Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Gift Ideas For Women

Holiday season is just around the corner and there are so many things that are already fighting for our undivided attention. There are all the parties to decide about, the dinners, the plays, decorations, snow; making peace with an estranged aunt; making peace with a piece of cake; and above all the gifts, plus you don’t want to gain 2lbs again this season because they just had a clingy nature and were extremely difficult to get rid of. The list is endless. All in all, what should be a relaxing holiday has come to be a bit hectic one, especially, if you are the one managing everything for the family.

It doesn’t matter anymore whether you are secular, agnostic, a traditionalist, pantheist, monotheist, or you do it in the Christmas spirit; holiday season has come to be associated with gifts. Gifts are the perfect way of telling someone that you care for them especially if you are the one receiving them; but – let’s be honest – it’s especially difficult if it is for her. You can purchase gifts for women from stores like The North Face and American Eagle.

It is particularly strenuous to select something for dear mum because no matter what you choose, it will be slight compared to all the nurture and love she has showered you with, and obviously you don’t want “the mom stare” this time because last time you gave her a car air freshener; you may as well decide to conquer Mount Everest. And even though you want to play a prank on your sister for Christmas, because let’s face it, pranks are hilarious, especially on over-competitive ones; but, you want it to follow with a gift which will leave her speechless.

And how do you even start with selecting a gift for your special someone, a person with whom you plan on spending your life with; or, are already spending your life with. I know, it’s crazy.

However, do not be discouraged, for much can be accomplished with will, even more so if you start on time. It’s not to say that we won’t be able to take advantage of the various discounts offered; thanks to the Christmas Creep we can be assured that the retailers will be lowering their prices even further. Whether you are targeting to complete your gift acquisition on Cyber Monday, Black Friday or a bit later we have come up with the perfect list of items you can be sure will resonate with her.

Ellie Vail THE NALA NECKLACE (Yellow Gold)


This simple 18K Gold over Stainless Steel is an expression of love for her. It is simple yet elegant. The horizontal bar can be inscribed with initials to make it more personal. If you think, there is beauty in simplicity, this is the one.

The Sling Bag

sling bag

We would categorize this one as more useful than of any romantic value. It is something which will nonetheless remind her of you whenever it is used. It is a simple sling bag for everyday use and items, but highly durable.

Prada Leopard Print Fur Pumps NEW


This reminds you of the glass slipper from Cinderella, except that it isn’t made of glass. This will cost you much, so not for you if you are on a budget – but on the other hand, it could be a way to her heart, especially if it matches her fur coat.

Charm Bracelets with Scripture

charm bracelet

Does she take solace in reading the Scripture? The Word is a magnificent thing, it can raise you high when you feel low and it can sober you when you lean towards excesses. This is a serious gift for a serious person and if she is the right person, she will love you all the more for it.

$39.95 at

Slim Top Zip Tote


Business executive is the word that comes to mind – on first looking at this premium product. Simple, yet stylish, and elegant, this is the perfect gift if she is a business woman. It is made from full grain leather, which is soft and smooth. It can carry files, books, everyday items, and even a 14” laptop.

Disco Rainbow Jai Bright

Disco rainbow

This is a true luxury. It is pampering beyond belief. Layered snakeskin, gold chain, the rainbow colors, all makes it one of the most stylish options in the market. Imagine her reaction when she realizes it is the same bag that she liked in Vogue and Glamour. This is a serious gift that can make her feel like heaven on earth. It’s a big hit to the good old bank account, but worth it, if it is for her.

£337.00 at

Flora Mini Bag

philini flora

Colorful, casual, and sweet! It contains one deep zippered pocket and is beautifully sewn. Made up of varicolored cotton fabrics and a leather strap, it comes in different patterns and colors. Have your pick if you dare.

Barrel Bag Yacht

barrrel bag

It has beautifully mesmerizing patterns, especially if she likes to travel. This multipurpose faux leather bag can be used as an Overnight bag, Gym bag, and a Work Bag. Definitely, a good useful gift for her.



A perfect companion on a formal evening, its color means it will be a good fit with a range of dresses. A sensible choice for a place where all she needs is her phone, wallet and Makeup. But, for this to be perfect you have to be informed about her wardrobe; if you don’t know, even then, I would suggest: take a risk.

Shadow Claret

shadow claret

This clutch is simplicity at its perfection. Its design makes it perfect for day and night formal events. This is sure to please her. It can be matched to a range of dresses and presents an opportunity for style.

Antsi Monk-Bag

psy t-shirt

Beautifully made and casual, this bag has a print in which you can get lost. Just the piece of art printed on it is worth mentioning. Add to it that it can be used for a range of items. It will help her in carrying around everyday things. A useful gift to say the least.

Freedom Tank

harrow freedom

Is she into sports? Is she a regular at the Gym? Then this is the one gift which she will appreciate the most. Made out of 89% polyester and 11% Spandex, this tank is buttery soft, smooth, chafe resistant and stretchy. It will spell style despite its practical usability. This is a win win situation, go for it!

Rathowen Women’s Hat

dubarry womens

There is just something about hats which make people wearing it special. It makes the majesty come out in a person. But, you have to answer the question is “She” a hat lady. It can be used to spice up other things, if you let your imagination run free.

