Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Gift Ideas for Men

The holiday season brings its own set of pressures with it. How do you choose the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends? Maybe you are coming back home after a long time from college and just want to do something special for your family this time. Or, you are tired of giving mediocre gifts to those you cherish, and want to wow them. What does not help the cause is, if it is for him!

How do you buy the perfect gift for you husband, if all he does is say ‘okay’ to everything. You probably think he is a big lump, but he is your big lump and you want him to actually look excited when he opens the gift. What complicates matters further is the fact that he thinks gifts should be useful. Well, that may be a good thing, but he should also drop a hint about what would be most useful to him this time around.

What about Dad? He has been providing for all these nice things, all your life. And you are just too old now to just give him the “World’s Best Dad” mug. Plus, he already has a few of them.

And, what about your pesky little brother? Although, he has been nothing but trouble, you do want to see the confused, yet amazed expression on his face, when the best gift comes from you instead of mom.

Or, what about your son? Who has been asking you for a violent video game, which you do not agree with; but, you want him to learn that gifts that are not video games are still very cool.

Or, maybe you are fresh out of college, have a job and now thinking of starting a family with that special someone; so, you want a gift for him that will take your relationship to the next level.

Well, to solve these very problems and address your issues, we have compiled a list of the top gifts that would amaze him.

Baxter Brown:

baxter brown

Sophisticated and stylish, these shoes exist in a class of their own. They will complement him, if he mixes rugged style with casualness. Made out of Cow Suede upper, with leather detailing; they were made by hand taking approximately 4 hours. Very comfortable to wear, they are bound to become his go-to choice in a very short time.

Black Silk Tie with Gray Stripes:

Black Silk Tie

This is one of the classics. Nothing says dependable than this simple product. It can be worn to functions as well as company dinners. This is sure to attract his attention, but do check his wardrobe to see that he doesn’t already own it. And even if he does, we would wager that an extra would still be popular with him.

Camp Hoody Black Winter Jacket:

Camp hoody black

This is something which we consider close to perfect for a Holiday Season Gift. Its design is simple yet has fashion written all over it. This is a serious gift of class, a luxury which is coveted and he is sure to cherish it for years. But, it does not lack in functionality as well. Down filled, 60% wool, hand warmer pockets, this was made to tackle harsh weather. This will be a heart winner.

Shot Caller- Blue/Chrome:

shot caller

What is it with men and their watches? Ah well! This is a simple piece of instrument, made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel and water resistant up to 300ft. It has a Japanese Precision Quartz Movement, a product of the piezoelectric effect, so on and so forth. But, it will resonate with him like a quartz crystal does with a small electric charge.

See True Leggins:

See through legging

This gift is perfect for him, if he is a fitness buff. It can also serve as a mild nudge to him, if he is growing portly in all the wrong regions. It will contour to the shape of his muscles and provide a snug fit during exercise. It will keep him warm enough for the muscles to not cramp. All in all, a very specific gift for a specific need.

€ 95 at

Men’s Classic Coat Hanger – 3 Pack:

coat hanger

To some it may seem miniscule, but the importance of a coat hanger cannot be underestimated. After all, it is the thing which keeps clothes from getting into mischief, after you have slaved to make them presentable. It is good for 3-piece suits and equally good for sweaters. It is a premium product for premium clothes. With these, who knows you may be giving yourself a gift.

Bailey of Hollywood Guthrie 63114:

Baily of hollywood

This presents a new take on a classical product. A tear drop crown, with a 2” snap brim; it has the potential to go with a quite a few things. It is water repellent and 100% LiteStraw. To be honest, the picture does not do it justice. It is for him if he is interested in hats. We never did find out why the hats went out of fashion? It is an enigma, with many suppositions, but no answers alas.

GROTIC Series (8781) - Black and Rose Gold plated case with Black Dial:

Grotic Series

Rose gold is the color for iPhone, it is the color for a watch. This isn’t a classic, this is style impersonated. Designed to complement a rugged casual look, this is a watch which can be worn on most occasions. It has a sturdy multi-plated case which is secured with a silicon strap. He won’t say it, but this will awe him. We would suggest this for a younger-middle aged group.

Omega De Ville Co-Axial 41MM Automatic Watch- Silver Dial:

omega de

A silver dial, this is a watch that will be passed down generations. It has all the characteristics of becoming a family heirloom. Most of all it will leave him speechless. The beauty of this thing is mesmerizing. You don’t have to feel jealous of it though, he will love you all the more for it. The silver coupled with black leather; it is its simplicity that gives it the sophistication. A bit costly, but an excellent gift.

