Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Gifts have been inseparably attached with human emotions since prehistoric times and this is how one can judge the significance of gifts. Gifts always strengthen bonds between people and reduce sparking clashes. For different festivals, there are specific gifts depending on the situations. In the same way, there are different gifts for different seasons and there is a sharp contrast between gifts bought for formal parties and for holidays. The coming season will bring holidays and most people will turn towards shopping centers in order to buy gifts for their loved ones. There is no need to tire yourself in searching gifts from place to place because we have compiled a list of gifts for holidays that you will find worthy and interesting.

KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls


If your dog has a really big mouth, the Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls might help. These balls are big – almost 3” in diameter. The material used is non-abrasive and it won’t wear down your dog’s teeth. The ball is made of natural rubber. The material used is non-toxic and won’t harm your pet in any way.

Mixed Box 12 x 500ml


The package contains randomly selected bottles of brew and is available only to those above 18. If you offer more than 12 bottles, you can avail free delivery all across the United Kingdom.

Royale with Cheese


The Tee is made of 100% organic cotton and comes preshrunk. It is available in two colors – black and gray. You can also choose from four different sizes. This Tee will look perfect with your favorite pair of denim.



It is a portable, practical an beautiful Make-cup that is perfect to place your cosmetics. It has an insulation layer which will protect your make-up from heat and cold. It has refill compartments, and it will also fit most of your brushes. It is available for $60.00.

CA Christmas tree

8-inch Christmas Tree H7072F .Polmedia Polish Pottery. Handmade stoneware from Boleslawiec Poland.

It is an excellent piece of pottery which you can use to decorate your house or you can give it to someone as a Christmas gift. It is available in two patterns – dainty red rose and Indian summer. Its height is 8.3 inch while its diameter is 6.1 inch. You can get this piece only in $36.00.

Eat at Joe's


Eat at Joe’s is a limited edition Giclée, and is actually a beautiful combination of the historic trolley and modern neon in the cobblestoned streets of San Francisco.  The painted is made by using acid-free inks on the archival paper. This painting can easily be adjusted in common store-bought frames. The painting is available in $30.00.

Acoustic Tableware


You can now easily personalize your table by using this tableware. You can choose Plates & Bowls, Tumblers, and Place Mats of your desired color with names of your choice printed on them. Plates and Bowls are dishwasher friendly and you can also wipe placemats clean with the soapy water. The price of one tableware set is $27.00.

Leap of Faith


It is a bronze statue of a horse with dimensions 16″x12″x5″. This piece was considered best in the Lever House gallery. The Chronicle of the horse featured this statue on its front page. Patina can vary in different pieces. The statue is available in $2,900.00.

Bel Air Pendant


If you want to let your animal instincts out, then this necklace is perfect for you. Its lobster can be adjusted and it has a clasp closure. Make sure you wear it with the leather jacket and a mini skirt and it will look perfect. The necklace is gold-plated with 15” to 17” chain length. It is available in $68.00.

Angel Fish


It is an abstract painting which features a sky-blue angel fish. The painting is made on three panels. The painting will be delivered with the sturdy wooden frame, ready to hang. The type of the paint is acrylic. The delivery can take 3-4 weeks. The price of the painting is $189.00.

1910 Rolls-Royce Balloon Car


It is a balloon car and features one of the most interesting classic designs. The rear fender is made of patent leather in order to avoid the scratch on paint while taking the balloon on and off. It is a limited addition with total 99 pieces. It is available in $350.00.

Feza Tote


This charming tote bag appears as if it is made from leopard’s skin. It has the yellow feather-shaped design against the dark brown backdrop. The dimensions of the bag are 14 x 11 x 6. The bag has a reliable zipper at the top. It is available in $90.

8″ EZ-Blocker in Poplar Wood


This poplar wood blocker is popular because of its simplicity, ease of use and its ability to block squares ranging from 3” to 8” on the single block. There are three layers of polyurethane which make the wood water resistant. The board comes with zinc coated metal pins.

Adele Perfume


The perfume contains the extracts of three things: blackberries, red rose, and vanilla musk. The perfume is phthalate-free and it is never tested on animals. It is available in $31.50.

Ajax's Toy Box


The box contains three toys and you can order a box with customized selection of toys. But, if you want to get surprised, you can order “Surprise me” and you will be sent a randomly chosen box. It is a highly customizable box and you can choose the size of the toys, and their names as well. It is available in $75.99.

Carved Metal


It is a keychain and you can also use it as a pendant. It is made of stainless steel and has light bronze tone. Its dimensions are 1 7/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/16″. It comes with a black cord in a black satin pouch.

Headset Bluetooth Earphone Headphone Mini


The earphone is available in three different colors – white, black, gold and silver. The device is compatible with Samsung as well as iPhones. You can connect the device to two phones simultaneously. It has high voice quality effect. Transmission distance is up to 10 meters. It has talking time of more than six hours and standby time of 168 hours.



