Black Friday Gift Guide For Men 2016

There is a fundamental difference between the natures of products that women like in contrast with what men like. Those online stores which feature men’s products in plenty are likely to distract women and vice versa. We felt a need to make a gift guide for men and women separately especially for black Friday to make shopping convenient for both men and women. This list features many outstanding quality men’s products. With the help of this guide, men can purchase the products of their choice easily because they won’t have to search through the combined plethora of men and women’s products.

J&M Gold Twin


It is a beautiful watch with classical design. The strap is made of calf leather, which adds further beauty to the charisma of this watch. The two chronographs won’t let you lose track of time. The design of the watch is inspired by Scandinavian classical watches. It is available for RS 22,432.00.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Analyzer


This analyzer is the result of the research and evaluation of different clinical cases by different computer experts and doctors. It can detect pathological change in your body and can predict about any disease. It is non-invasive and painless. It doesn’t use hem-analysis or radiography. You can save yourself from various chronic diseases by keeping yourself up to date with the conditions of your body. The analyzer is available for R 4,600.00.

Long-Sleeve Georgia Tee


It is a long sleeve T made of 100% cotton. The shirt has cuffed hands and durable neckband. The shirt is double stitched and is highly durable. It is available for $34.00.

Race the Rain Ride the Wind


The product is available in three styles – hoodie, T-shirt and Long sleeve. It is available in 6 different sizes. The shirt is designed for bikers, and only bikers will understand the essence of words printed on this shirt. The shirt is available for $39.97, but if you use the code RZHOLIDAY10, you can get 10% off.

Intention: Be Happy For No Reason


It is a unisex pullover sweatshirt available in navy, black, royal and heather color. It is available in sizes from small to five times XL. The sweatshirt indicates that how important happiness s for your life, and why it is important to be happy even when there is no reason. It is available for Sale price $38.95.

Immersionrc Vortex 250 Pro With Zipper Case


It is a racing drone with multiple accessories available only for $499.00.

Pacific Polo Crimson Red


It is a crimson red color polo design T-shirt which is casual but maintains elegance as well. It is made from very smooth and premium organic pima cotton. It is available for $89.90 USD.

The Oskar Shirt in Grey and Blue Plaid


The shirt is designed specifically for slim and tall men who are looking for a slim tailored shirt. The shirt is a blend of cotton and spandex. It features a split back yoke. There is a blue ribbon detailing inside collar and cough. The shirt has unbreakable buttons and can be washed in the machine easily. The shirt is grey-blue in color and is available in four different sizes. You can get it for $65.00 USD.

Danta Antique Copper Standing Picture Frame


These beautiful copper frames look stunning on the shelf or on the mantelpiece. All the frames are hand-welded by expert artisans. The frames are perfect for photos as well as you can use them for other mementos. All the frames are in portrait orientation.

Smoke Alien Kit


This alien kit will provide you massive amount of vapor. He kit works with the help of batteries. It contains baby tank which is made of stainless steel which can contain 3ml of liquid. It is available for only £59.99.

Beard Comb


The comb is made from hard wood and it has special wide tooth. The size of the comb is small so that you can take it anywhere you want. Because of its wide tooth, it is able to accommodate even the thickest beard. The comb is perfect for grooming your beard. It is available for $6.50.

Spicy BBQ Sauce


This sauce is perfect for all the BBQ items which you make at home or for any outdoor party. Whether you are grilling something, frying or baking, this sauce is perfect for all the items. The gallon sauce is perfect for those who run any restaurant or any catering service. It is available for $21.00.

Scent before X-mas


It is a beautiful candle with the scent of fresh pumpkin and snowy pine. The weight of the candle is 1.5 pounds. It is available for $47.00.

Prana Chai Masala Blend Gift Box


All the essentials to make tea are added in this gift box – 250g of prana tea, stainless stove, and mesh strainer. One extra thing is also added in the gift box which is latte hug mug. The combined value of all these things is $64.00, but the gift box is available only for $42.00 USD.

Green Bottle Healthy Life Design


It is a glass bottle which is shatterproof. It will remain safe even if it falls from your hands. It features a healthy logo “Healthy Life” imprinted on it. It has double walls which will keep your hands dry from the sweat-water. It is available for $24.95.

Lucky Horse Umbrella

Irish Heritage Designs by Angelina Foster

The umbrella has a wooden handle, and is wind resistant. It opens up automatically. Digitalized hand calligraphy is stunning that makes the umbrella unique. It is available for €23.00.

Crossbar Red Camo Jersey


It is a shirt with full sleeves for riders who are willing to go to extremes. It has black sleeves, army colored front, and a little red part on the front. It is available for €49.90.

Prime Collard Tee


It is an outstanding Tee with collars and full sleeves. Country codes are printed on one sleeve with old English font. It is available in four sizes – small, medium, large and XL. You can get it for $30.00.



It is a beautiful black color Tee with bright and charming print on the first side. The size range is small to 5XL. You can get it for £20.00.

