Best Gift Ideas under $100

A gift is something that brings people together and strengthens relationships. Therefore a gift must be selected carefully keeping in mind its uniqueness and the nature of the relationship with the person to whom the gift is being given. Choice of gifts also depends on the particular events and ceremonies. One important factor in the choice of gifts is money; for many people, it is the amount of the gift that determines the final selection and in these cases, most of the times, the quality of the gift is compromised. Here is a collection of gifts with prices as low as $100 and even lower than that, but one thing worth mentioning is that the quality of gifts is not compromised at all. All the gifts are quality products and are suitable for many occasions.

List Pad


It is a pad to keep you organized and satisfied. You can add multiple To Do Lists on this pad, and you can mark on it after completing every task – there is no better satisfaction than that. The size of the paper is 4.13 by 5.38 inches. It has cream colored paper with 50 sheets. You can also tear off pages for other use. It is made in the Philippines.

Taulman Alloy 910 Filament 3mm


This product is a remarkable advancement in 3D printing materials technology. The best thing is that a single filament is sufficient to provide as high performance as is possible. It works proficiently at temperature 245 C. It is compatible with the nozzle of any size.

UHC Value Set 1


This product contains three things – cleanser, conditioner, and balm. You can protect your natural hair by use of this product while wearing wigs or weaves. All three things are very easy to use, and the ingredients used in this product are quality based. All the ingredients help in cleansing and moisturizing without any side-effect.


Barcelona Linocut Print


It is a Linocut, and the paper used for it is heavyweight acid-free Strathmore paper. The prints are handmade. By looking at this piece, you will think as if you are transported to Manzana de la Discordia or ‘Block of Discord’ in Barcelona. The piece is famous for the mixed architectural designs which are printed on it. The picture on the right is Casa Batlló originally by Antoni Gaudí.

Layla Leggings


This is a workout and yoga pant and is made keeping in mind the traditional style, fashionable print and compressive fitness. This legging gives you a slimmer and toner look. It is stretchable in four ways giving you freedom to move your body in every way while practicing yoga. The product is made of lightweight cloth and is quick dryable. It has a high waist with elastic band for comfortable fit.

4 Bottles of Malia Nail Polish


These nail polishes provide you not only different colors but also the trending fashion. You can select four colors of your choice, the variety of colors is diverse – Black, gray, white and pink, etc. There are also slight shade differences available in the same color. You can also earn tokens by buying these.

Break Time


These are summer bracelets available in many colors and whenever you look at your wrist wearing it you will enjoy the beauty of it. The refreshing colors are eye-friendly and give a sigh of comfort during summer. The anchor is made of stainless steel and is highly durable. Due to elasticity bracelets are fit for both men and women’s wrists. These multi-colored bracelets are also perfect for a gift.

The Glenwood Wood Watch – Chanate Black


This is the best quality wood watch by Lux Woods, at an affordable price. These watches are also available in custom engravings. Every piece of wood from which these watches are made is unique – a unique watch for a unique person. The material is taken from sandalwood, and the chain is adjustable with removable wood pieces. The watch has a modern design with good battery life.

Aviator Pug


This is a remarkable shirt and it is almost impossible to distinguish between the shirt and the icons printed on it. In a unique process, the dye color of this shirt is pulled out while the ink color remains. The shirt is made of cotton and has relaxed fitting. For durability, it is double stitched on all seams. It is also washed beforehand so you don’t need to worry about shrinking.

Men’s Freedom T-Shirt


This shirt is intentionally made so simple so that it speaks for itself. The shirt is durable as well as beautiful and soft. This will be a great piece for your wardrobe collection. It is pre-shrunk – no need to worry about the washing. It is available in multiple colors. You can purchase it from Dunheger.

Fanale Popping Boba


The Fanale Popping Boba looks like ordinary boba but it is actually different. The little balls contain juices of different fruits. These balls will explode in your mouth once eaten. You can add these balls to your juice for multiple colors and different tastes. It is available for $13 dollar only.

Monochromatic Boho Necklace with Cotton Cord


This is a hand-made necklace and is hand painted with protective glaze. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The cord used is made of cotton. The pendant is 3 by 3 cm and the cord is 46 cm long. You can also clean the necklace with a moist cloth.