60 Years (Women's White V-Neck)

60 years

A simple V-Neck you say, I say comfort. Made of 100% cotton these are the things to relax in, and yet the style is undeniable. This is fashion without sacrificing everyday comfort.

Pink Milano – 16”


Feminine, stylish, useful, and part of the proceeds go to a good cause. This has many things going for in its favor. It has a padded cell phone pocket and a dedicated computer protection section to carry your laptop. She will appreciate it more for the contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Small Pouch no. 63

small pouch 4

This small pouch will keep her organized. It can carry documents, jewelry, toiletries, and small electronic devices. It can even carry a pair of socks. Beautifully made, it will especially attract her if she travels a lot.

Gold Pave X Ring

gold pave

Nothing says romance than a Gold ring. Although, this is just sterling silver dipped in 14 Karat Gold, it has all the essentials of being a holiday gift. It has a unique design and can be worn on a range of occasions.

J1 Messenger Bag – Brown and Chestnut

J1 messenger

At a glance, this reminds you of vintage books and that refined leather musk. Sturdy built, practical design, with interior space to fit a laptop and files – this is the alternate office/travel bag for her. The Chestnut and brown shades give it the extra versatility to be carried alongside unique apparel.

Home/Entwine Silver Small Heart Locket Necklace


Lockets are an eternal symbol of closeness; heart Lockets even more so. This beautifully crafted silver locket has an engraving plate with it, if you want to personalize it even further. This is the perfect way to let someone know their place in your heart. Lockets are there to be passed on to generations.



Holidays are for relaxing and nothing says relaxation than a pair of Red Ballet Flats. They will enable her to take a break from the heels and still stay fashionable. Or, if she is into Ballet dancing this just makes the deal sweeter.

Open Heptagon ‘Omni’ Bracelet

open heptagon

Bracelets signify a lot of things. They represent friendship, fondness, favor, fashion, and an underlying casual nature. This is the gift to soften her further towards you. It would also be the perfect ‘I am sorry’ gift, if you ever make the mistake.

Alissa Cuff


This beautiful piece of hair accessory is the small useful gift for someone you care for, but still want to give something that they can wear every day. This reminds you of a love story, not a flashy modern one, but one of the classics, which make you feel nostalgic.

Everday Shoulder Bag

shoulder bag

Does she like to express herself through color? This is definitely a bag for the upcoming generation. The color scheme is a mix of vibrant purple and diminished grey. But an even more attractive thing is the contribution to society via a contribution to Human Trafficking Victims.

Sourpuss Straight Razor Necklace


A necklace which can be used as a weapon, a grooming tool, or just as a necklace! If she goes for these types of things, it will be like a fantasy come to life. A truly unique piece, which will make her look beautiful, but tough. She will appreciate the engraved design, especially if she is a metal fan.

Esmee Ring

esmee ring

Here is another interesting ring; it is designed to pique her fancy. Available in 3 tints, it would be a fashion statement on any hand. What does it express? We are afraid it is nothing timeless, but if fashion is the craze with her, then this is the right trinket.

Buddha to Buddha, Buddha Pendant xs

buddha pendant

Whether she is impressed by the teachings of Buddha or just leaning towards pacifism and spirituality; this pendant will be a gesture of understanding and respect. It is made of beautifully crafted silver, and is a work of art in itself.

Black/Brown Chevron Tote

Chevron tote bag

Here is another practical, yet fashionable option for her. Tote with a suitable over the shoulder strap. It can be used to carry everyday items. It can be used for casual outings, for college, school, and even to a friend’s party. It is a gift for her, which can go with numerous outfits because of its versatile design.

Nugget Pendant – Clear, Rhodium.

Nugget pendant

A clear stone on an ornate Silverstone chain, this pendent is a revival of the 70’s fashion. Etched with a beautiful design it reminds you of a mystic orb. Thus it feels more like a talisman, a good luck charm. If she is into auras and charms, this nifty piece of jewelry would definitely be her choice to supplement the energy around her.

A Mother’s Love Necklace:

love necklace

This is a highly recommended gift for your mom, if you are thinking of leaving the nest or already outside it. This beautifully crafted necklace has the potential to even induce some tears. Although, holiday season is all about joy, there are different ways of expressing a feeling. This is for her and her only; and if you are thinking this will be a better gift for mother’s day, then we thought of that too. But, what would be the fun and surprise in going with the norms of society. Blaze your own trail, always.

Claddagh Wedding Ring Set:


Claddagh is a ring which is a blessing of Ireland for the world. The symbolism is so unique. The hands clasping a heart, with a crown on top, it is just perfect. The hands symbolize friendship, heart symbolizes love, and the Crown symbolizes loyalty. Given traditionally on engagements and weddings, if not being passed down a generation, this one is definitely set for the wedding. The heart is made of a diamond, set in white gold. It is a truly special ring for a special someone.

In the end, we wish you a happy holiday season. And while you celebrate this with family or friends, or family and friends; do remember the less fortunate amongst you and help them – even if it is only by way of a kind word. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, Shein coupons etc.