Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas 2016

Although, Valentine’s Day has been associated with romantic love gestures, but its evolution throughout the world cultures has molded it to include several different ways. Today we will go through some of the less heard of ways to celebrate this traditionally western holiday.

In Britain, the cards are the customary way of greeting a Valentine. However, there is another tradition which sets them apart. Children sing special songs, for which they receive payment in candy, gifts, or money. And in some areas special buns are baked with caraway seeds to mark the occasion.

In a city of Italy, Turin, it was their customary for betrothed couples to announce their engagement on February 14. However, it is no longer celebrated as a customer. Nevertheless, we do find the trend to be still alive and kicking, as countless couples make this announcement every year, on Feb 14.

In Korea, it is the opposite. The males do not give the gift, but rather are the ones who receive the candy. Of course, there is another day dedicated for them to give the desired gifts to their sweethearts. But, on Feb 14, only the females are traditionally allowed to give the gift.

However, Philippines tops our list of the most awesome tradition. They hold mass weddings of couples interested in doing the deed. This is not just by new couples, but already married ones can also participate renewing their wedding vows. The gatherings can exceed hundreds of couple and it is a festive day indeed.

So, that is it, now we know that gift giving is present across all customs, so we have collected the best priced gifts from around the internet, reducing your search for you. We present to you our list of Valentine Gifts.



Plush toys are cute and they make excellent gifts, even if they are for you. Cuddling with them is one of the prime ways to survive a horror movie, if you are brave enough to watch it alone. Or, they can be used as pillows. No matter what the reason is, this Shiroppy plush from the popular Pote Usa Loppy series is one to die for. This jumbo sized plush will be the crown of your plush collection and will serve equally well as a gift for the upcoming day.

Gift Box of Two Chocolates Mint Cookies


Cookies and chocolates may be a bit cliché, but they are still one of the most important part of Valentine’s Day. These ones have a twist in them. These cookies are filled with bitter sweet chocolate and their large size means that you will be satisfied. Share it with your loved one and enjoy. They are made of GMO free organic materials, with eggs taken from a free range farm. The other ingredients have been obtained from a similar high quality source.



Personalized gifts are the best ones. If you two have a plan for visiting Paris someday, but are still saving for the trip, then this will be the ideal gift. Made of porcelain and imprinted with a city of your choice, it will be a gift that will be cherished. And what’s more you can add two lines of text to personalize it even further. So, every time you get together to have cup of coffee, these will remind you of your resolve.



Valentine is a special day for most couples and after all the chocolates, dinner and conversations, going to bed is the last adventure. It is some prime time for indulging in intimacy. And if you are feeling a bit more adventurous than usual, then this kit should take you to some new levels of pleasure. It has the ideal combination of items to rekindle the passion from your first date. The package comes with adequate description even if you are unfamiliar with it all.



Coffee is a part of our culture. It helps us wake up in the morning. It helps us stay awake. It helps us go to work, and all the rest. We are afraid everything would collapse without coffee. This mug will give you extra motivation for the day. Every time you have your cup of coffee early in the morning, this message will motivate you by telling you the following: Wake Up Rise Up & Break Glass Ceiling. Just don’t get yourself hurt in the process.



It is okay if you suffer from bad breath problems, after all who does not suffer from it after drinking and dining. The usual breath fresheners are either too bulky to carry or not allowed in certain areas, and we are pointing towards airports. So, this is the perfect solution. Discrete and highly effective in doing their job, these luxe sheets will give you a freshness which will pleasantly surprise you.

The Hemsworth


Red is the color to attract the attention of your significant other, especially for the upcoming important day. If you have wanted to spice up things for a while, then this combination is sure to get you to an amusing and different start to the night’s events. Just wear them to the romantic dinner that you have planned and who knows what may transpire through the night. After all, feeling lucky is half the charm and if it continues going places would be fun.

Birds Bagette


Perhaps the most difficult thing when it comes to packing for the weekend is the part where you have to choose the pair of shoes that you need to take along with and how to pack them in your case without them ruining your other garments. This Bagette has a nice birds print on it and will pack most shoes and 4 inch heels with ease. It will keep them nice and separate. And if you need to pack a couple of pairs, the see through portion will save you time because you can see it.

Avery Necklace


Crystal and gold plated copper chain. Purple is a color of wisdom and will have you and your loved one enthralled with its deep and light shades. Plus, if you are considering it for a gift, then know that you cannot go wrong with necklaces. It will be a testament to the wisdom of the recipient. And you will be content in knowing that you have contributed towards eradicating the exploitation of women. Starfish Project jewelry is made by people who were given a new life, after being rescued from the darkness of exploitation.

Sterling Silver Karma Studs


Do you believe in Karma? The basic tenet is that if you do good, it will come back to you and if you do bad that will also come back to you. This forms a circle. Originally just a Buddhist concept, over the decades it has gained popularity in many of the North American regions. And these rings will enable you to wear symbolic reference of them in your years. The sterling silver in round shape is a portrayal of the circular cause and effect of karma.



Do you want your kids to do some more physical activity, but they keep coming back to the screen? This may be one way to help them understand the lure of physical activity. It is an indoor/outdoor mini golf 12’ x 12’ carpet with fixtures, which will provide a fun session of mini golf for kids and adults alike. The carpet has a rubber base which makes it anti-slip, so that you can have hours of fun. Just invite a couple of friends over or practice alone, it is up to you.

The Ultimate Marriage Journal


Sometimes along the line couples just start drifting apart after years of a happy married life. If you have been feeling the same way, then this may just help you in reconnecting with your spouse. It has inspirational quotes and excerpts from the authors own journal, which will help you in writing down the daily thoughts of appreciation about your spouse. And if you are a newlywed couple then it will provide a hilarious relief in years to come.