Gobi II Suede:


Here is another classic, but this time with a touch of innovation. They spell comfort with style. He will love it for the freedom they can provide his feet with. The simple design represents a plethora of suiting opportunities; whereas, the functionality makes the feet relaxed and healthy all day. They may look ordinary, but they feel wonderful. Definitely, for him especially if he has been complaining about taxing work schedules and, you know, would like some casual comfort.


Id Fish

Does he love fishing? Does he love ready to wear clothing? If the answer is yes, then your search for a gift stops here. This is a perfect complement to a person who likes to fish. It is made from 100% cotton, keeping comfort in mind. Its UPF 50 rating is enough to protect him from the sun, and keep him healthy. All in all, for a casual gift, this is quite useful.

Style 6000:


Dance shoes, not something you gift to someone, unless he is seriously into this stuff. However, if he likes to relax to symphonies and move about, then he will appreciate it. These are the perfect dance shoes for teaching as well as practicing. The sole is specifically designed to absorb the movements. It would become even more special, if you plan to take a dance class with him.

Le Slim – Pre-tied – Medium grey patterned:

Le slim

Decidedly, this is a product only used for special occasions; but, it will be a good gift if his old one is frayed with age or there is some important event approaching. This grey patterned one will provide a healthy relief to his strict dark alternatives. We would suggest this for a younger generation, although the color would be equally good for mature people.

Men’s Sweatproof Hydro-Shield – Original Fit – Crewneck:

sweat proof

A simple, but useful gift for him. As the name suggests, it is sweat proof; which would make it ideal for him if he sweats heavily or is involved in a job, which keeps him in the field. The material itself is embedded with Anti-microbial and Hypoallergenic properties.  Otherwise made of 90/10 cotton/polymer, it will keep him comfortable throughout the day. A definite winner…

Italiano (Black):


Loafer, a shoe which was purportedly made for King George VI. Whether, this is actually true or not; these shoes do make you feel like kings, especially if you are using them for the first time. The whole idea of putting on shoes, without laces seems, relaxing. He will appreciate you for this. This is comfort without sacrificing too much style. They will also bump him up by up to 2.7 inches. The shoes are made of calfskin leather and have tapered toes to increase comfort. It will be a lovely gift for him.

Men’s Signature Black Tee:

signature black

Tees are an easy way out of giving gifts. But, you never want to give him a gift which he will never use. This is a compliment in a roundabout kind of way. To us somehow, this feels a bit romantic, like an inside joke you never tell anyone else and still enjoy all the time. Regardless, of our opinions this is a tee which spells comfort and is made of 100% cotton. Okay, it spells greater than average, you got us. It is a truly unique gift for the right person, and maybe you know him.

iPhone Leather Cover Grana:

iphone leather cover

Alas! We live in a world where phones get more attention than the species they were made for. It is a sad truth, and it is even sadder that we use them as gifts to get into the good books of the younger generation. This will protect and adorn the thing which keeps them away from us. That can be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. Nevertheless, a good choice for him, if he is into art and has an iPhone.

Kaehler 1920 – The 5 Pocket Slim Wallet:


Slim is the word for Wallets. No one uses paper money that much and with the new trends, sleek is the look all of us, regardless of gender, go for. This is a classic gift, and classics do resonate with most people. The leather is fine and the stitches are artistic, it will be a safe place to keep his credit cards and the small amount of money he carries. Times were that people used to carry pictures of loved ones in it. Somehow, carrying pictures in a gadget (Phone) does not seem as special.

Munari Leather Bag with Adjustable Strap:

munari leather bag

Does he still like carrying a briefcase to work? Is he into classics? If yes, then this will be his piece of music. Made out of leather, equipped with a combination lock and it has bottom feet to keep it unworn and fresh. It is divided into sections to include a laptop, files, and even lunch. And, if he would like to carry it over his shoulder, then it has an adjustable strap. It has the capacity to wow him and that is all people ever want, especially in a gift.

Lite Lather Shave Cream:

Lite shave cream

Often it is the small things that make our life truly comfortable. This shaving cream is one such thing. Due to its formula, it lathers less, but still does the job with excellence. What this translates into is that he won’t have to unclog the razor or clean the excess foam out of the sink. This will enable a smooth, quick and premium shave. The musk is also pleasant and attractive. This is definitely something which will make his life easier and have him smelling nice throughout the holiday season.

NWT Stylish Black Men Military Jacket Genuine Leather Jacket with Green Sleeves:

military genuine

Don’t judge a jacket by the length of its name. This is cool enough to be worn casually and functional enough to be worn when riding a bike in winter. Leather products have that special inbuilt premium feel to them. On a closer look you will find it to be a work of art. It is for him if he likes to ride. This will protect him from more than just cold. This is a premium gift through and through.

