Holiday & Christmas gift Ideas for women

December has started and the bells are already ringing. The decorations are going up and the snow has fallen where it falls. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate, smores, warm teas, and family movies are just some of the really attractive things that are being enjoyed across the country. The Santas can be seen everywhere and gifts – which are the main attraction of the Holiday Season – are being purchased every minute. Major Chain Stores are already into their Christmas discounts and everyone is trying to attract your attention with discounts and coupons.

But, through all the hustle and bustle surrounding the holiday gifts and shopping, it is difficult to actually relax in the holiday. Is not relaxing the thing that holidays are made for? That in truth is the main purpose. However, if you are the one organizing a major holiday and hosting the reception for the main event, things can become rather stressed. This is an enigma which countless people face every year.

What does one do in such a situation? Obviously, gifts have to be bought and the holiday has to go on. The solution we say is giving yourself a treat and shopping online. Instead of going to the stores, buy online and save yourself the time and money. The time saved can be put into rest, or decorations, or with family. We know it can be difficult to choose wisely, online. So, we do the research for you and collect the best of deals to bring to you our top Holiday and Gift Ideas for Women.


deer pilow

What makes the holiday decorations complete? To what extent can you go in celebrating the holiday season? If you go to the extremes, like matching the bed covers and the cushion sets to a commemorative theme, then these cushions are just for you. This is a handcrafted linen pillow that has a reindeer stamped on the front. The metallic gold will sparkle with all the other sparkly decorations and blend right in. This will be highly popular among kids and who doesn’t like a soft down filled pillow anyway!


mr right

There is something about hand illustrations that just cannot be achieved by innumerable machine prints. We think it may have to do with the uniqueness of each hand illustrated piece. Each illustration tells a story of its own. This is a card with a unique message that can be interpreted in a number of ways. It will mean a number of things considering the stage of relationship you are in. It will portray fondness, love, a bit of mocking, and an undeniable interest in the person. But, the real question to ask is: what does the pizza represent?

Cashmere Wrap – Persimmon


Cashmere has to be the best of all wools. The softest of materials can melt the coldest of hearts. This is a truly kingly gift. It hails from the region of Kashmir and has an interesting history. When Mir Ali Hamdani came to Ladakh, the home of Cashmere goats, he found this soft material, spun a pair of socks and sent it as a gift to the then King Kutabdin, advising him to set up an industry for making shawls. History aside, this is made from 100% pure cashmere and is sewn from a 2-ply thread to make it durable. It will make a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

Teething Bling® Bronze Pendant


This is an accessory we would recommend for all parents regardless of gender. Teething children just love to grab everything and put them in their mouth. This can be extremely uncomfortable if you are wearing regular jewelry, which can be uncomfortable for you and harmful for the child. This piece of jewelry is made from medical grade silicone so your child can chew away safely. It also has a safety clasp, which will break away when the pendant is grabbed. It is a perfect accessory to have as a parent.

How to Become A Top Dog Model

dog book

Do you own the cutest of dogs in the world? Have you always thought that it should be among the top models, cheering everyone up? Most pet owners who think like this are discouraged by their lack of knowledge; however, this book will lay out the steps for you to train your dog to reach the stars. The author, Jo Jo Harder, includes all the steps that you will have to take including training, grooming, modeling, agencies, and even lifestyles to maximize your chances of success. It is a must read for a pet modeling enthusiast.

Moisturizing Shower Gels


The start of the day is the most important part because it sets the tone of the day. Perhaps, this is where the expression “wrong side of the bed” comes from. If you feel fresh, then you will enjoy your work. This shower gel will help your skin feel hydrated, moisturized, and absolutely fantastic. It contains the right mix of Anti-oxidants, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera to brighten your day. What’s more it comes in 8 different scents. You can have your pick from Apple, Citrus, Grape, Lemon grass, Coconut, melon, Ocean and Pomegranate.



