Black Friday Guide & Holiday Gift Ideas

Black Friday is approaching, a day which holds the “Busiest Day of Online Shopping” record since 2005. That is 10 years, and we are not the only one to have noticed this, there are countless internet retailers out there trying to grab your attention because this is the 10th Anniversary since Black Friday was crowned as the king of all online shopping days. To give you an idea of its popularity and the extent of sales going on: in 2014 $50.9 billion was spent during the Black Friday weekend.

If you have ever shopped online then obviously this makes sense. Since, it is really the holiday season you are shopping for; you want the gift to reach the person in time. Its value would be highly reduced once Christmas is over. Depending on your location and the relative location from which your ordered item is to be shipped, it can take anywhere from 2-3days to weeks; and obviously you want some time to have the gift changed if you don’t like it. All in all, if you want to avoid problems related to online shopping this is the time to order something. The other main reason is the ridiculously low prices. We accept that the usually “slashed” prices aren’t always trustworthy, but from personal experience and research on price slashing, we can confidently say that overall, things do become cheaper on Black Friday.

Hence, to save you the hassle of going to different sites and researching on your own, which can be boring and confusing, we have compiled a list of items which have some lucrative pricing attached. These will be phenomenal for personal use and will be equally good as gifts to loved ones. So, without any more waiting here is our guide for Black Friday shopping:

V-neck T-shirt with secret pocket

t shirt

This will get rid of the belt pack and still enable you to keep your items with relative safety. The pocket is cleverly designed to hold all your valuables while you travel and keep them accessible at all times. This is  especially useful in airports, which have become increasingly difficult to traverse, with security checkpoints demanding to see your documents at every turn. Apart from this is like your regular v-neck T-shirt. It is made 95% Cotton, with a blend of Spandex and Polyester to keep you comfortable.

Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig

strike king

Fishing is the sport of patience. It can teach you al lot, but we can all appreciate if we get the catch a bit sooner. This is the purpose of this Jig, which is built on a very durable hook bent at 60 degree. Furthermore, it is infused with color coordination weed guards, powder coated paint and premium skirts. The recommended rod for using this is 7ft medium action heavy rod with a gear ratio reel of 6:4:1.



This is a beautifully stitched leather product with an exquisite design, which can be bought in a couple of colors. Made from full-grain leather, it is engineered to last a long time. It has all the regular Drivers License slot, deep pockets, a cash slot, and slots to keep all your plastic money safe and sound. For all these features, it is decidedly sleek to fit with the current fascination for everything sleek.

Silver Box Set


This box set contains a beautiful Silver Parsonii watch face, which is just the right size for everyday use. It will match with all your suiting options. It has premium nylon straps which are easily interchangeable, double stitched, and come with stainless steel buckle. The Swiss Quartz movement will ensure that you always have the right time for the right things.



This cute little fellow will stick to almost any surface to keep you attuned to your music even during showers. It can connect wirelessly with your phone and keep you entertained as you wash away the muck of the day or just want to relax in the hot tub. Additional features include a dedicated microphone to answer your calls remotely, and the usual playback buttons to control your playlist and volume. One charge can last you up to 6 hours and it can be recharged using your laptop or an outlet.

Poo Doo Hands Free Leash

poo doo

Do you like to jog with your dog? It can be a fun activity, but dogs have a tendency to run after things and if you have to carry the leash then it isn’t really jogging. That is why the people at Poo Doo Leash have brought you their hands free version. You can jog with you dog and carry your personal items all in a safe and comfortable outfit. It equips you with pockets for dog treats, phone, and has a separate pocket if your pet does his business at the most inopportune time.

RG Logo Women's V-neck


If you are a fan of the RegoGear sling, then this will accentuate your interest, while at the same time equipping you with a very comfortable soft tee. Made from 100% spun combed cotton, it is shrink resistant to boot, and is designed to highlight your shape without compromising the comfort level.

Mumberry Boost Maternity Tank with Mumband Belly Support


This tank will equip you for moving around during maternity and help you in maintaining a regular dose of exercise. The Mumband, which has been filed for a patent, supports your belly and the breathable fabric means that you will have proper aeration, while moving about. What’s more the whole thing is machine washable and can stretch 4-ways to keep you comfortable even as the baby grows.

The Classic Bola Leather Eyeglass Necklace With Solid Metal Loop In Black & Gunmetal


If you forget your spectacles a lot or would like to place your sunglasses in a more convenient place than your pocket, without using traditional strings; then this is the perfect product. It will look stylish if you wear it, without ever going close to glasses or if you do use the things on a regular basis, then it has a functionality to boot. It can be worn with your business suits, as well as more casual clothing.

LED Underglow Board Lights


What is a skateboard without some sort of personalization? There are very few purists, when it comes to skateboarding, and if you are someone who likes to personalize things then these lights will relieve you of the chore. They are self-adhesive and are powered by long lasting, replaceable lithium batteries. They can be placed on boards and on other surfaces as well. We think these will make a perfect gift to a person who loves his board.

Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel, Black/Orange


This high speed reel will make reeling in your catch easier. It has crossover aluminum and graphite hybrid body and rotor design. It features an anti-reverse roller bearing which is highly useful and can be set up at a fast rate. The whole design favors it high drag, which can last a long time. It can be used for catching small fish as well as some big ones, if paired with the proper equipment.