Gift Box of Two Chocolates Mint Cookies


These are two chocolate cookies which are filled with dark and semi-sweet chocolates and are finally baked using eggs. Family farm butter and organic sugar are used in the cookies. Cookies are enclosed in a beautiful chocolate box. The box contains six oversized cookies. The box is available for $ 21.99.

Brush Hero Starter Set


You can clean tough things as well as sensitive things with the help of this scrubber. If you are cleaning sensitive surfaces, you can use black brush while if you are cleaning tough surface, you can use white brush. The turbine comes with both the brushes.



It is a unique luggage tag with the help of which you can locate your luggage easily. The tag has a window where you can place your business or ID card. The cord and the lock are also available with the card.

100% Cotton Men Trousers Office Formal Straight


It is a full length men’s trouser with regular fit. It has a high waist type and the closure type is zipper fly. It is made of cotton. The trouser is available for $27.99.

"Deep Sea" Crown Tee


This Tee will serve as your crown and you will never want to leave your home without your crown. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is lightweight. Heather colors contain 10% polyester. The shirt is pre-shrunk and has seamless collar.

Dopp Kit


This Dopp kit has a unique design which will distinguish you from the rest of the crowd. It has a soft vegetable-dyed suede leather handle. The zipper is also very smooth. It is available for $49.95.

5 Piece Wine Bottle Set Retail


This 5 piece bottle set retail contains 5 instruments which will be of great use to you while opening wine bottles. The kit is available for $35.95.

Albert Brown Check Waistcoat


This sweet brown check waistcoat looks sweet, smart and charming. It has front fastening of five buttons. It has two pockets and an extra watch pocket. The suede collar makes it look more interesting. It is available for £39.99.

Secret Agent Supply T-Shirt


It is a beautiful T-Shirt with “Secret agent” printed on the front. The shirt is very charming and is available in five different sizes. It is available for $22.00.

Exclusive Navy Blue Parka Jacket


The jacket is made of 100% cotton and polyester. It has a short front and a detachable hood. It has two inside pockets and is anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink. It is waterproof as well. It is available for £85.00.

Rigger Wallet

Rugged Classic Travel Surf Nylon Wallet. No Bull LIFETIME WARRANTY. Designed and MADE IN USA. Over 100 5 Star Customer Reviews. Extra wide and extra long. Shown in Olive, this Colorful Flat Nylon Tri-fold Vegan Wallet is Ready for your Next Adventure...

It is a colored nylon trifold wallet. As different persons have different tastes, this wallet is available in multiple colors. The wallet is highly rugged and durable. This rigger wallet is designed after the surfer wallets. It is available only for $25.00.

Blac Pac


It is a black waist bag with a built-in wallet in the front pocket. The bag is highly practical: it is water resistant as well as has an adjustable waist, so there is no need to worry about the size. It is available only for $18.99 USD.

New York Islanders Authentic Goalie Cut Reebok Jersey


This authentic goalie cut reebok jersey is perfect in quality as well as in comfort. It will fit all the goalies no matter what is the size of their chest pad. The laces near the tag make it even more beautiful. It is available for $229.95 CAD.

Men’s 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt in Red


It is a beautiful T-Shirt which is very soft and luxurious. It is made of 100% organic cotton. Both the red charming color and a small logo on the front are charming. It is available for $29.00, but if you use the code “GRATITUDE”, you can get 15% off.



It is a beautiful portable speaker that you can control via Bluetooth. It is made from the world’s finest quality bamboos, which results in phenomenal sound quality. The design and the quality of the sound are both outstanding. The speaker has 15 hours of playback. It is available for $139.00 USD.



The shirt is a tri-blend of polyester, ring-spun and combed cotton, and rayon. The shirt features ¾ sleeves which are contrasted from the overall shirt. It is available in 6 different colors and 4 different sizes.

Beginner Sample Box


The product contains many things like some samples, full size products, microfiber, and other tools. All the items in the boxes are selected carefully to help you clean your car. It is available for $35.00.

Premium Car Seat Travel Bag


This car seat travel bag gives you superior protection as the foam is sewn on all sides of the bag. There are side-flaps which provide you additional protection. The material used is nylon which is highly durable and will last for years. The bag is very easy to use and universally fits anywhere.

White Multi-shine


These are beautiful white colored shoes which feature LED lights. The shoes are very comfortable and the LED lights are even more charming. Whether you are going to a party or just strolling, these shoes are perfect for all occasions. You can get one pair for $65.00.

Men's T-Shirts


It is a beautiful T-Shirt with four different colors – Black, Blue, Indigo, and Military Green – and a message on the back side. You can choose from two different messages. T is available in four different sizes. You can get one shirt for $19.95.

I'm just here for the Pokémon shirt


It is a casual T-shirt which features Pokémon writing, and it is available in three different colors. You can choose from five different sizes. The material is cotton and the fabric type is jersey. You can get it for $13.99. The shipping timing for US is 3-4 weeks and for international countries, it is 4-6 weeks.

Eco Sunrise Paddle Shirt Men


It is a beautiful shirt which catches moisture and keeps it outside, and keeps you comfortable. It is a blend of 50% polyester and 50% repreve. The print on the shirt is made using sublimation transfer process. It is available for $29.95.