Christmas Gift Ideas & Holiday Gifts

Dear Readers Christmas is a time of joy and has been associated with gift giving. It is the ultimate time for giving gifts. How did this trend develop? Why has it been so successful? Is it a gimmick of the mega corporations duping us into purchasing more of their products, perhaps it is and it fills the greedy coffers of the big bellied barons. We will leave aside these wonderings and wanderings, and go back to a time much darker, sinister, and when things were not so colorful.

There was this young boy who used to love books. But, as the story goes, his father got imprisoned, when he was just 12 years of age. He had to leave school, take up lodgings near the prison, and work in a blacking factory to support himself. Even when his father got released, he still had to support himself and indeed had a hard childhood. It so happens, that he grew up to become one of the most famous authors of all time. Although, he was very successful now, he still wanted to better the plight of poor children across his country and the world. It was then that he postponed his original idea of writing a political paper and decided to write a story.

So, he wrote about a rich man who was very miserly and mean. This man was visited by the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. We all know the rest of the story. How it changed him to be better. And, dear readers, we believe that this popular tale may have played its part in the gift giving associated with this monumental and immense holiday.

If you have been visited by these same ghosts, and have finally decided to confront them with some really useful gifts, then we are presenting you with our list of top gifts for Christmas.



Motherhood is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it can be daunting when you are a new parent with little advice except from various people you do not know on the internet. This is what Mommy’s ToolBox is trying to put right with their Toolboxes. Every month they send new moms, who subscribe, a toolbox filled with items that they will require. This 3 month subscription has many benefits. It is a good fit if you want to try for a couple of months. It has onetime payment that will not be automatically renewed unless you want it to. A definite go to for a new mother.

Order soften her


Hair are a great way to express style. But they can also be a hindrance when fresh and sharp, especially in the, ahem, private areas. Whether you are a person who likes to keep those parts looking spick and span and bare, or like to trim the areas to an attractive design; they can be a hindrance during intimacy. But, along comes this product, which will keep them soft and dull, hence, removing the prickly situation caused by them. All you have to do is gently rub the pads and they will work their magic. This can be a gift in the most special ways.

Click n Curl Add-On Set Medium


We were sold on Curly hair ever since we learned the rhyme in nursery stating Curly hair, very Fair. However, despite our liking we will admit that to curl hair is a hassle and takes time. Well, this is one thing which will definitely reduce the time you spend curling your hair to perfection. These can be used with dry or washed hair. You will have a different set of instructions for both conditions, which you are probably already aware of. So, just curl them back, leave it in, and pick another section of hair. It is gift which will make life easier for the curling fan.

*Customizable* Volkswagon Bus Leather Luggage Tag


If you like to travel, then you will probably agree that spotting luggage can be a mess, with so many people carrying the same bags. Not so anymore! These Volkswagon Bus leather luggage tags will help you mark your luggage in style. They can have your initials, phone number, and anything that you like. Of course, there is only so much that you can write on a tag, so it has space to attach a card with additional information. It is one of those small conveniences that have the potential to make our lives easier, but we would never spend the money on ourselves.



This is another gift we do not like to buy for ourselves, but love it if others give it to us. The main reason is that it is relaxing to treat one, once in a while, but it is better left to others to provide us with it. This is an excellent bundle which contains anti-aging skin care with Multi Vitamin Serum, Snow Flower Crème, and Miracle eyes. The first two will soothe your skin, making it fresh and the last one is sure to make your eyes look better. It will make for a good gift to someone you appreciate.

1,001 People That Suck


Whether you are a person who likes people, does not like people, or pretends not to like people; this is a must read. This humor filled poetic one liner masterpiece will have you chuckling, smirking, and smiling in no time. Most of the content can be related to, because it involves real situations taken out of context. You can read this with your family over the holidays and share the fun. Once you are done with it, it will still make for a good go to when you are sitting down and doing your “business” in the loo.



With the interest being in small, sleek, and foldable things, it comes as no surprise that we are presenting you with a water bottle that folds down. Gone are the days when you would have to carry hefty space taking flasks with you even when you would only need them somewhere in the middle or down the road. This is ideal for hikers, since they have to carry all the weight. It can also be used at airports and when minimized it can fit in our pocket. It also fits in most vehicle cup holders and has a watertight guarantee.



Are your headphones one of the most precious things in your life? Are they the most costly and are always looking to keep them out of trouble? Well, no more. This HeadsUp Base Stand will keep them out of harms display until you need them again. It will make for a good display and can accommodate headphones of various styles and manufacturers. It even comes with an optional stand to keep your phone or music player. It will ensure that the cable stays undamaged and tangle free and your headphones are always in reach.

