Christmas Gift Ideas 2016

There is a long history of giving presents at Christmas, but most people don’t know the actual reason that why do we give gifts to our loved ones. The tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas can be traced back to Jesus Christ; actually, when we exchange gifts it reminds us of the gifts given to Jesus by wise men. As the tradition remains intact, the nature of the gifts that we choose to give to our loved ones is changed. Not only the nature of the gifts, but the way how we buy gifts is also changed. A decade or two earlier, we went to shopping malls to search for things that will suit best to the person for whom we are buying the gift, but it is undeniable that it consumed a lot of time. With the advancement of technology, the ways of shopping are also changed, and we can select and order anything that we want sitting in our homes. For this reason, we have compiled a list of gifts for Christmas that you will certainly like.

3D Acrylic Mirror Decal Wall Sticker


Wall clocks not only serve the practical function of telling time, but they also make your house look more beautiful. However, wall clocks combined with wall stickers will give a perfect look to your house. These wall stickers are available in three different colors – black, red, and silver. Each sticker is 80cm long and 20cm wide. The whole sticker is divided into four pieces. You can have the sticker for $17.99.

Fierce Girl Hooded Sweatshirt and Sweatpant


The product features a beautiful hooded sweatshirt and a pant. Different sizes are available for babies from 4 months to 24 months. The product is made of cotton and features full sleeve length. It has a pullover closure with print patterns. It is available for $24.99.

Clear Distressed USA Grill Skin


There is good news for all the jeep owners that they can change the color of their jeep by this high-quality vinyl. It is also highly recommended that you buy the installation kit as well for the perfect installation. The kit contains the following things: Heat gun with attachment, cleaning pads, razor blades, and a spray bottle. You must keep in mind that the colors may vary slightly from what are shown in the pictures. The vinyl sheet is available for $99.99.

Doll Baby Wrap


Now your little ones can look exactly like mommy and daddy because of this doll baby wrap. The doll baby wrap is made of exactly the same material from which full-size wraps are made. The wrap is handmade with the highest quality fabric.

Monkey vs. Robot CD, Comic Book


The comic booklet features the story of Adam and Eve; the story features characters like Adam, Satan in the form of insect, and the first robot of Satan. The comic book is totally classical but also gives some modern touch with the inclusion of robot. Outstanding imagery is portrayed in the comic book. The CD provided with the comic book features 30 tracks, and some of them are Kochalka’s biggest hits. You can get the product only for $7.00.

Navy Buffalo Check Tunic


It is a beautiful check tunic which you can wear again and again and it will never age with time. Its beautiful light and dark color patterns make it elegant. The tunic will look perfect with tight pajamas. You can get it for $36.00.

Essentially Well Make & Take Workshop Kit


Essentially Well Make & Take Workshop Kit contains ten different recipes which are as follows: Respiratory, Throat, romance, Muscle, Energy, head, Sleep, Stomach, Defense, and Seasonal. It is available for $34.95.

Car GPS Navigation navigator Map


The product is made using the optical reflection principle; all you have to do is place your mobile on it and it will reflect the route on the vertical mirror that it has. The interesting and highly practical thing about this device is that it has 360-degree rotation base, and with the help of which you can adapt any angle you want. It is the best way to avoid traffic accidents, and it surely increases the security of both the driver as well as the pedestrian. It is made of plastic and stainless steel and is available only in black color.

Sunday Funday Tri-Blend Athletic Racerback Tank Top


It is a black colored racer-back tank top, on which SUNDAY FUNDAY is printed. The material used for this is a tri-blend mixture. It is available for $26.00.

Knitted Thermal Beanies


These hand-knitted thermal beanies are available in different bright colors which save you from cold as well as give you excellent design. If you are going to any outdoor adventure, this beanie will keep you warm. It is 100% knitted acrylic which is both water as well as wind resistant. It is available for $14.99.

BANGEL’D Silver Bracelet


It is a beautiful bracelet for women with beautiful style. It has a lobster clasp and is made of Copper. It is available for $10.00 only.

Always Be a Unicorn Dog Hoodie


It is a beautiful dog hoodie sweatshirt which you can buy for your cute pet dog. Your dog will feel relaxed in the hoodie and will move easily. The material used is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It has a zipper closure on the front as well as a kangaroo pocket. It is available for $29.00.

Journey: Travel Pillow


This pillow is designed specifically for traveling. It can easily be packed in your suitcase, and it will give you a comfortable, relaxed, and healthy sleep. It is 25” wide and you can customize it the way you want. Inside it contains organic wool bolus. You can get one pillow, and one pillowcase only for $109.00.

Muna Classic T-Shirt


It is a beautiful T-shirt available in four different colors – black, white, grey, and rust. It is soft and highly comfortable and features a design on the pocket. The fabric is 98% rayon and 2% spandex. You can dry-clean the shirt or you can also wash it in the cold water. It is available in sizes from XS to L. It is available for $48.00 USD.

