Black Friday Guide & Holiday Gift Ideas 2015

With the highest grossing sales day approaching fast, and the online retailers doing everything to attract possible customers, it is inevitable that some rather shadowy business will also go one. Interestingly, the real origin of Black Friday was also due to a shadowy transaction in 1969 when two financiers bought up as much gold as they could buy to manipulate prices. Eventually, when this information was released to the public at large, the stock market crashed bankrupting big conglomerates and individuals alike. Now, we wonder, has that happened since? No matter what the history, what is more important is how it is being celebrated now and whether it is for the right reasons. And we believe that a tradition of gift giving is one of the few noble things about human beings.

Anyways, it has since been associated with a better less frightening story, which to us seems to be propaganda, but whatever works. This day has become to be associated with gift buying spree for the holiday season. And Black Friday’s official story now is that it was the day when stores finally went into the black from the red. This would make more sense if you know that traditionally profits were recorded with black ink and losses were recorded using red ink in store accounts.

Now, that you have a solid foundation about the origins of Black Friday, we will move to the real thing you are here for: Ideas. Holiday season can become quite stressful, if you are the one managing all the affairs and Black Friday, with all the deals just for the day and hefty discounts can make it even more so. With retailers trying everything in their arsenal to make you believe that you are getting the best prize, how do you choose a suitable gift! Well to relieve you of these problems, we have come up with our list of Black Friday Holiday Gift Ideas.

Lime Pink Dots 14x18 Lovey


It is normal healthy behavior for children to get attached to an object some time in their life. It can happen from 18 months to 5-6 years. This blanket has the potential to attract your child’s attention and keep it secure. The ribbons are sewn especially so that the little fingers cannot get entangled in them. You can attach toys to it, and use it in a stroller or even your car seat.

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Sprays


Do you believe that natural fragrances can have a soothing effect on your nerves? So, do we. Aromatherapy is gaining more and more popularity among people and can be relaxing in our busy lifestyles. Even if you do not believe in it, it is nice to have a freshener which is natural. You can select from a range of smells such as Spiced Chai, Lavender, Rosemary Mint, and Holiday Joy, etc.

DNA Tape


DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is said to be the basis of life. This is the thing in your body which gives it instruction on what eye color you can have. It has been instrumental in finding cures against various genetic diseases. If you think people should know more about this stuff, then buying this packaging quality DNA Tape is a perfect way to support the cause. Or, it can be given as a gift to a geneticist, your choice.

Swarovski Stackable Gemstone Bangle


What is it with Jewelry and gifts? Nevertheless, this is a beautiful product which has the potential to complement a range of personalities. It can go with different styles and is equally good to be worn on a party or a casual meeting among friends. The multicolored stones are 1.5 carats each, and are set in a silver or gold plated bracelet. We term it as one of the better gifts, which is at a great price too.



You cannot go wrong with belts. And especially with a Jeans belt. This one features a simple and basic buckle which can go with literally any color. The bridle leather belt is made by hand and is set to endure. The stitched thread can be selected to be in contrast or homogenous to the color of the leather. All in all, a good solid gift item.


white bag

Definitely one of the lessor known leathers used for this purpose, but once you hold it, you will understand the reason for using Ostrich leather. Other than that it has a wow factor in it, but that may be due to our attraction towards the beige color, which has a tendency to brighten anyone’s day. You can take it to a dinner or any formal party. It will carry your credit cards, smartphone and any other personal items you wish to keep safe.

AquaVault® Outdoor Travel Safe & Lock Box

tool kit

It is quite cumbersome to take care of your valuable belonging while lounging at the beach or in a pool. It can take down the fun, if one member has to stay behind just to look after stuff. But, AquaVault is just the safe box for this. It can be attached to permanent pool and beach furniture and keep your valuables safe, while you have a dip. It has a 120 square inch cargo hull and can store your watches, wallets, phones, jewelry and keys, among other valuables.

