Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

Winter is urging people more and more to remain in their houses while at the same time, they are also disturbed by the desire to buy gifts for Christmas. Christmas is not the only incentive; people also love shopping for winter, and they also love to buy gifts for their loved ones to give them warmth and beauty of relationships in this perpetual cold. For this purpose, we have made a list for you which will guide you through different and unique products, and which you can buy online without leaving the premises of your house. We have selected only those gifts in our guide, which are outstanding in quality as well as moderate in prices. We hope you will like the gift guide.

Be {You} Tiful – Faith Band


This band has philosophical significance; it signifies that you are beautiful just because you are you. The bands are made from highest quality surgical steel and then are coated with the layer of real 18k gold. The band is highly adjustable and you can adjust it according to your wrist size. The band comes with a soft velvet bag. It is available only in $38.00.

Rad Dad


The shirt is available in four different types: Red baseball, Black baseball, Gray T-shirt, and sea-foam T-shirt. Be a Rad Dad by wearing this Tee. It is available only for $24.00.

Buy 4 Get 1 Free


If you purchase four bars of this soap, you8 will get one bar for free. There are varieties of soaps available like Milk & Honey soap, Lavender & Mint soap, Coffee Scrub soap, and much more. A pack of 5 bars is available for $46.00.

Alpine Rucksack


It is a beautiful large-volume backpack which can be used for many purposes like travel, work or you can use this bag for school as well. It has two handle directions and two size compartments which are perfect to fit the water bottle. You can place your camera and lenses in this bag because it has a divider.

Fawn Design Changing Clutch


The Fawn Design Changing Clutch contains three things – Leather wristlet clutch, Leather changing mat, and Plastic wipes case. The Fawn bag is suitable for many occasions: you can carry it to parties putting your most necessary things in it; you can also use it for a date night.

The Pooter and Pooter Wax


Squeeze this pooter in the palm of your hand and you will get the most realistic fart sound and there is no need of batteries for that. The product contains two things: the pooter and the pooter wax. It is available for $11.95.

Color Me Forever Package


It is a pack of three full-spectrum tank tops – Rainbows, Tyrannosaurus Sex, and Nipples. Both rainbow and nipple are available in light and dark colors. The pack is available for $55.00.

Burp Cloth Bundle


You can now get a set of three burp clothes at discounted price. You can also choose the personalized designs. You are also allowed to choose the monograms. These are the softest and thickest burp clothes you can ever find.

Bling Felt Ball Garland - Silver Sleigh Bells


These are beautiful ball garlands with green, red, silver, and white color balls. You can hang these garlands in children’s rooms and in grown-ups rooms alike. The balls are handmade and are made of wool; these balls are free from any chemical. One meter of garland contains 17 felt balls and 5 glitters. You can also choose a custom order of your own choice.

Luxury Armor Cases For iPhone


It is a beautiful cover for iPhone which provides protection as well as makes your iPhone attractive. It is available in different colors. The cover is ultra-light and has the weight of only 25g. it is available for $19.99.

All Gray Ribbon Pat Hair Bow


It is a beautiful, butterfly-shaped ribbon that is suitable for many occasions like wedding or parties. It is so simple and elegant that you can use it for schools as well. It is available only for £3.85, but if you add a personalized bag, it will cost you £1.95 more.

Chopper Kings


These are handlebars available in different finishes like chrome, black or green. The handlebars have HD compliant holes which allow internal wiring. The diameter of the bars is 1” all over. These bars are made of high-quality steel which ensures your safety. One handlebar is available for €100.00.

Coffee - Adventure Seeker T-Shirt & Hoodie


The product is available in three different designs: Ultra cotton shirt, Pullover hoodie, and Ladies’ custom ultra-cotton shirt. All three designs are available in different colors like black, green, heather, red, and navy. Sizes are available from small to four times extra-large. It is available for $19.95.



The shirt is made from 100% organic cotton jersey. It is perfectly cut and sewn by hands. The shirt is luxuriously soft and will feel very comfortable when you wear it. “Fear is Fake” is printed on the front side of the shirt. It is available for £60.00.

Bunga Achilles’ heel Pad


Achilles was a mythical figure whose weak point was his heel. If you don’t feel comfortable while walking, this Achilles’ heel pad can help you a lot. When you use it, it will reduce pressure, vibration, and shock from your heel as well as from the Achilles’ tendon. You can get this only for $19.99.

LED High Vis Flashing Vest


If you want visibility on the road at night, then you can enjoy this LED High Vis flashing light. The stripes are green in color, but you can order LED lights in three different colors – white, blue and red. It is a unisex vest and one size fits all. It is also waterproof in case it starts raining. It is available for £29.99.

Chia Kapow


It is a breakfast cereal perfect for your morning energy boost which will keep you active and energetic throughout the day. The packet is perfect in all qualities – taste, nutrition factor, and convenience. Its main ingredients are chia, coconut, dates, peanut, almonds, cinnamon and sea salt. It is available for $9.99.