Fire Engine Coloring Portfolio


This fire engine coloring portfolio is perfect for your creative child. It is very easy to carry because of the handle on the case, and it contains 12 crayons, and a mini pad with no lining which your kid can use for drawing. You can also avail different packaging options. You can get it for $22.00 USD.

Shark Cutting Board – Small Mahogany


It is a cutting board which is made from highest-quality Mahogany wood, which is handpicked, cut, and finally smoked to give you the best possible board. The board will add beauty to your kitchen as well as to your dining table. You can easily hold it to carry from one place to another because its tip functions as a handle. You can place it straight when you are not using it and it will look like a beautiful sculpture. It is delivered in a beautiful blue-grey box.

Indah 61% Dark Chocolate – Orange


It is a delightful combination of dark chocolate with orange flavor. The essence of dark chocolate is mixed with the fresh juice of ripe oranges. It will give you a citrus sensation. 100% cocoa butter is used in the chocolate. It is a unique chocolate and is one of its kinds. It is vegan as well as gluten-free. It is available only for RS. 90.00.

Decorative Pillow – Milo, the Raccoon Pillow


It is an extremely soft decorative pillow in the form of a raccoon with black, gray and white contrast. The pillow features a Minky fabric. The raccoon pillow is available in two different sizes. The dimensions of the big raccoon are 39 x 24 x 9 cm, while the dimensions of the small raccoon are 25 x 13 x 6 cm. inside the pillow is filled with polyester. You can hand-wash the pillow, but you are not supposed to iron it. The big one is available for $29.95 CAD.

Flamingo Slouchy Vegan Clutch Bag


The bag is designed keeping in mind the minimalistic designs. It features a clutch and a magnetic snap closure. Inside it has only one main section. Its dimensions are 11″ x 9″. The lining on the bag is of 100% cotton. The main material used in the bag is vegan leather. If the bag gets dirty, you can easily clean it with the damp cloth. You can have it for $52.00 USD.

Affordable Red Pleated Formal Prom, Homecoming, wedding guest Gown


It is a handmade pleated gown which has a satin finish. It is lined on the top and it has a sewn understructure. The skirt is hand-stitched and different patterns and details are added. It is available only in red satin color and in one size. You can have it for $89.98.

Dainty Silver chain Anklet with Silver Anchor Charm


It is a silver anklet with a silver chain. The anklet is adjustable because it comes with an extension. Still, if you want a different length, you can order it, and a customized anklet will be prepared for you. The design of the anklet is minimalistic and it features very simple and unique design. The simplicity adds to its elegance. You can wear it or you can give it to someone as a gift. It is available for $17.00.

Black Licorice with Cinnamon Stix Spikes


These are outstanding pants with cuffs and yoga bands which add unique detail to the trouser as well as increase the comfort level. A top stitch is also added for durability. You can get it for $60.00.

Liza Shorts in Pink Seersucker


The shorts are perfect if you are visiting the beach in the summer season. The shorts are made of 100% cotton. You can get one only for $36.00.

5oz Fetch Me Grigio


It is a wine for your dog. It doesn’t contain any alcohol and is suitable for dogs of all ages. The wine is made from filtered water and its other components are organic bacon extract and salmon oil. You can give your dog a treat by giving it this wine and your canine will thank you for it. You can get it for $9.99.

Tubelox Deluxe Set


This deluxe set is a perfect combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is highly practical and improves your creative imagination. Kids can now design and build their own toys using this set. With the help of it, you can make different structures, cars, ships, tables, chairs and many more things. The tool is fun as well as educationally awakening. You can get it for $249.00.

Smart Bowl for Dogs and Cats


If you love pets – dogs or cats – then buy this beautiful bowl for them. The bowl comes in four different sizes and you can choose a suitable size for your pet. It tracks all the record of what your dog eats. It has a smart base which you can easily connect to your mobile via Wi-Fi. The bowl is dishwasher safe. You can get one in $99.00.

Tiny Arcade


The nostalgic, golden age of video games is something that we still appreciate, and this product is an arcade cabinet that will allow you to relive that golden age of games. It features a joystick, and SD card expansion slot. It is available for $59.95.

CR Tradition Bright Turquoise with Batik Contrast


The shirt is made of 100% cotton fabric and has traditional cuffs. It doesn’t have any front yokes. All the shirts are handmade and are of highest quality. You can choose from five different sizes. You can get it for $159.00.

Craft Candle Flight


Now you can choose four candles of different fragrances of your choice. You have following options: Blood Orange, Chocolate Milk Stout, Saison, Sour Golden Ale, Pumpkin Ale, and Apple Cider. You can get the package of four candles only for $65.00.



The two most noteworthy qualities of this butter are these: it provides you the beneficial qualities of shea butter as well as you can use it with ease like other traditional body creams. The other ingredients are shea oil, grapefruit oil, and lavender essential oil. 1.6oz pack is available for $12.50.