Home is with you


It is a beautiful pillow filled with polyester. It will retain its shape even after many uses. In case the pillow cover – a yellow and white lined soft fabric – becomes dirty, you can easily separate it and wash it in the machine. It is 18 by 18 inches with concealed zipper. The pillow cover is 80 % polyester and 20 % fleece.

Heavy Duty Spring Hook Dog Toy


If you don’t have all day to play with your dog, this toy is perfect for you. It comes with a bolt and you can attach it with a wooden plank in your house or with a tree in your backyard. Attach your dog’s favorite toy with it or a piece of meat and it will be a great exercise for your dog along with game pleasure. The spring is heavy duty and can hold up to 325 lbs.

Blackvue Dash Cam Filter


It is actually a filter for Blackvue dash cams which increases the quality of your cam by increasing color saturation. It also decreases sun reflection on the windshield resulting in a perfect quality video. It comes with one year warranty.You can purchase it from Dash Cambros

Necklaces silver multi-studded Heart


The necklace consists of a beautiful pendant and multi-studded cord. The material is silver alloy. The cord contains a lobster hook and is easy to use. The product has 120 days return guarantee.

Antique John P. Squire & Company Boston Pure Lard Tins with Bail Handles


These are two tins which were formerly used to carry lards in a Victorian household. One tin is 9m high while the other is 4.5 meters high. Both tins are in good condition with very little dents or rust. Both tins are embossed with the company name “John P. Squire” and will be a great decoration for country6 kitchen.

Forstner Pattern Bit


It is used for drilling pocket holes and flat-bottom holes. It has both stationary and larger portable drills with size 3/8”. It can make chip-free holes with precision. The highest quality drilling steel is used in this product. Gullets added in the tool make the holes even more precise. For centering and other use, the small pilot hole is also present. It is available only for $12.

ANNIE gray/white


This shirt is made keeping in mind the quality as well as aesthetics. It is utterly comfortable and you will want to wear it day and night. The shirt has full sleeves stapled with the main part and has black and gray stripes on it. It also has a drooping front pocket making it much more casual looking. The fabric is of linen and rayon. Because of its delicate texture, it should be washed on hands.

Tea for Two Teaquarium


This product can perform multiple functions; whether you want to make your tea with fruit infusions or you want to use some leaves that will relieve you, Teaquarium is a perfect choice. Externally made of quality glass, whether you want to use it for hot things or cold, you can enjoy both the possibilities with two Teaquariums. Things available with it are two glass bottles, two filter baskets and screw seal made of bamboo wood.

USA Package Deal - United We Score Tee + Mystery Sports Bra + USA Flag Twist Headband


This package contains three things: first is United We Score T-shirt second is a sports bra – which can be of any color, red, white or blue – and the third is headband of the American flag. You can buy this package as a support to the USA team. With reduced price, it is available only in $60.

Padmini is Powerful


This book is a great help if you want to introduce your children with Hindu mythology and gods. This book uses comparative and relative approach to introducing different gods like Ganesh, Lakshmi and Parvati are introduced in comparison with Padmini. This is a useful book for children to remember many names and characters together. The whole book is about illustrated stories which make it much more interesting than ordinary reading.



RestoPresto is a small multifaceted pouch which you can convert instantly into a mat or blanket. You can carry it easily because it comes with a branded carabiner. There is also no need to worry about its dislocation or unsettling because it also has four branded mini-stakes to keep it firm to the ground. It also contains a guide and is available in three colors: Red, Blue, and Black.

Foolish Tee


This shirt is made in the USA with 100% cotton and a beautifully printed colorful “FOOLISH” on it. It is only available in white color. It is available in $24.

Gold Ring Mini Bag


This is a beautiful mini bag with a gold ring attached to carry it. The gold ring suits well to three available colors – black, pink and gray. The reduced price is 78USD.

110-GIRLS: Ten Pounds Vintage Girls Japanese Kimono, Silk & Mock-Silk


This package contains used and recycled Japanese garments and these are not meant for wearing but for cutting and other design work. Each package includes varied kimonos of different colors and one nagajuban – an under kimono. These are all worn/used/old recycled Japanese garments, sold by the pound, and are meant for cutting, artwork, design, crafts etc.;while mostly not for wear, are used by some customers for casual wear and costume uses

Charlee Shears Short Sleeve Men’s T-Shirt


These shirts are the combination of finest fabric and stunning artwork providing you luxuriant and eye-catching product. These shirts are available in multiple colors – black, light navy and apple red – with size ranging from small to extra-large. The fabric is soft and long lasting. Another distinguished quality of these shirts is that these shirts come pre-washed so there is no danger of shrinking of these shirts – because whatever the capacity of shrinking it has occurred already. The fabric of the shirt is 100% ringspun cotton which is lighter than ordinary cotton. The neckline is double stitched for durability.