Big Daddy


What does a leather cuff remind you of? To us it reminds of the old west, when gauntlets first appeared in the style of military gauntlets. Since, then they have become a necessary cowboy accessory. If you like leather cuffs then this is definitely a Big Daddy. It features a simple macho style that will go well with other leather accessories and products.

Ninebot One E+


We would list this as an experimental tech rather than an on ground useful product. But, this has the potential to develop into a sport of its own. This is a modern take on the unicycle. It is controlled solely by your posture and can take you a distance of 22 miles at a maximum of 13.6 MPH after a full charge of 4 hours. It may take some time for you to learn how to balance, but once you do it will be awesome and fun. Other than that it has some really good shock resistance and is a solid product.

Edifier H210

mono phones

These headphones will bring you the best quality available in this price range. Built by using top quality neodymium magnets, these are capable of delivering sound with minimum auscultation. They come in a range of colors and feature 3 sets of silicone get to provide a good fit. Although, it is rare to get a perfect fit, it does help if you have a range to choose from.

Mini Foam Roller


Whether you are an athlete who needs to relieve wrist or other pain, or you are, like us, people who are at the laptop doing research and a lot of typing, this will provide a much needed relaxing exercise. It has been endorsed by therapists, doctors, and athletes. A single foam roller will serve you fine, but they can also be grouped together to increase effectiveness. It will make for a well appreciated gift.



A bit of luxury is good for everyone. But, this is beyond luxury. With its heavenly fragrance and terrific absorbent qualities, this can provide a definite uplift to your skin. It is made from natural coffee, with anti-aging silk protein and dear ole honey. Now, you can understand its heavenly bouquet, but it will protect the delicate skin around your eyes to prevent wrinkles and dark circles.



This is for you if you like to record stuff from your own perspective. It can clip onto your protective helmet if you are a sports player and record all your plays to be reviewed later. We are all aware that this technique has been in use to improve player performances for a while now. But, this camera will bring it to you at a reasonable cost. But, if you would like to use it to record stunts, we advise you to stay safe.

Argyle Splash (Performance Dress Socks™)


What is more gratifying than getting a good product and giving to charity as well? You will be donating to Options for Life Foundation, which provides support to cancer patients. And if like us you have to spend up to 12 hours in your dress socks, then you will thank us for bringing these to your attention. These bring the benefits of the athletic socks into dress ones, which means at the end of the day your feet feel less tired and are in better condition.

Black Case Coolie


How many times trips/picnics/outings are dampened because the drinks could not maintain their cool? Warm drinks are no good, and they taste terrible. To prevent this from happening the guys at Case Coolie have brought you this sleeve, which can fit over most drink containers to keep them cool for up to 10 hours. Ideally designed to hold a 30 can pack, it uses double insulation to prevent warmth from seeping in or escaping. It will make a great addition for a person who is always on the go.

Xs and Os for Gabby Ann


Dealing with the absence of a parent due to work, travel, or any other reason is a difficult task. You still want you child to know the love that the person has. Keeping this in mind, this is the book, which works on your child’s mind through a story to tell him/her about a parents love. Gabby’s Daddy is away and cannot physically be with them, but there is still a way that his kisses and hugs can reach Gabby. It is a beautiful tale reinforced by beautiful pictures.



We know it is funny sounding and maybe people will grow to love it, but it does fulfill a specific need. This is a belt which is made from 100% recycled materials and is ideal for people who like to ski, play golf, hike, or go cycling. The main innovation is that the underside gel holds tightly to the pants and provides a much more comfortable support. Plus, since it has no metal component, it can be worn through airport security, without any beeping or fuss being created.

Butterfly Effect


This is a photograph by the famous abstract artist Shari P Kantor. All the original prints of this are available online. It is a beautiful piece of art, which will inspire for many generations to come. It is a beige butterfly on green leaves, with a purple flower in the background. Its best to choose this carefully, for when it comes to art, only the discerning people can truly understand what something is actually saying or depicting. For us it has value.

We hope that our list has relieved you of some of the stress which can build up when buying gifts. The main purpose is to help you out in being the best possible gift giver ever. So, have a nice day and may you strike the best deal ever in the history of Black Friday. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.