The shirts are made of 100% cotton with different shapes printed on them. The shirts are available in two colors: white and gray. Multiple sizes are also available.

Silver Pigeon Claw Ring with Gold Nails


It is a classic ring featuring pigeon feet made from silver. The gold plated nails add further beauty to the product. The combination of silver and gold is uniquely beautiful and breaks the age-old silver gold taboo. The claws are adjustable for the perfect fit.

Teardrop Earrings - Sunshine Blooms


The earrings are in the shape of hanging teardrop. The structure of earrings is made from brass which is finished in such a way that it gives a darker color and presents an antique look. The teardrops are 18mm x 13mm in size and are made from pure glass.

Art Print: Hip Hop Haunted House


This art print is an amalgamation of hip-hop and Halloween. This artwork is dedicated to all the deceased hip-hop artists whose work is still remembered. You can use this print for Halloween party or you can give it to someone as a gift. The main theme of the work is that you will see the bones of dead artists in the dark.

Tote Bag


The bag is made from natural canvas fabric while a red logo is printed on it. These tote bags are very easy to carry and you can use them for different purposes, like shopping or carrying books etc. the size of the bag is 36x42cm and it has long strips.



Now get the taste of ripened strawberries, blueberries and some cream only in one bite. There is an outstanding harmony in the quantity of all these things and you will enjoy it to its fullest. The product is 75% VG.

Pro Kit – Classic Tobacco


The kit has the most powerful battery that you can imagine – it’s 950 mAh. You can enjoy more than 1300 puffs before you recharge the battery again. The chamber can hold 1.8 ml e-liquid which is equal to 300 puffs. One interesting thing is that unlike traditional cigarettes, this kit doesn’t give any smelly fume and you don’t need any lighter or an ashtray.

Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating Spray Protects Auto Windshield Glass


This spray will turn your windshield glass or any other window glass into hydrophobic. Subsequently, if you will drive in rain, the mirror will give you the much clear view of the surrounding which will reduce the possibility of an accident especially if you are driving at night. When water drops will fall on your windshield, they will acquire the form of balls, which wouldn’t blur your vision at all.

Cycle City print


The print features a skyline using different bicycle tools and spare parts. The print was created by Joseph Warren and has been exhibited at many places. In the UK, it will be delivered for free. If you love cycling then this is the perfect print for you.

Sydney 004


It is a sleeveless top which features batik and polka dots. The approximate length of the blouse is 55cm. front and backs sides are made of different materials; front of batik obin and cotton while back is made of premium cotton. It has a standard zipper of 25cm at the side.

Heated Scent Dispenser


You can fill the Heated Scent Dispenser with the favorite scent of yours and then heat it up. Your scent will travel more than 400 yards approximately. In the cold days, your scent will have ordinary range. It works with the help of diffusion which helps scent to travel. It has a water resistant switch and a LED which indicates whether it’s on or off.

Oh, Yay! Hump Day!


It is men’s crew neck Tee with “Oh Yay! Hump Day!” printed on it. It is available in red heather and soft hand ink. The fabric is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Soft ring spun yarn is used to make the shirt extra soft.

Apothecary Sativa Tincture


It is a unique method to administer cannabinoids because this way you will receive a precise dose in your mouth. The medicine will also absorb fast via sensitive tissues in your mouth. The effect will be same as that of the smoking cannabis but without the smoke. The jar is available in $40.00.



Beers are printed on high-quality gloss photo paper at 1200 x 1200 dpi. The size of the poster is 36″ x 24″. It is available only in $23.50.

Braun Oral-B Electronic Toothbrush Brush Head Replacement


It is a unique brush head and has three cleaning zones. It has 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 sweeps per minute. It is designed in a way that removes superior plaque. It also helps to prevent gingivitis.

Blissful Blue


This watch monitors your heart beat 24 hours a day and keeps track of your other activities like daily exercise and calorie consumption. It automatically perceives user’s deep sleep and wakes you up during the best hour. The standby is more than 10 days – higher than any other such product in the market. The interesting thing is that it contains wrist sensor which wakes the watch up when you rotate your arm at 90 degrees. The watch is compatible with i-phone as well as android sets.

Lace Bralette

Talent - Alice Heyward
HMU - Gregg Hubbard / Angela Kaesar
Styling - Young-Ah Kim
Set Design - Sarah Moessner
Art Producer - Liza Harding
Production - Stacey Butler

This Bralette is the outcome of 16 years’ experience of experts. It is a stretch lace bra which fits larger A cup as well as smaller D cup. It is stylish as well as comfortable. It is double layered and enhances your outfit perfectly.

Cement Bag Pendant


On every pendant, there will be stamped project number on one side and map of the location on the other. Twenty percent of the amount goes to a certain project when you purchase it. Every pendant is silver plated and comes with a silver chain. It is available in $45.00.

Another Year Older Drink Markers


If you are confused in finding drinks what you like most in parties, then try buying these markers. With the help of these markers, you will be able to recognize easily the drink of your choice. It sticks to almost every surface – aluminum, glass etc. it leaves no residue when removed.