Benji Top


It is an elegant full sleeve top which features high front neckline and a boxy drop back neckline. It is available in navy blue color and is made of 100% cotton. Cream and black colors are also available but they are made from different materials. The top is available for $70.00.

Maxi Tealights Pack of Four


Maxi Tealight candles are 100% polycarbonate and are flame retardant. The burn time of each tea light is approximately 10 hours. There are no toxins in the candles, only soy wax. There are more than fifteen fragrance options and you can choose the desired flavor. The pack is available for $14.50

The One Cable Leather Tan with Maco


It is a 1m long cable which allows fast charging of your device. It is tangle free and is available for many devices like Android, Apple, Windows mobiles as well as tablets which are equipped with micro-USB ports. The cable has 12 months warranty.

Wyland Marine Sanctuary Glossy Pint Glass


These are unique glasses with outstanding prints which add color to your daily life beverage drinking. The glass features marine sanctuary with turtles, dolphins, and colorful fishes. The glass has glossy finish outside while it is white inside. It is available for $15.00.

Blok Rok Lotion Applicator


This lotion applicator gives you better coverage of your body without creating any mess. Its size is 5.2 oz. using this lotion applicator; you will be able to apply lotion on your body more perfectly. It is available for $19.99.

Aqua Blue Quatrefoil Bib


It is a bib for your baby which features quatrefoil design. The bib is made of 100% cotton and is highly practical as well as looks stunning. It fits babies who are up to 24 months old. Your little baby cannot pull it off because it has a snap closure. You can wash the bib in the machine. It is available for $12.00.

Maroon Embroidered Peasant Blouse


It is a flutter sleeve outstanding top that features embroidery detail on the blouse part. The top has 3/4 sleeves and is made of polyester. It is available in four different sizes. You can get it for $27.00.

Coin Lariat Necklace


It is a delicate necklace with modern design and it has exclusive charm. The center and bottom drops are outstanding, lightweight, and delicate. The necklace is available in silver and golden color. You can get it for $3200.

Anna City Bag


The bag is made from wine-red leather, and it is accented with gold hardware. The interior is burgundy colored and there are three pockets inside. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and has a snap closure. It is available for $128.00.

Anicca Bags


The bag is made of waterproof material and is highly reliable. There are clippings on the accessory loops. You can easily place anything in it because the zippers can be extended to halfway down the bag. It easily fits laptops and any other useful thing you want to place in it.

Hello Sweetie


The product features luxury graphics on fine art paper. The print depicts different favorite edibles by recalling the past. It is made on A4 size paper and will be provided unframed. The print is available for £55.00.

Sheer Floral Nude Gown with Gold Sequins


It is an elegant floral nude gown with gold sequins which is inspired by Taylor Swift on the red carpet. There are floral patterns all over which add beauty to the dress. You can order a customized dress in any color you want. You can get it for €379.00 EUR.

Aphrodite Bath Salts


This salt is named after a Greek deity and represents love, passion, and desire. Its essential ingredient, woodsy rosewood, serves as an aphrodisiac and will relax you, while the rose oil will intoxicate your body. After taking a bath, you will feel relaxed. It is available for $6.00.

Boston Terrier Not Awake Mug


If you are not a morning person, this cup will speak it all for you. The mug is made of ceramic and will remain true to colors. It will withstand microwave heat as well as dishwasher many times. It has a white glossy finish. It is available for $25.00.

Kite – Black Cord


The cords are available in two varieties – sterling silver or gold filled. The bracelet comes united so you can adjust it for your wrist size. It is available for $29.00.

Travel by Plane Quartz Watches


The watches are designed specifically for those who have some passion for aviation. Once you wear this watch, it will reflect your passion for aviation as well as it will look stunning in your hands. The watches are available in two colors – white and black.

Autumn Tartan Top & Pleated Skirt Set


It is a tartan top and a pleated skirt available in red and gray colors and two different sizes. it will look perfect with high-neck black or white full sleeve shirt. It is available for $46.00.

“True Love” Tote Bag


The bag is made of heavyweight cotton canvas and is suitable for many occasions. It has reinforced handles, and because of its strength, it can support heavy things. You can get it for £14.99.

Transparent Double Sided Cover Case


It is a transparent double-sided cover case available in gold, clear, black, rose, and blue color. The cover is available for all the latest models of Samsung. It gives ultimate protection to your mobile.

Luxury Gold Hard Case


This hard case luxury case is available in black, gold, red, rose, and silver colors. It is available for all the latest models of iPhone. High-quality material is used for these cases. You can get one case for $22.95.

Tool System & Tool Roll


It is a multi-function bicycle tool which has an outstanding modular design. You can use it as a screwdriver or a wrench. It can function perfectly according to the requirement of your bike.