Bali Throw Pillow


It is a 14” square pillow available in multiple fabrics. You can place these pillows on your beds or sofas to increase the décor. It is available only for $36.00.

I Heard It through the Grapevine


It is a Motown classic which you will instantly recognize only by playing the opening keyboard riff. It will teach you all about the keyboard parts, and as you will play, you will feel as if you are playing with the band. The music is divided into easily understandable components which will help you understand this Motown piece.

Mercedes Travel Tumbler


It is a beautiful mug that you can use on the go. The mug has a chrome cap which will prevent a spill. The bottom of the mug is non-slippage rubber. The mug is made of double walled stainless steel. It is available only for $12.00.

3D Triple Axis Bubble Spirit Level


With the help of this 3D bubble, you can take most accurate shots with your DSLR. All you have to do is put it on the camera’s hot flash and check the three bubbles. You can also make sure, by using this 3D bubble, that whether your camera is leveled on the tripod. Its weight is only 15g.

Blissful Body Shine Orange


It is an outstanding product which will make your body shine like sparkles. The main ingredients of the product are coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, orange essentials, beeswax and different vitamins etc. You can use this product after taking a bath or anytime you want. Just add a little amount on your palm, rub your palms together, and then apply it on your body.

Liquid Rainbow Flowers Short Sleeve Sublimation Tee


It is a 100% polyester lightweight T-shirt. It gives a silky feel. The pattern on the shirt is so astonishing that your friends will feel envious of you. The colors are beautiful as well as bright. The shirt seems as if it is a rainbow of liquid flowers.

As If


It is a beautiful iPhone case made of resistant polycarbonate with a matte finish. The cover ensures the protection of your mobile as well as makes it beautiful. The color is bright pink and on the back side “As If” is printed. The matte finish also provides you perfect grip, and it would never slip from your hands.

Archetipo Hat


It is a very simple but beautiful hat that will survive many fashion trends. The hat is perfect for children during the winter. It has a beautiful design and it will save your child from getting cold. It is made of outstanding quality French merino. It is perfect for both boys and girls.

Blue Jasper Mala Bead Bracelets


The bracelet is available in three different styles – Nila, daya, and medi. The bracelet features 21 beads. The bracelets have stretchy strings which make them easy to wear. Different beads used in the necklaces have different impacts on the personality; for instance jasper beads are called “supreme nurturer”. One bracelet is available for $30.00.

Gemstone Attachments for Diamond Studs


These are diamond stud earrings with gemstone attachments. There are four different attachments available – Pink Morganite, Amethyst, Citrine, and Topaz. Price for each attachment is different.

Handlebar Mount Holder Phone


It is a universal bicycle and motorcycle phone holder and it has a silicon support. Its color is black and red. Its width is 5.5cm to 8.5cm. It is compatible with many mobile phones as well as video players and GPSs etc. It is available for $22.99.

Bracelet Constellations - Leather Bracelets


The bracelet features twelve individual signs of months. The bracelet is of clasp type with a 20cm length. The bracelet can be worn on many occasions like anniversaries or you can give it as a gift to someone. It is available for $16.90 USD.

Alien Theodore Hoodie


The hoodie is available in six different colors and five different sizes. The fabric is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The hoodie has a double needle stitching and features a pouch pocket. It is available for $38.99.

Sloth Loves Running Napping Mug


It is a beautiful mug with a beautiful color. The design printed on the mugs was first drawn with the help of color pencils. It was then digitally transferred to the 11oz ceramic cup. The cup is dishwasher friendly and microwave safe. It is available for $18.95.

I’m A Whosoever Unisex Short Sleeve Soft t-shirt


The shirt is available in five different colors and six different sizes. You will love the durability of this vintage T-Shirt. The fabric is a mixture of cotton, polyester, and rayon. The shirt is elastic, durable, comfortable, and has a unique texture. It is available for $ 24.95.

Cobweb Printed Tights


You will love these cobweb printed tights. These are fancy tights that feature spider web detail and looks very fancy once wore. You can use it for Halloween, as well as for other occasions. It is 95% Nylon and 5% elastane.

Christmas Doodles Mobile Phone Case


The mobile case speaks for itself; it is a perfect art piece. 3D sublimation technique is used to make this cover. The work on the back side is permanent and it wouldn’t go away. It is available for Apple and Samsung mobiles.

York Nordic Bamboo & Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles


If you love traveling and walking, these poles are perfect for you. The total weight of these three section poles is less than one pound. You can expand the poles to 24 inches and you can easily carry them in your backpack.

A New Approach long-sleeved yellow blouse


It is a long-sleeved yellow blouse which is made using a new approach. It is made of 100% rayon. It has a full front button closure, two front capped pockets with buttons, and rollable sleeves. Its price is $8.00.

Double Drop Necklace


This necklace features seashells which are collected along the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva. These shells are then cleaned using a five step process which makes them shinier. Different colors are available depending on the availability of the shells. The approximate size of the shells is ½ inch to ¾ inch. All necklaces are handcrafted.

