden Hose Set


If you are tired of heavy and bulky garden hose, and if you are tired of untangling your garden hose all the times, then use this expandable garden hose set and enjoy. This hose expands three times its original length only by the pressure of water that passes through it. It automatically contracts back to its original position when the water pressure is reduced. It also drains itself and never entangles. It is available for $39.97.

Championship Replica Rings


Three rings are included in the box: St. Louis Cardinals, Colorado Rockies, and Boston Red Sox. All the rings are silver-plated to make them beautiful and look heavy. You can add different sizes.

Aventurine Bracelet


The bracelet is made from Aventurine. Different things are associated with aventurine, for instance, it is called the stone of prosperity. It is also believed that it promotes leadership qualities. It stabilizes your mind and promotes creativity. You will simply love this bracelet.

14 Day Skinny Leaf


It is the best weight loss tea that you can find. The tea is caffeine and laxative-free. It is not harmful to your health and keeps you refresh and energetic. It also contains anti-oxidants which fight all sorts of diseases.

Puck U Tee Shirt


If you truly love hockey game, this heather gray T-shirt is perfect for you. It shows your passion for hockey and at the same time keeps you comfortable and relaxed. It is available for $16.00.

4 Pcs White Round Pattern Cake Mold


It is a stunning cake pattern mold which you can use to make cakes with different designs. With the help of this mold, there is no need to go to bakeries in search of specific cakes. You can make birthday cakes at your own home.

XJ 3 x Liquid Offer


Now you can buy three liquid bottles only for £30.00. You can choose from many flavors like Lime Juice, Juicy Melon, and Icy apple etc. You can also choose nicotine strength.

Benchmade Mini Griptillian OD Green Serr


It is a very practical knife made of steel and has a manual opening. The length of the blade is 2.91”, and its thickness is 0.100”. The weight of the knife is 2.81 oz. It is available for $102.00.

Rearviz Jersey


It is an outstanding Top with protective material for rugby players. It is made of high-quality fabric and is suitable for both sexes. It has an adjustable front zipper. It is made of 100% polyester. It is available in two sizes – small and medium. You can get it for $74.95 AUD.

Oliver Stone - Charles Gift Box


It is an outstanding and elegant gift box which includes a tie, an artificial rose, a handkerchief, and two studs. The box is available for $99.00.

Simply Gorgeous Vanilla Cream


The cream is designed specifically for children and contains natural ingredients. The vanilla fragrance is so sweet. The cream contains no chemicals. The ingredients used in this cream are glycerin, aqua, sodium stearate etc. It is available for £3.

Little Blossom Baby Milestone Cards


It is a beautiful collection of baby milestone cards with the birth announcement, weeks, months and years. You can mark on these cards when your child smiled for the first time, when he crawled or walked for the first time or when he sat up for the first time. It is available only for $35.00.

The Rugged A5 Notebook


The first thing that you will notice in this notebook is its rugged leather cover which is of the highest quality. The notebook contains A5 papers which are also of highest quality. The notebook is very portable and you can carry it anywhere you like. You can also use it for office work. The interesting thing is that it has simple binding and you can have infinite refills. It is available for   $39.00.

Cats Rock T-Shirt


It is a beautiful T-shirt that features a beautiful print of cat on the front side. The shape of the cat is inspired by the cats depicted in ancient Egypt. It is available in different sizes and different colors.

Aaron's Crazy Thinking Putty


It is a heat sensitive hyper color thinking putty which turns from red to cream color with the heat of your hands. You can sit in front of a fire and enjoy this candy cane thinking putty all night long. It is available for $11.00.

A Donkey, a Turkey and Me


It is an e-book version of the book “A Donkey, A Turkey and Me”. The book depicts a rural and family life seen through the eyes of a small child. The book beautifully depicts the purely rural moments, and you will find determination and curiosity in the story of this book.

Foam Rubber Hammer


The hammer is specifically designed to be used on the stage or on the screen where a true hammer will be too dangerous to use. You can hit someone with this hammer without any harm.

Beachin' Box 2 Pack


If you want to give your dog a treat, buy this box which includes 36 treats. The interesting thing is that you can choose from 15 different flavors. If you don’t have a dog, buy this package for a dog loving family as a gift. You can get a one-time subscription as well as long term subscription. The package is available only for $16.50.



It is a beautiful fox mask that will fit comfortably on your head; it also has an adjustable headband for perfect fit. The fox face is printed on the 100% recycled card. It is also laminated for strength and durability. The mask is perfect for festivals as well as parties. It is available for £16.75.

Aasha (Hope)


Lame white socks are of no use when you are hoping for footsie. These socks are stunningly beautiful and are handmade. The material is acrylic and nylon. The socks are available in 7 different sizes. As all the socks are handmade, the pattern may vary slightly.