Messages for Joey: A Few Things I Need You to Know


Written by Danine Manette as an advice to her daughter, this book is a must read for all young women. We would go so far as to say that it is a must read for some of the more experienced people as well. It teaches empowerment through knowledge and awareness, and enforces these themes throughout the book. The messages are on areas such as life, friendship, money, love and self. They are simple, yet artfully written. This would make for a very good gift to the next generation of our society.

Bergamot Bliss


With essential oils sourced from Bergamo, Italy, just below The Alps, this perfume solid can last up to 4 months with continuous use. It has a citrus scent that will bring memories of fresh mornings and citrus leaves. Apart from this the box also contains a mirror which can be utilized for makeup tweaking. The scent is also good for aromatherapy. And once the solid is finished, you can always reuse the box to keep small trinkets. It will serve as a good gift to a person who likes the fragrance of fresh citrus to be around him/her.

FASHIONEST LABEL - Bella Ear Jacket Set


Ear jackets provide an exceptional and hip alternative to the more conventional earrings. It reverses the old conventions, as the stud becomes one of the main features of your jewelry. This ear jacket comes bundled with a couple of studs to suit your fashion desire. The jacket is 14 Karat Gold Plated Acrylic Glass. It can be further decorated with other pieces to change the look completely. This will make for a good gift to the younger generation, however, who is to say who is young.

Anchors Away in Gold or Silver - La Vita Linx


Whether you believe that anchors are lucky, or you are a fan because you loved Popeye as a kid, or still love him, this anchor charm is the perfect gift material. It can be attached to a necklace or a bracelet and can even be compounded with other charms to give you the perfect mystical combination of qualities that you wish. It is available in both gold and silver. The gold one is 22 Karat, whereas the silver one is rhodium plated. It will be a truly lovely gift, for a lovely young person.

Quintessential Style: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look


It is a fact that how we dress affects those around us and in turn it can affect our self-esteem as well. So, it is important for us that we make the right decisions for the right reasons, to carry on our life with confidence and dignity. This is the very thing that Janna Beatty and Sharon White try to tackle in this book. We like this because they tell you to go after your own individual style, rather than running after fleeting fashion trends. Then they provide practical charts and diagrams to help you achieve your best. We are betting that you will read this and give it to every person you care about.

Funky Friends: Pals Kids Socks Gift Box Age 4-8


This is a gift for the young ones. It will delight them to no end. These mismatched socks are not only cute, but also teach a lesson that different people can be friends too. The very first pair displays a Dragon and a unicorn, both are creatures which are highly cherished and not really ever seen together. Also, this will count towards your charity aims for the holiday season, as 1% goes to PACER’s Bully Prevention every time you buy a set of socks.

Chainmaille Dancing Leaves Blue Scales Bracelet


This is a beautiful use of a material that was used for warfare. It makes for a good statement against war. However, even without these sentiments, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry that will make music wherever you go, making you the focus of the evening. Whether you wish to wear it to the Renaissance fair, for belly dancing, or just an evening out, this blue chain-maille bracelet will help you in proclaiming your presence. It will make for a good gift to a person with a free personality.



This is a simple item for everyday use. It will cater to a person who believes in minimalist fashion. We are personally also in favor of this. Both the pendant and the chain are available in Gold-filled or Sterling Silver. It will position just at the collar bone and will provide a statement for the wearer. This is also more durable than gold plated which tends to last only a small amount of time. In comparison, if taken care of, Gold filled pieces can last a lifetime. It is a good choice to show appreciation to a loved one.

Adventurous Mix


Some people say that the holiday season is all about having fun and eating cookies with milk, especially if you are in the Santa trade. But why adventurous mix, you ask? Hmm. Well, the adventure part is in the type of cookies that you will be trying with this pack. It contains Birthday Cake, Lemon Bar, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel Cream, Rosemary Balsamic, and pancakes & bacon. Depending on your opinion, if not delicious then it is definitely an adventurous mix.



What is a price for the good cause? This tee comes with a #LiveBeyond stamped on it. Whether, you are a supporter of their cause or well just like the phrase, this is a soft tee that will help you stay comfortable and in turn help the poor people in Haiti to get access to free medical facilities. The owners of Living Beyond have been providing free medical healthcare to the poor for 22 years. After all what is the holiday season for, if not helping those in need.

PREMIUM ORGANIC Tiger Nuts Kilo (2.2 lbs) - (Code 1009)

tiger nuts

These nuts are actually not nuts; but if you are nuts about nuts, but not about gluten containing nuts, then these pseudo nuts are the best nuts, nut’s nuts could have. On a more serious note, these are actually tubers, but are named because of their texture and shape after the popular seeds. These provide a healthy alternative to regular ones, since they are free from gluten which can cause allergic reactions in some people. They provide comparable benefits to their distant brothers and will make a splendid holiday gift.

Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder Kit


How many times do we have to throw away a perfectly good item because we could not find the materials to repair it. Glue does not work on more than half the items. This is the very niche that the people at Bondic are trying to fulfill. This plastic welder kit will work wonders on joining plastic items. Whether it is your grandson’s toy or a pair of glasses, all that has to be done is to apply the liquid to the broken area and expose it to the provided UV light. That is it, it will be good to go. This is especially good for people who like to hold on to things.



What is not to like about this cute little monster. It can be used for a range of purposes. It can become a guardian and a friend. It may even become a lovey for your child. However, it can also be used to teach your child that just because someone is different does not mean they are bad. It is approved for children of ages 0 and above and will be there for your child when you are away. This will make for a beautiful gift to a beautiful child.

The Sleepy Star Goes to Heaven

sleepy star

This book contains a beautiful story of a stars visit to heaven. It is written for a younger audience in mind and will make for a very good introduction about heaven. Losing someone close is the saddest part of life and it is even more difficult for the young ones. This will take them through an uplifting journey and inspire them with the hope of meeting the lost ones again. We would recommend it for the mature readers as well, for what do we have except for hope.



So you have a lot of jars at home, but they are of little use on their own except for storage. We get your point, but this Tea Infuser lid will open up the horizons of jars for unique usage. This lid will fit regular mouth jars and infuse it with a tea of your choice over time. The lid is BPA free, Food Safe, and can be washed in a Dishwasher along with your other crockery.  It will make for a good gift to a person who loves tea.

Tree of Life Necklace, Family Tree Necklace, Personalized Gift

name necklace

Christmas is about gifts and nothing can stand in for personalized gifts. This necklace is made of sterling silver and can have charms with the initials of family members on it. It will make for a good gift for dear ole mom, or even for dad, or both.  The center charm has the tree of life etched on its surface and the rest of the charms will surround this large one. This has the capacity to become a family heirloom. It will be a solid gift that will make many memories.


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Do you love your State and would like to show it on your crockery? Or do you know someone who would love the idea? Go no further; this is the best thing you can have. These glasses are etched with the map of the state you are from. The glasses are 5” tall and the design is permanent and will not come off. Furthermore, they are dishwasher and microwave safe. They can be used for a range of purposes, whether you are using them for drinks or soup (if you dare), it is up to you. They will also make a splendid gift.

PERFECT REJECT Mug – Drink to Individuality – Celebrate Yourself


If you are unaware, then this mug has a story behind it. It so happens that one day artist Nina Salerno, found an abandoned stuffed toy. She took it home, took it apart, and repaired it. It was at that moment that she realized that the toy was telling her that it was a perfect reject. There can be beauty in old, abandoned, and misused things as well; it just has to be found. It is a theme which resonates with us deeply and we feel the world needs to care about it as well. We will leave it to your judgment.

Crucian Carp Headphone Jack Plug


If you are into Japanese culture, or just into fake food, then this is the perfect item for you. Alternately, it can make for a perfect gift to someone who likes to fish. On first glance, the fish seems too life like to be made of PVC, but we assure you that it is indeed fake. We are afraid that this will serve little purpose, but would make for good gift to person who loves oddities.

Tranquility Bracelet


Just as the name suggest this bracelet will balance your energies and bring balance and tranquility to your life. It is made from 24 genuine crystals of 8 different kinds. The list includes Amazonite, Amethyst, Carnelian, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Turquoise. They are supported by a sterling silver chain and make for a colorful and brilliant display of crystals. Each crystal has its own unique properties and will contribute to bringing balance to all the chakras within. This will make for a beautiful gift to anyone who has the eye for it.

VibraCoolTM Massaging Ice Therapy


We have all read about the RICE treatment. It means Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. This is applied in the first 24 hours of the muscle sprains or injury to reduce swelling and pain. Well this product is an advanced form of the treatment. It uses ice and vibrations to relieve pains in joints, injuries, and other general areas of the body. It has been cleared by FDA and has been proven to be effective for short term relief of pain. We suggest this for athletes or people who are prone to injuries.



Holiday season is incomplete without homemade cookies. Unless you have a long tradition and a secret recipe of making the dough at home, chances are you are going to buy the dough from a store. Well there is dough, and then there is dough. This one, as can be guessed, is made of Hot Cocoa, Marshmallow Bits, and Semi-sweet Chocolate chips. What’s more, it is available in Gluten free version for all the people who cannot use gluten. This gift is best given before Christmas.

We hope our guide has been able to help you out somewhat in ideas for good gifts. Maybe you are not satisfied with it because your dream gift was not listed, but that is okay, our purpose is to give you an idea. However, we would also remind you that while we enjoy the best of things, there are others who are also deserving of happiness, remember them in this holiday season; Even if it is only to honor the memory of one of the greatest authors of history. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.