Personalization is the craze of today. Times were when people liked to keep their things in mint condition, but they have changed. Adding a discreet well-made initial to your car is the right kind of personalization. This vinyl sticker is shaped like an anchor, with your initial in the middle. It is for one time use only, comes in different sizes and colors, and will stick to any flat surface.



Pearls and crystals are the gift of nature. They have a mystery and mystique in them which cannot be captured by other materials. They exude an aura that makes you feel close to nature, reminding you of the depths of seas they came from. These earrings are made from oval pearls, tear drop quartz, and crystals. Sterling silver is used to hold the construction together. It is an excellent piece of jewelry that will complement a range of suiting choices.



Humans have always been fascinated by places out of their reach. It gives us a sense of longevity and wonder. Is the universe infinite? What about the creatures under the sea? All these are a reminder of the vastness of the planes we live in. It is humbling to be reminded of our insignificance in the universe. This is a beautiful piece of underwater photography, which will mesmerize you and your guests for decades to come. It will serve as a reminder about the diversity of life forms out there yet to be discovered and keep you motivated.



There are times when we just want an easy way out, but still want to look fashionable and chic. Are revealing clothes more fashionable? That may be the opinion held by men, but we know that there is more to fashion than just a figure. Sometimes we all feel like covering up and a sarong is just the thing to do it. It can be worn over a swimsuit. The possibilities are endless, you can wrap it around your shoulders, or wrap it under your arms, or tie it at your waist, whatever makes you comfortable. This is about being chic and remaining comfortable.

Give me Sugar Shirt


There are many companies out there catering to the fitness buffs, but this one has come up with a unique product. They make SweatSTR, which is a scarf which acts like a towel. If you are impressed by what they are promoting and would like to help them along, or just like the message on the shirt, then this is the perfect product for you. This tank can be used for exercising in the gym or just for fun. It will be a valuable addition to your sports wardrobe.

Little Black Active Skirt


Have you ever wished for a skirt that would be equally good for going to the market and to be used in the gym? If you have, then your wish has come true. This one features a cool design, with sewn-in shorts, which can be paired with leggings in the winter. Furthermore, it has three pockets, one zippered, one open, and a Velcro secured one. They will keep all your cash, keys, phone, and other personal belongings safe. It is an innovative product which will soon become a go to skirt in any wardrobe.

Purple Node 02


Art takes many forms and is diverse in nature. What may seem as odd to one person may turn out to be the ideal of beauty for another. This node exudes mystery, and contains a miniature sculpture, which has a close resemblance to what we think as alien architecture. This piece of wearable art is made with Purple fluorescent Plexiglas vial, which contains acrylic paint, fibers, and a colored monofilament. It will create a rich and mesmerizing display for all to appreciate.

Seashore Mangosteen


This one is for the gardening enthusiast who likes to collect rare trees and plants. This is a very rare tree found in tropical islands and due to its scarcity exports are usually prohibited. The fruit is sweet and tangy, though the nutrition value is little. However, people have grown it successfully in the US under controlled conditions. Nevertheless, it is a very specific tree, which requires some real care and will not tolerate freezing temperatures. For the right person who knows how to maintain it, it will be a heavenly addition to the garden.

Jane with Cinch Sack (Orders of 10 or Less)


When going through a tough time, the slightest of comforts mean a lot. The owner is herself a cancer survivor and each sale contributes to a fund which helps underserved women getting treatment for Breast Cancer. When going through all the tests and exams, patients are issued with standard hospital gowns, which are often ill-fitting, uncomfortable and compromise dignity. This gown provides a comfortable alternative, which can be taken with you to the appointments. It is made of soft, spa-like fabric (60% cotton/ 40% polyester) to make it durable and comfy. Orders of more than one are eligible for discounts and companies can request for wholesale orders with logos.