Thank You 8-Pack


This is a collection of 8 cards of size 5 by 5. All the cards are blank inside and the exterior part is printed on the recycled paper. All eight cards are packaged in a clear box. On top of each card, a phrase is written “with the purchase of this card, a sandwich will be donated to the hungry” which makes this product more like a donation and charity to the needy people. The cash equivalent of one peanut butter and jelly sandwich is donated to a food pantry, soup kitchen, or other organization that feeds the hungry for every card purchased.

The Kit


This magical kit includes all the necessary items to convert one shirt into another. The components of the kit are sixteen interchangeable buttons – which will be of your own choice – base buttons, fasteners – either white or black – and a button remover. All the components in the kit have a lifetime guarantee. If you want a free tailoring service it is also included in the kit. You can either order this kit for fastest delivery or you can send your shirt for free tailoring and it will be sent to you again. There is also ten percent discount on pre-order.

Tennis Sensor


This device is made to improve the quality of your tennis gaming. It records all the data of your game and different movements of your arm like stroke, spin, speed and analyzes the accuracy of your game. It can be attached wirelessly to your smartphone and you can shoot the video of each stroke. It helps you to gain insight into your game and it will make you able to improve your game with the best analytics possible. It is both for beginners as well as for advanced users and it can unlock your real potential to play tennis.

Woolet Black


This wallet is designed for the protection of your things like credit cards and cash. It works in a unique way because it has a Bluetooth and can be charged wirelessly. It is handcrafted for both the perfection of quality and aesthetics. It works with the help of miniature sensors which synchronize with your smartphone. Every time you leave your wallet behind you will get a notification on your smartphone. If your wallet is lost in a messy room it will be easier to find it. The device actually works by measuring the distance between your smartphone and the wallet; if your wallet is out of reach you will instantly get a notification. You can also turn these notifications off when you are at home.

Black Infinity Scarf


This scarf is speckled gray and black and is light weight and stylish. This scarf is a must possess summer accessory and is available only at $33. It has a nylon pouch for storage and is easy to carry anywhere. This scarf can perform multiple functions like it can also be used as a wraparound skirt, nursing blanket or you can throw it on your legs. The fabric is made of 89% polyester and 11% spandex.

The 258 Snapback

FullSizeRender 2

This snapback hat is available in multiple colors and the size range is from small to large which makes it suitable for all ages – from children to adult. Whether it be matching clothes of little children or a decent attire of an adult, this snapback cap is suitable for everyone. These caps have a paisley design on the front part and are made of 100 % cotton with polyester peak. The color range is diverse from navy blue to white, red and black.

Hairtality 1 month supply


This product is designed for the nourishment of your hair and serves as a healthy diet for your hair. One package of hairtality contains one month supply and after three months you will feel that your hair is stronger and longer than ever. It is a food supplement with the combination of ingredients like biotin, zinc, selenium and many other natural ingredients which are used for the extraction of many useful oils. Black seed oil is a key component of the formula nourishing your hair to the maximum extent. It also contains an amount of copper for the improvement of hair pigmentation, and another component, Iron, which facilitate cell division.

Beast and Belle’s Bites


This packet contains some mood-chocolates, Werther’s original candies, and other sweets. The items included in Beast and Belle’s Bites are random and that makes it even more interesting because it is a surprise. The surprised snack is the mixture of 2-4 snacks.

Aqua Bikini Bum Top by Gypsy Mermaid


These aqua bikinis bum tops by gypsy mermaid are a perfect match to bikini bum bottoms. You can match bikini bum bottoms with the bikini bum top having aqua and white colors which are perfect for summer wear and during visits to the beach. An adjustable tie at the back provides perfect adjustment. It is handmade and it is possible that different bikinis may have a slightly different design

Lynx by JHO


This blade is available in satin and stone finishing and is the highest quality blade you can find in the market. Because of its moderate size, it is easily adjustable in your pocket and easy to carry. It has an excellent grip which works all the same even if some oil is poured on the blade. This blade is suitable for shaving, slicing, and chopping.