Wellness Tribe Tote


It is a perfect tote bag which you can use for daily life activities. You can take this bag to the grocery store, gym, yoga class, and beach. It is available in $10.



These are Mostacilla earrings which are crafted beautifully and are lightweight. There is no need to pull or tug. The light color is perfect for summer and offers a glowing look. These earrings are 4.5 inches in length and are handmade in Guatemala.

Original Sak Hat


The hats are made from reclaimed coffee or seed bags and are handcrafted. The hats are lined with colorful and printed cotton clothes. Every hat is unique with a different print. The hats are sustainable and eco-friendly. The price is $32.00 USD.

IPA Beer Soap


The soap is perfect and it will produce a great amount of leather which will keep your skin shiny and will reduce dryness. The soap is prepared using different ingredients like wheat, ales, and stouts. The soap has rustic look with outstanding scent and color.

Cracked Candy Peppermint 8 pack


This peppermint has a delicious taste which keeps your mood happy and your mind alert. It is naturally sweetened and is diabetic friendly. It also reduces tooth decay by fighting with germs and bacteria. It is available in $38.00.

The USB Lamp Socket Charger & Adapter for Cell Phones


You can now turn a lamp placed beside you in a USB charging station which means that power is now on the tips of your fingers. It is easy to install the USB lamp in place of your old traditional bulb. This lamp can charge anything – mobiles, i-pods or e-Readers. It is available in $20.00.

Men's Original Socks


These socks keep your feet warm even in the coldest of days. These socks are made from heavy bulk yarns which are famous for their thermal qualities. With the use of pile cushioning, these socks are totally comfortable. Each pair of socks is internally brushed which keeps your feet warm.

Floral Elegant Party Dress


This floral party dress is stunningly beautiful. The length of the dress is mid-calf. It is sleeveless with colorful flower prints on it. The material used is polyester and spandex. It is available in multiple colors and the size ranging from small to extra-large.

Outlaw Kitty Woman's Grey Racerback Eco-Jersey Tank Top


It is a soft racerback tank, gray in color and with black logo. The fabric is made from 50% polyester, 38% cotton and 12% rayon. It comes pre-shrunk – there is no need to worry about the size. The bottom of the shirt is rolled up a little for a casual look.

Carbonless NCR Forms Printing 2-Part 8.5"x11" 1-Side Grayscale


One set of these NCR carbonless forms contains three copies – white top, yellow second and pink third. You can either order padded form, perforated or loose, depending on the nature of your use. Padded forms come with a clipboard backing. You can also order customized numbering.

Klik Collar Medium


It is the world’s strongest and most reliable collar that you can use for your strong and heavy dogs like Collies, Labs, Shepherds and boxers. Buckling Kilk belt is so easy to use that once you see this feature – the Cobra D-ring buckle – in your dog’s collar, you will be amazed. It is available only in $39.

Lipstick Pet Harness


It is a distraction tether with quilted harness and soft interior padding. It can act as your pet bag and also make you pet look more stylish. You can choose from three different colors and five different sizes. It is available in $50.

Hot Men Patchwork Joggers


These are patchwork joggers perfect for casual use. You can use these joggers if going on exercise or just hanging around with your friends. The fabric used is pure cotton.

Hair Growth Conditioner


If you want to make your hair grow faster and to look shinier, then this hair growth conditioner is perfect for you. The main ingredient of the conditioner is Organic Crystalline Caffeine along with other things like Babassu Butter and Geothermal Iceland Kelps. This conditioner will nourish your hair and will make them thicker and larger.

Look like A Beautiful


The shirt is available in five different styles and in two colors – black and blue. The shirt has colorful print on the front side. It is available in $38.

I-Phone case


This i-phone has solid polycarbonate back and flexible and rigid sides. It will fit your mobile perfectly and will save it from dust and scratches. The cuts are so perfectly aligned that you won’t even feel the presence of a cover on your phone. The cover is very easy to take on and off. It also has a beautiful print on the backside.

"Easy Grow" 6-9 Plant Hydroponics Kit


If you are planning for some indoor gardening in your house, this kit will suit your purpose perfectly. You can choose between 6 plant reservoir and 9 plant reservoirs. The kit contains items like bloom nutrients, grow nutrients, starter plugs, hydro clay, air pump, and measuring spoon etc. You can get this kit only in $70.

Borum 18" Aluminum Pipe Wrench with Bonus 10"


These aluminum pipe wrenches are made from cast aluminum and are 30% lighter than the traditional stilsons screwfixes. The jaws are manufactured from forged carbon steel. By purchasing 18” pipe wrench you will get 10” pipe wrench for free.

1:20 scale Dingli Self-propelled Mast Lift Work Platform


It is a self-propelled mast lift work platform which you can use for multiple purposes. Its weight is 3LBS. you can also avail shipping service, but that will cost you some extra money. The price of the product is $65.00 excluding taxes.