Blonde Hair Powder


This powder will provide you support if you want to cover the roots without an appointment at your hair salon. It does not contain any fragrance, parabens, talc, or chemical dyes, it is just what it is. It will also help you if you have oily hair and just cannot wash them before going out. It will soak up the oil and have your hair looking natural and blonde. It is easy to carry around when you are travelling and even easier to apply.


gold necklace

Do you like to listen to music, but find that the regular earphones are damping your looks? Well Tinsel has a solution for your styling problems. This necklace will keep you looking good, when the earphones are not in use. When you have some craving for music, just open the necklace a bit and get out the earphones and plug them in. Everything will still look like a necklace and that is due to a classy innovative design. The audio is excellent and comparable with other brands in the market.

Men's Two-Tone Button Down - Navy/Brown

mens shirt

Featuring chestnut twill buttons and a slim cut cotton fabric, this will soon be a go to shirt for any man. The two color weave gives it a deep shadowy look, which will offset and complement the chestnut buttons. It has an athletic fit and as per the website description: It isn’t hipster skinny or country club baggy. If you are in between sizes, size up. And we kind of endorse their opinion on this.

Blueberry Almond Truffles 6-piece box, 2.2 oz


Made of chocolate, almonds, and blueberries, this sounds more like health food than a treat. Dark chocolate has been proven to raise serotonin levels in humans. Almonds are themselves considered as a super food which contains many vitamins and is good for memory. And Blueberries, a yummy delight, which contains vitamin C and various antioxidants: which help you in keeping young.


baby pad

Chances are that if you have ever had to change a diaper or even just seen one being changed, this product will resonate with you. It will impress you as it means, the baby will stay in place and occupied, while you do the changing. It is sort of a strait jacket for the baby, but in a good way. The whole thing can be washed. This will make the whole process efficient, with less mess, less products, and more savings. It will make for a perfect gift to new mothers.

Ladies Love It All! Bag


Do you feel guilty when buying expensive gift sets, well that cannot happen with this one. You will not only be giving yourself a much needed treat, but also be contributing to Women Empowerment in India. The bag has it all from face cleanser to natural perfume, and most of the products are natural and made from organic materials. The jute bag spells quality and can be reused while travelling or simply to keep your sewing things in. It would also make an excellent gift to a person who cares about improving conditions for women world over.


black shirt

Are you a heavy metal fan? It is pointless to ask for those who know would already have recognized the logo of the famous heavy metal band in red. After that there is little left to tell. This will accentuate your interest in heavy metal and let other like-minded people spot you from afar, raising interesting opportunities for social interaction. Other than that it is a comfortable tee made from 100% cotton.


baby alarm

Are you a parent who is thinking that surely technology should bring ease to the parents, especially in monitoring the child! Well then Monbaby is the answer. It is a device which can be pinned to pajamas or Onesies of a child and can give you all sorts information if he gets into trouble. It can alert you on your iPhone or Android based phones. It can provide you alerts about sleep position, breathing movement, proximity, fall detection, and sleeping cycles. It can be set up in seconds and would make for a very good gift as well.



What makes a soak in the tub more enjoyable? You guessed it, a bath bomb, the feel of the bubbles on your skin as the carbon dioxide tries to escape, the fizzing sound, and the scents and oils; a truly great experience everyone must try at least once. The scents being offered are a bundle and can be to your love’s liking. Some of our favorite ones were Lemongrass, Asian Pear, and the good ole Lavender.

Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Cooper Pot Kitchen
2015 Bottles

This is for the health conscious people, who do not believe in sacrificing taste when dining healthy. Whether you want it to dip your chicken in, or fry your Brussel Sprouts in it, or maybe you just like to have your toast to have the taste of garlic in it; we can assure you that it will be perfect for you. And if you are someone who does not know what this is, then have you missed out on one of the healthier treats out there. It is so good that it will soon replace all your regular oil.

Start Small And Grow

start small

This is an e-Book designed to teach your kids about entrepreneurship, written by a successful young entrepreneur by the name of Ben Weissenstein. It will teach your kids how to start small businesses and make them grow. They will learn about chasing dreams and taking them to the end. If you are afraid that your basement will be occupied by your child even in his late 20’s, make an investment now and thank us later.

Barberena Handmade Travel Bag (XL)


Items which are spun out of the factory 1200 a minute just aren’t that original or long lasting. Somehow, handmade items are more durable and have that originality about them that cannot be found elsewhere. This bag is all about that. It is handmade with cotton textile and suede, and can take up to 6 weeks to be completed. It can carry clothes and personal items for a weekend getaway in style. It has top handles to carry it around, but also features a shoulder strap for easy going.

Antique Gloss Finish MOVA® Globe


A study is incomplete without a proper antique globe in it. But, what if that globe can also be carried around with you! This is the thinking behind this high quality world map. Now, whether you are discussing the current political scenarios or just want to plan your world travel destinations, this will be able to help you, with its magnificent 3 Dimensional information offering.

27pc Mini Chocolate Horseshoes


There is something about horseshoes which has enthralled mankind from their very inception. Whether they provide you with luck or not, is a debate better touched upon some other time, but if you find a chocolate in the form of a horseshoe – then you can count yourself among the lucky. It comes in two flavors: milk, if you are a fan of the sweet, and Dark, if you like your chocolate with a touch of bitterness. It is a classic gift for the holiday season.

Hopefully, these entries will save you from much trouble; and although we can debate about the usefulness of the items listed, they are definitely for the holiday season. Feel free to browse through our other gift guides and check in later as well, for we have some real feisty posts planned for the coming days. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.