Natural Deodorant Sampler Pack


One size never fits all and that is why we offer three deodorant formulas. This pack contains 3 textures and 2 scents which you can try until you find the one that works best for you. Go from moderate coverage to heavy duty protection day or night. Or, use lighter protection in the winter and the high-powered one in the summer when you need it most. The pack is available for only $ 25.00.

Pencils with Eraser Tops


One pack contains twelve unsharpened pencils with a rubber top, and you will get 12 packs in this set. The pencils are made of high-quality woods and the core is genuine graphite. The top erasers are 100% non-toxic. The pencils can be used for multi-purposes – you can give these pencils to someone as a gift, you can use these at home or in the school. One set is available only for $17.99.

Astroscan Millennium Telescope


If astronomy is your hobby, then this telescope is perfect for you. It gives you a sharp view of the universe. It has a large aperture of 114mm. it isn’t very difficult to use; you can easily understand the manual. The telescope is highly portable. The best thing is that it also has two years warranty. It is available for $219.00.

Blame it All on My Roots


It is a white-colored crewneck T-shirt with red sleeves. The Tee will look perfect if you are pairing it with jeans or skirt. The Tee has four different sizes – small, medium, large and XL. It is available for $.30.00.



It is a beautiful backpack with approximate thickness ¼ inches. If you expand the bag, it will have a length of 15 inches and height of 19.5 inches. The bag is very strong and can carry up to 35 lbs. it is available for $19.99.

Ronica Baby Memory Book


It is a beautiful book which you can use to preserve the memories of your baby forever. The book has caption prompts as well as spaces for photos. The book has 60 different colored pages joined together by ring binding. The ink that is used on the pages is non-toxic and vegetable-based; it won’t harm your baby. It is available only for $34.00.

Super Chunky 100% Merino Wool


This outstanding quality wool is softest and finest. It is Australian Merino sheep wool and is available in 23 different colors. The wool wouldn’t irritate your skin in any way. The wool is hypoallergenic and antibacterial; it will keep you warm and safe. The weight of one ball is 2lbs.

Beige Textured Cotton


It is a beautiful cream-colored tie made of 100% cotton. The width of the tie is 2.75 inches and its length is 60 inches. The tie has textured microfiber which is functional as well; you can wipe clean the screen of your mobile with the help of this tie, or you can remove smudges from your glasses. It is available for $29.99.

Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker


This beautiful coffee maker is simple but efficient. It has a glass pitcher with tri-level stainless steel filter which makes the best ever coffee. The coffee maker can make 8 full cups of coffee at one time. A bonus stainless steel coffee scoop is also included in the package. It is available only for $24.95.

Illustrated SleeperHero Storybook & Doll


It is a storybook and a doll that is designed specifically to improve the sleep patterns of children. There are two lights in the doll – red and green. You can set the alarm and when the light turns green, the child will have to sleep and when the light will turn green, he will have to wake up. The doll is also very easy to carry; you can take it anywhere you want. It is available for $49.99.

Hayabusa Legacy Hat


The hat is available in three colors – black, red and white. The cap has a flexible and adjustable back; it fits comfortably and retains its original position. The hat also contains moisture treated sweat band. It is available for $34.99.

Pary Necklace


It is a highly polished stainless steel necklace and features amber crystal from Swarovski. The length of the necklace is 16” and its color is beige. The crystal is hundred percent authentic. It is available for $20.00.

Asian Fusion


A print of a dynamic watercolor/drawing done in an Asian flavor. It is reminiscent of cherry blossoms and makes a great accent piece. Print comes in a variety of sizes and surfaces. A 12 x18” print is $125.

Oval Patterned Acrylic Monogrammed Hook Back


It is a monogrammed bangle with the hooked bangle. It has an oval shape, which keeps the monogram at the top and in the center. It has a hook clasp and thus it is very easy to take it on and off. It is available only in $32.00.

4-Pack Girl


These covers are made of three layered waterproof material. Three different layers are made from three different materials. The bottom layer is polyurethane; the middle layer is cotton, while the top layer is cotton and polyester blend. The covers are lined with elastic for a perfect fit.

Danger Contains Male Milk Coffee Mug


It is a beautiful yellow cup with black print on it. The writing on the print may seem awkward, but it will surely make you look different and unique. It is a ceramic coffee mug; you can use it for tea as well. You can use two discount codes for this product: BLACK20 and Roast10; the former runs from 25-112016 to 28-11-2016, while the latter runs all year long.

Romantic Kisses


These romantic kisses cards will ignite your love for your beloved. The cards come in a sleek black box; you can choose one card from the box and it will tell you where to kiss – like hand-kiss, trail-kiss, and woodpecker kiss. You can hide the cards randomly in the house, and you can find one before going to the office in the morning. This gift will last forever.

Skin-Restoring Anti-Aging Body Lotion


It is an outstanding skin-restoring and anti-aging body lotion which is made by combining food hemp, Argan oil, and 11 other natural components. This lotion rejuvenates your skin and restores it to natural beauty. The lotion also contains vitamins, essential oils, and anti-oxidants which help fight environmental pollution. The lotion is easy to use and absorbs easily into your skin.