Noble Blue Body chain


Every woman is a queen; that is what they plan to achieve with this whole collection. The main purpose is to highlight the unique nature of every woman’s personality. Made out of high end stainless steel and a big blue Swarovski crystal in the center, it will accentuate the figure and draw everyone’s eyes to you. The whole construct is durable and has been handmade in Canada. It will help you to unleash the queen inside of you.



Lotus flowers have always been associated with purity and beauty. This is due to their pristine nature despite growing in muddy water. The meaning of the flower may change in different cultures, but the Om inscription in Sanskrit will remind you about the peace during your yoga practice. It comes with a complementary necklace with an adjustable chain and a card. The card has a yoga quote written on it. It is ready to gift, even if it is for your own self.

YogaForce A-Line Mat


If you find it difficult to keep your alignment right while doing yoga, then this might be just the thing that you were missing. It has helped thousands of aspiring yogi’s through their initial years and has been recommended by several fitness trainers. The lines help you align your moves right, which develops the right posture, enabling you to learn the proper moves faster. Not only is it a patented design, but it also has the rest of the advantages of a good mat. It comes with a case and can be carried hands free.

Feel Better Box


Hospital is a forbidding place and sometimes just the thought of being in a hospital peeves the person out. The second most difficult thing about the hospital is being away from your family. This is something which will lessen this feeling of being away. It is a very nice and personalized gift, which will help you stay positive and smile daily as you open the bag that you need most. It can be assembled in just a couple of seconds and will help your loved one in the difficult period.



If you ever want to know real comfort on your bed we would suggest using a duvet and just to complete the look add a shams. Duvet have been a sign of luxury since time immemorial and even today it is an organic source of bedding. The cotton used is reusable and hence does not contribute to wastage. But, it is the design which will attract you. The medallions are beautifully placed and will provide a nice contrast to your surroundings.



Beef jerkies. There is just something about them that starts the mouthwatering instantly. If you are a fan of the ole Beef jerky and would like to try it in a new flavor, then we suggest this Aloha Teriyaki. It will have you wanting more. And do not worry, the beef has been taken from grass fed cows and is gluten free. The spices used include ginger, garlic, online, rice vinegar, and a gluten free tamari. So, just enjoy.



It is our absolute belief that one cannot go wrong with a new tote. But, what about a tote which has the inscription “and so the adventure begins darling”? Well, it would depend on the person who you are trying to give it as a gift to. But, we feel that every day is an adventure. And if you have a bag saying that very thing it will help you maintain a fresh and positive attitude throughout the day. It is an excellent gift and will accommodate your 15” laptop as well.



Do you believe in symbols? Are you a fan of protective bracelets? Maybe, you don’t like them for the reason asked, but they do look cool and chic. They have an aura of mystery and their very own boho charm. This one is made from 14ct yellow gold and the crystals are made of zirconia. It has the trusted star, the horseshoe, the evil eye, the scythe, and the circle, which can be worn together for effect or worn alone to place emphasis on a singular one.

Insolia® Weight-Shifting Insoles


Do you have a job which has you on your feet most of the time? If you have then you will be aware of the feet pain that it can result in, at the end of the day. Well, there are solutions out there which allow you to wear shoes 4 times longer without pain. This is one of them and what’s more it is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The product comes with a lifetime warranty. It is best for shoes which have a 1” heel or longer, but it will do equally well with open toe and sandal designs.

Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel


Frizzy hair is a chore to deal with, especially if it happens every time you wash them. Although, the problem can be solved by using the right products, but all that product use has its own drawbacks. Have you ever thought that the culprit might be the towel that you use for drying your hair. Well, here is a special towel which will eliminate the frizz. Don’t believe us, just head over to their site and see the associated video to see how well it works.



If you have to spend time away from your loved one/s a lot, then this is the best thing that you can do to remind them of your presence. The inscription on the back is simple, beautiful and heartwarming. My heart is always with you. Made of oxidized sterling silver, it is long lasting. It can be given to your special someone, your mom, sister, aunts, daughter and anyone that you love. The other side displays two hearts touching each other.

Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Micro Pave Set Clear CZ Interlacing Knot Ring


Knot rings have been traditionally associated with the strength of ongoing relationships. But, recent years has seen it being used in a number of different events such as wedding and engagements. This one is made of sterling silver and coated with rhodium to protect it further from the elements. The design is also a bit different from the regular ones. It is more intricate and ultimately more beautiful. So, if you are looking for a token of good relationship, then this may be the best option.



Although, the holiday is long gone, but still there is a new event coming up which is very popular with bite sized chocolate products. This will serve as the ideal snack before you go out for the romantic evening. Plus, it is a very healthy item. The chocolate will help in raising your serotonin levels enhancing your mood and the essential oils present in the peanut butter will help you retain your perfect skin in the long run. All in all, it is a very good snack.

Seen on Bones - Turquoise Earrings Diamond Shape Beaded Earrings


Yes, you have read it right, they were indeed worn by Emily Deschanel in Fox’s hit series Bones. But, that isn’t their leading quality. The quality is in their build and unique look. Featuring turquoise beads embedded in the copper framework. Other beads include druk beads and the beautiful red Swarovski crystals. Each earing has a length of 1.5 inches and is just the right size to not overburden your ears and still be counted among the dangling earring type.

We hope we have been able to help you out. And even if you differ with the exact choices on our list, our purpose is to give you an idea, which can be developed further. It will increase the number of possible choices. But, we would like to remind you that the best gift is to make your valentine smile and if you have been successful in achieving this, then our work is done. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon coupon, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.