Applying eyeliner can be tough and the quality of the product eases things a lot. This liquid eyeliner is based on an innovative formula that is smudge-proof, water-proof, and stays put. It is encased in a very fine pen to make the job easier. The delivery system is made up of a microfiber brush tip and the formula will last for 24 hours. The construction ensures that the liner can be controlled for a clean and precise application. All you have to do is shake the liner a few times and then apply it using side stroke. It is a professional product which can be used by anyone.



This is for people who like to carry stuff with them to the car. The problem encountered is that they are always falling off the seat. This is what Carpack was made to address. It is a bag which can be strapped easily onto the seat and will provide secure space for everyday items. The construction includes some very interesting options. It has sleeve pockets, mesh pockets, bottle holder, and vertical compartments. It will be excellent for long trips, as it will accommodate a range of items. When you need the seat, simply zip it up and it will become a regular suitcase.

RealControl VR Kit


There has been resurgence in interest in Virtual Reality with some giant organization investing heavily in it. However, the fact remains that even when the products come into the market, they will not be for everyone, due to its price. Regardless, this should give you a taste of VR with an ingenious motion control sensor. It will make the VR more interactive and even help you exercise a bit. The kit includes an unassembled Google Cardboard Headset, a RealControl Maker, and a RealControl Handle. Just assemble them together and you are ready to play the VR Games by Realiteer.

Flirt Ring

flirt ring

Many devices have come and gone, which were supposed to help in dating. However, this is something different. This flirt ring has been born for a purpose. Every once in a while we are going for a walk or jogging and we come across people who could be potential candidates for a date. What limits advances is the area of uncertainty. If a person is not wearing a wedding ring that does not automatically mean that he/she isn’t in a relationship.  This ring can be worn on the pinky finger and will proclaim that the person is not in a relationship, hence, enabling people to be forthcoming.

Birds On A Wire


Nail art is expensive and time consuming. You have to go the parlor and sit still for hours, so that your nails can be painted upon. Or, use stickons that have to be precariously placed and then dried. It is to eliminate these very difficulties that these Nail Snaps have been designed. Simple put them on, you do not have to wait for them to dry, and file off the excess. The package includes a mini nail file to make the task even easier. One pack will get you 20 wraps. It is a must have for a nail art enthusiast.



We know that the title is not helpful, but this is an innovative take on an old item. The necklaces are made from waxed cotton thread and semi-precious stones. Here is the innovation: you can choose the thread and the stone from a range of preset styles. The range of stones includes turquoise, jade, obsidian, Jasper, and Opal. The threads are also present in a range of colors and are beautifully woven into different styles. If you are looking for something which is unique, then this is the perfect combination for you.



Can a price be attached to pure luxury and comfort! If there ever could be an embodiment of the perfect robe, this would be it. The owner, Sophie Burkart, tried many robes, but was not satisfied by any single one. So, she designed one of her own, taking care to only select the best of materials. This one has an inner lining made of 100% Luxury Cotton Double Napped Flannel, while the outer is 100% Silk. The sash belts are available in both cotton and silk. It has been hand finished to ensure perfection in every aspect.

Overcoat Cape

paint file

Winter brings its own range of suiting difficulties. How do you select an outfit that will keep you warm and still remain fashionable? The solution is an Overcoat Cape. This cross between an overcoat and a cape can be worn over any outfit. It will keep you warm and also help you stay ahead of the fashion trends. It will help you satisfy your hidden desire to dress like your favorite superheroes. Plus, you will be donating towards preserving different cultures, as part of the price goes to a fund for the same.

SkinnyMe Black x Brushed Silver (pair)


Fashion and fitness often do not go together. However, there have been some improvements in recent times, with cute fitness trackers being launched by companies. But, what if you want to get fit and not do the work. Well Skinny me is the solution for you. These bangles are hand painted, weigh exactly ½ lbs, and will train your arm throughout the day without looking like handcuffs. You will see the differences in a very short time indeed. So stop sulking about things and do something about your aspirations.