Designer: SPARQ


These are outstanding soapstone serving slabs which will add rustic beauty to your tabletop. All the slabs are handmade. Four feet are attached to the bottom for easy handling. The slab is available in four different sizes.

Anali’s Porcelain Branchler Choker


It is a solid brass curbed chain, and two porcelain branch antlers are carefully wrapped on top of this chain. This choker will remain underneath your shirt collar, giving you refined and a cultivated look. The length of the brass chain is 16”. It is available for $290.00.

Vin Garde Valise


This wine carrier is literally unbreakable; its outer shell is made of 100% polycarbonate and inside it has dense foam which can absorb shock. You can carry 12 regular size 750ml bottles in it. There are many removable parts inside which are designed to fit the bottle of any shape. The bag can add one dozen bottles and still it will have some space for your clothing and other items. It is available for $279.00.

Cirkler - Short Sleeve T-shirt


It is a white-grey shirt with colorful circles all over it. One circle is of two contrasting colors, and each circle is divided by colors horizontally. One circle on the right appears in the form of a smiley and has two eyes. The shirt is made of 100% cotton; it is simple but beautiful.

Fiji Navy Embroidered Tunic


Women’s cotton cambric embroidered tunic. Made of very soft and lightweight 100% cotton cambric and, for added detail, features rows of pintucks at the cuffs and hemline. For ease of movement, side slits are 8 ½” and sleeves are ¾ length. Priced at $70 and available in s, m, l, xl. To see Needham Lane’s complete line of apparel, accessories and sleepwear, visit their website.

Breakup Box

Young couple in quarrel sitting on bench in park

While it’s not up to you to stop breakup if it is destined to happen, but you can tell your loved ones by sending them a breakup box that you will always be there. We offer you this breakup box; we will add hugs, chocolates, snacks, and prizes on your behalf and send this box immediately. You can get this box only in $44.95.

Travel Refresh Set


This travel refresh set contains 2 15 ml jars which you can use for your eye cream or your moisturizer when you are on the go. The jars are available in gold color only. You can get this travel refresher set only in $45.00.

The Anna


The dress is made from 100% silk. It is a timeless silhouette that any body type can use and it will look perfect. The dress is sexy as well as a little slinky. One size is fit for all. It is available in $150.00.

Cupcake Rack and Flower Pot


This rack can be used for multiple purposes – gatherings, parties, and weddings etc. It is made of iron and is very strong; it will last for years. The rack can be decorated for any occasion; you can place it on a decorated plate or you can put it in a flower pot. The rack is available only in $24.95.

Apple Gourmet Candle Pack


This candle features apple’s fragrance which is sweet, spicy, fresh and lovely. The product includes one candle and two packets of powder which you can use in your house to make a candle by yourself by mixing it with cooking oil. It is available in $19.99 CAD.

Round Carlo Biagi Charm Bead Pendant


It is an excellent pendant made from highest quality brass and then plated with rhodium – a very precious element. Glass and crystal beads add extra beauty to the pendant. By wearing this necklace you can explicitly show to people that you like which European bead. It is available only in $28.00.

All-Purpose Survival Tool


It is an essential tool that can perform many functions like it can be used as a hammer, nail puller, crowbar, wire twist, spanner, grapple hook, tire chain and much more. You can get this tool only in $ 79.95.

14K Gold Handwriting Necklace


You can impress your loved ones by taking a picture of the handwriting of your loved ones and then converting this writing into a beautiful necklace. The necklace you will get will be totally customized according to your own choice. You can even choose the length of the necklace, its color and much more.

The Au Naturale Mini Roll


This mini roll is a perfect alternative to larger roll and can contain up to five most important tools – culinary tools or knives. It is made from vegetable tanned leather and has a suede leather interior. It is dyed with eco-friendly stain. It is available in $350.00.

Solar System Wall Art

The Solar System kids wall art by Steph Calvert Art |

If your kid is obsessed with outer-space elements, then this solar wall art is perfect for you. You can choose from three different sizes. You can also choose from Art Print and Wrapped Canvas. All the art will have UV coating which is scratch resistant.

Unplug Solar


This bag is designed for those who want to carry their gadgets to work in a bag, and they want that their devices get a little extra charge on the way. The aerodynamic shape of the bag gives it high stability while the solar fabric is designed in such a way that it will get maximum solar exposure.

Barbarian knight


It is a knitted helmet with a removable visor. The hat is attached to the barbarian beard mask. There are buttons for the perfect placement of the beard. The beard is made of 100% acrylic yarn, while the helmet is 50% wool and 50% acrylic.

Epicureanist Helix Whiskey Glass


This glass aerates your whiskey for you and offers you a best possible taste of your drink. The glass has a patent-pending base. The glass is beautiful as well as it has outstanding functionality. It is a must have a thing for whiskey connoisseurs.