The Perfect Man Handmade Soap


The main notes of the soap are Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon. The middle notes are peppercorn, ginger, and jasmine. This soap is made completely of natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and cocoa butter etc. All soaps are handmade, and therefore unique. It is available in $6.50.

Kurt Tote


This tote bag has digital prints over it with multiple vibrant colors. The bag has a handle and its length is 19.5″. The bag has a zip closure on the top. The material used is polyester. The bag also has one separate pocket.

Exclusive Limited Edition Premium Kemi T-shirt


It is a beautiful gray-colored shirt, with a portrait on the front side. It is a short sleeve crew-neck T-shirt with taped neck and shoulders. Bottom hems and sleeves are double-stitched. It is available in £54.99.

Ellie Black Bodysuit


It is a knitted black bodysuit which completes your look. You can use this dress when going on a fun night out. The suit features stunning lace-up top. It is available in $23.00.

Heart Lock and Key Keychain


The product features two key chains: one is a heart, and second is a key. “I Love You” is written at both heart and key. You can use it yourself or give it to someone as a gift.

Old Dutch Twin Pack - Onion and Garlic


You will fall in love with this twin pack onion and garlic chips. For ages, it was a favorite choice of Canadian chips fanatics. Chips come in a box that has two separate packets; this way you can enjoy as well as maintain the freshness.

Delock Cable Tie Installation Tool


This cable tie installation tool will help you tighten the cable and it can also be used for cutting overlaying strap. It is suitable for those cables that are 2.4 to 4.8 mm wide. The tool works only for plastic cable ties.


Holiday Gift Ideas For Women 2016

Smiling woman holding a present

Women are always buying gifts; sometimes for special occasions and sometimes to bring more warmth in relationships. The traditional task of women to take care of family is a great responsibility and women doing so can hardly spare some time for shopping activities – let alone leisure time. At the same time, women are also responsible for building the firm foundations of relationships in any family.  At such moments, many women find it extremely difficult to go outside for shopping, and they neither can rely on online stores because there is a plethora and nobody knows which online deals are better. For this purpose, we have compiled a women gift guide that will help women a lot in purchasing gifts without making any effort because we did all the hard work finding gifts and arranging them.

Bio-Stria Treatment


This treatment kit will bring significant reduction in the stretch marks. The seven-part system includes things like Cleanser, Mint Gel, Scrubs, Serum, Lotion and Booster oil etc. You will get excellent results in fourteen days; the treatment works on both dark and light skin. It is available for $199.98.

40 Inch Red Turquoise Necklace


It is a beautiful necklace made of red turquoise stones, and it contains a copper feather pendant. Its large length makes it perfect to be worn with other shorter necklaces. It has a length of 40 inches. It is available for $16.00.

Holly & Pom-pom felt Hair Clips


These are outstanding leaf and berry designed hair clips with bright pink and green colors. The berries are pink while the leaves are green. One pair is available for $7.00.

Outdoor Professional Mummy Sleeping Bag


It is an outstanding sleeping bag which is perfect for you if you are trekking enthusiast and love to go to open places like in Jungles or in valleys. The bag is lightweight and very easy to carry. It is also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about the rain. The bag has a double zipper as well as windproof lining. There are also some internal pockets which you can use to put your valuables. It is available in two colors – blue and orange. You can get it for $64.95.

New Breed Alpaca & Narwhal Tee


It is a beautiful Tee which features Alpaca moon and Narwhal, and a piece of advice that is highly recommended: “Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap”. The material used is 100% soft cotton and jersey. The Tee is available only for $22.99.

1000 Eau De Perfume Spray


The name of the scent includes “1000” because 1000 different submissions were made and rejected before the final decision was made. It took almost ten years to make this beautiful scent. The scent is for women and is available for $67.00.

Adjustable Laptop Table


It is a very lightweight adjustable laptop table which is made of Aluminum alloy and plastic. It can rotate 360 degrees, and you can fix a lock at various points. It is not only a laptop table but it can be used for other purposes as well like it can be used as a dinner tray or a book tray. It is available for $42.00.

Black and Beige Fox Fur Jacket


It is a 24” black and beige fox fur; the black fur is attached to the beige fur with sporty and remarkable patterns. The sleeves are bracelet length long, and there are also hidden pockets on the front side. The material used is Modacrylic and polyester.

Silk Modal Large Scarf


This silk scarf is made of 20% silk and 80% modal. The color of the scarf is natural white and gray. The scarf gives casual as well as luxurious look depending on your outfits. The design on the scarf is inspired by geometry.

Willow Necklace


It is a beautiful necklace with outstanding pendant. It features 8mm agate stone. The necklace is rose gold plated. It is available for $35.00.