PONYDRY, Waterproof Hair Sleeve


We are all familiar with situations where it would be ideal to wash our hair, but it just takes too long for the whole mess to dry and become presentable again. Normal shower caps don’t solve the issue. And chemical solutions are just plain unhealthy. Keeping these things in mind, this product was launched. It will keep the length of your hair dry, while you wash the roots. It will reduce the time factor to less than 7 minutes. Before bathing, just tie your hair into a high pony tail and secure them using this bag. Then proceed to wash your hair thoroughly. However, only remove the bag when your hair are dry or damp. It is an innovative product which will help all people with long hair.

Leonisa Capri Length Underbust Body Shaper 018471


Some of us are not endowed with fast metabolic responses like others and even the slightest of indulgences can show up very fast. Who really has all the time in the world to tone each part of the body into a specific shape? It is a difficult task indeed. But, this is where body shapers come in. They can be used for special occasions or just serve to give you enough motivation to go for a healthier lifestyle, by portraying what can be achieved with some determination. This capri length body shaper reduces back, hips, legs, and the entire abdomen. It is designed as open bust so that you can pair it with your favorite bra and the crotch opening ensures your range of movement.

Wrist Jockey

wrist watch

Have ever wished for an apple watch? But, you already have a 6G Nano and are not sure what to do. Well, no more, this jacket will transform your iPod Nano into a functioning wrist watch. You will still be able to do all the things that you do normally, including access to the physical buttons on the device. Beautifully designed this product is available in Fashionista, Executive, and Admiral Styles. Being on the wrist, it will mean more security for your device and easy access to all your favorite songs and photographs. It is a must have accessory if you are attracted to wearable technology.


diamond ring

There is something about vintage styles that keep them interesting. Perhaps, it is because each piece has a rich history attached to it. This glamour style vintage ring also has a story of its own. It features 14 round diamonds on a 10 karat yellow ring. This will wow most people who have even a bit of idea about vintage items. It can be used as an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and an anniversary ring. It is a timeless piece which has the capacity to become a prized family heirloom.


Green smoothie with mint on a white background

Plastic waste is the most harmful of wastes because it does not only mess up our environment, but ends up in oceans and harms the whole eco systems. What about recyclable plastic? We are sad to inform you that most of that also ends up where it should not. The solution is to use reusable items. This stainless steel straw can be used for years and will not harm the environment. It is dishwasher safe and comes with a special brush for difficult situations. Additionally, 5% of all proceeds go to a fund which supports cleaning up the environment. It is a product which will help you reduce your toxic output and help in cleaning the world as well.

Organic Coconut Oil Supplement

coconut oil

Coconut oil is good for health. It is considered as a super food in itself and contains many fatty acids such as caprylic acid, myristic acid and triglycerides; and is free of cholesterol and other harmful substances found in more common oils. However, despite all its benefits, it does have a strong smell and a strong taste to boost, which many people find very difficult to ignore. But, do not worry now you can have all the benefits in these coconut oil pills. This is for people who do not want to taste the oil, but still want to avail the benefits. Whether you are a nursing mother, or someone watching his weight, these pills will see you through.

Stretch Capri

orange girl

Who says that sports and fashion does not mix well? It is true that you need to be relaxed when playing sports and you need to have your full range of movement, but that does not mean an army type uniform for all. There is always room for personalization. This is just what Kevan Hall Sport is trying to bring to the public with this cotton/spandex mix.  These carpri stretch pants are available in a range of colors from the traditional black to Zebra to Abstract plaid, and will be liked by pure sportswomen and fashionistas alike.

Hopefully, our list has helped you to relieve some of your stress. It is also quite possible that you do not agree with our list. We accept that the value of a gift cannot be gauged by price alone and the simplest of things can be most precious when given by the right person. But, if we have helped even a few people then our work is done. This is the season of sharing, and we believe in sharing with others. Do visit us again for more lists; or, you can see some of our previous works, however, keep in mind that we guarantee nothing, except for a few chuckles. Bye for now. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.