Pivert Jacket:

blue jacket

Layering is the word that comes to mind upon seeing this jacket. It is a traditional jacket which is made of 70/30 cotton/nylon, which is water repellant. It can even protect him from moderate rain. It has an inside pocket and an outside pocket. He is sure to admire this simple and traditional jacket. Depending on the weather, it can be worn over layers or standalone. It is a solid choice for a sold person.



Here is another jacket, in a completely different design; the reason is: you cannot go wrong with jackets. This is made of 95% cotton and 5% Elasthane, which keeps it in shape and wrinkle-free. Black in color and comfortable to wear; this will be a good gift without any restriction in age. Like the previous entries this one can be worn standalone or with other items like sweaters, etc. This has enough style to attract a younger audience and is simple enough to be worn by the earlier ones.

The Quiet Life – Insulator Flannel Short – Charcoal/Tan:


This one looks like to be from the 90’s. It has a somber feel to it, and is an obvious choice if he is a skateboard fan, or has been in the past. It features a Flannel shell, which has a quilted interior for warmth. The company itself has a history with skateboards and accessories. He will appreciate a gift which has the potential of bringing back memories of the 90’s, or to make some new ones. This is a specific gift for a specific person, but then, aren’t all gifts supposed to be personal and specific.

Money Clip – Ox Bow Stirrup:

money clip

Some people like to do it the old way and actually carry some cash with them. But, carrying cash means keeping it secure; and since the inception of paper money – paper clips have had a strong relationship with them. This sterling overlaid Ox Bow Stirrup is beautifully hand engraved. It even has space for initials, which should personalize it to just the right amount. We would advise you to go for it if he still likes to deal in cash.

Street Fighter Jacket with Concealed Carry Holsters:

streetfighter jacket

This is a really good product for people who like to carry an extra bit of security around them, especially if they are working in combat zones or dangerous areas. It is equally good for a person who likes to have a collection of security related items around him all the time. This nondescript jacket can conceal up to 2 handguns. The jacket does not point or bulge at any time revealing the weapon inside. But, this jacket isn’t anyone’s piece of pie. It isn’t for the faint of heart. Both the person buying it and the one using it has to have a love for the secret service and guns.

Bandit Jacket:

Bandit jacket

This is the jacket for a person who likes his pockets. It has front pockets, inside pockets, hidden pockets, and then pockets inside pockets. It can carry a lot of stuff, which is probably the reason for the name. It is made of 100% cotton and is comfortable to wear. Also, the sleeves can be buttoned up. But, to enjoy this, one has to have a bit of humor in him. And, what is life without a bit of humor? Go for it if he likes to carry stuff around, but then don’t we all. Just imagine the number of sweets that can be concealed in this one.

Lacrosse Bag:

lacrosse bag

Lacrosse was a sport which used to appease the Master, and entity revered by the Native American Iroquois. It has changed since, but touches of its deep origins remain. This bag is perfect to carry instruments that were supposed to emulate weapons of war at one time. Once played by hundreds of warriors on a large field, it has been reduced to 12 players on each side. But, our opinions apart, this will be a supporting gift, if he is into playing Lacrosse. May this bag support him to become the warrior, ahem, player he was meant to be.

Black Touch Screen Leather Men’s Gloves:

touch screen

Winter brings its own difficulties. Who does not like the snow and the warm foods; and foods that warm you – even if they are cold to begin with. But in all fairness, it is a bit inconvenient if you have to take off your gloves to operate your smart phone. This is exactly the one thing these gloves will protect him from. His smart phone will be able to register the touch of these gloves. Apart, from this they will keep his hands warm and feature a classic simple design. It will be a perfect holiday season gift, if he likes to text when outside and if you are really impressed buy a pair for yourself.

Brown Fred Perry Vintage Jacket:

Brown Fred

Here is another jacket; this one is a deceptive item. From the first look it may seem that it is leather, but upon holding it you would realize that it is no such thing. This is a unique polyester/cotton mix, which gives it the look of leather, but keeps it comfortable and causal. It is a good innovation, if he likes leather but wants to remain casual. It just has the right amount of lining, which takes it out of the formal zone. Go for it if you think this will suite his style, anyways, you cannot go wrong with jackets.

€75.00 at

At the end, we accept that it isn’t the item which makes the gift wonderful; rather, it is the person who gives it, the love behind it, and the memory of an event, which makes it special. We wish you a happy holiday season, even if you think our gift ideas are useless, but in our defense they do give you perspective. For those of you who think they are great, we are grateful. And, if any one of you is looking for ideas about Gifts for her, have a look at our related article here. At the very least, we promise you a few chuckles. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.