Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Christmas Gift ideas

Some people start hearing the bells at the first fall of snow. Obviously, in some places the snow comes too early so things are a bit chill, but in some countries it never falls. Odd as it may be for the rest of the world, generally speaking, the holiday season has had a very deep connection with the snow. But, the gifts and family holidays can become a bit tough, such that sometimes a quiet little time is all that you want out of the big holiday.

However, let us indulge you in a story which has a profound moral hidden in its depths. It is the story of a boy who wishes to be away from his family on Christmas. As chance would have it, he is left alone by mistake, while his family goes to a holiday resort. It so happens, that a couple of thieves decide to rob the very house, where our innocent little boy lives. He overhears their plans, and boys being boys, booby traps the whole house. What ensues is a battle between the most incompetent thieves and the most obnoxious, but resourceful boy you could ever imagine. And guess what, the house has absolutely nothing of worth in it.

Does this sound too familiar? Yes, you have guessed it; we are indeed talking about Home Alone, which has been run on television networks ever since it was released in 1990. It is almost a part of the holiday season too. So, what is the moral? We are not sure, but it would go like this: If there are thieves in your house, do not call the authorities, but confront them yourself violently – because that would sell?

Never mind our ambiguous grumblings about child endangerment themes in retro movies, you are here for the list of gifts for Christmas, and we understand; so, without further ado, we give you our list of top gifts for Christmas.



This will serve many purposes, as is the case with crockery in the Eastern continents. In the west, the most served purpose will be that it will be good for starting conversations. This trio has three compartments and it can be used to serve traditional American dishes for effect, or you can just contend with spices, for we are aware that to prepare the dish which it is actually used for would be difficult for the best cooks. Otherwise, this is a beautiful piece which can be used for decoration, alone. It will delight anyone, but especially a person who has an eye for traditional Berber crockery.

Acrylic Engraved Monogrammed Earrings


We believe this will resonate with the younger audience more than the mature one. These earrings can be purchased in a range of colors and the Monogram can consist of the initials of the person. However, since it is made to order, we would suggest placing the order well in advance to avoid any late delivery. The monogram is silver on this one, and the metal posts come in silver as well as golden tone. So, we suggest you buy these for your nieces and the younger generation, however, if you order a pair for yourself, we would understand the lure.



Is there something weirder about weird art? Isn’t all art weird? Is abstract art even art? All are interesting questions and can be thought about when staring at this piece of art. Then there are other questions that need to be answered, like: What did the Seahorse ever do to deserve this? Why are they in cars? How did the seahorse ever move? And the most important one: Why does the llama have crooked teeth? If these are the eternal questions you like to ponder about then we wish you all the best or you could send it to your best friend and let him/her suffer.



Modern, stylish, and with skirts, this couture apron is a delight to see. Not a true apron, however, it features an interesting silhouette design which has a triple tiered skirt cut at an elegant angle. It can be used to express fashion tastes even in the kitchen. This is the mission of the creators as well; they wish your house and kitchen to be a sanctuary of expression and comfort. It has a detailed belt and deep chef’s pockets under the first tier of skirt to facilitate the work. It will make a truly useful gift, indeed.

Vibrational Energy Divination Oracle Deck


There are some mystical things in the world and if you believe that the tarot cards hold the key to them, then this will take your further into the world of all things mystic. This is a 52 card Deck based on the healing technique of spiritual healer Debbie A Anderson. She has been counseling and spiritually healing people for more than 30 years. And this deck is an outcome of her years of research. So, go for it and you are promised at least one interesting evening with your best friends.

York Nordic Pink Cure Series Hiking / Trekking / Walking Poles - 2 pack w/flip locks, detachable feet and travel bag


This is a great thing if you are planning for a difficult hiking trip. The two poles give you better grip when walking and the two grips included mean that you can change them according to terrain or use whichever feels better. The detachable rubber feet help in slippery conditions. The whole construct is made from aluminum and features a pink Cure design inspired by Breast Cancer patients in the York Hospital. This would make for a splendid gift to a person who loves hiking and is ever looking for adventure.

YukBGone 4 oz. Bottle


If you have ever had to use a public toilet, then this product will resonate with you. People, who travel a lot in work, ultimately will have to use a public toilet. And what if you are travelling with a toddler, who still does not understand the meaning of sanitary! It is a terrible situation to be in, which is why we advise you to be always ready. This nontoxic cleaner will work wonders for you and anyone who has to use public toilets. Just spray on the seat, clean with toilet paper, and you are good to go. It will be a very useful gift for anyone.



All the beautiful attractive accessories are made with leather and is it expensive! Normally, yes. But, in this specific case no. This Vintage Messenger Bag costs just $95. This 15” bag will keep you files, laptop, journal, and personal items safe and sound; all in style. It is made from goat leather and boasts 3 compartments, with 2 zippered pockets on the inside. The adjustable strap is made from the same leather as well. Quality leather products only improve with age; so, we think it will make for a good lasting gift.



Makeup is good and all, but in the end leaving it on for extended periods of time is unhealthy for the skin. So, every makeup lover needs a good cleansing oil as well. This one will remove the makeup, keep your skin hydrated, and make you feel refreshed – all at the same time. It is made from natural and organic materials. The main ingredients are sunflower seed, avocado, grape seed, olive, and lemon essential oils. We feel that the person who receives it will remember you every time she/he uses it.

Textile Illustration of girl Girl hoop art


Made by hand, from tweed, cotton, calico, and felt, this masterpiece is one of a kind work of art. It can decorate a wall or provide inspiration while sitting at a desk. It was made in Milan, Italy. The hoop used is wooden and is 10 inches wide. It will make for an excellent gift to a person who loves embroidery, or can be inspiration for one who has just started and wants to be reminded of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work.

Shag Shoe Bag, 2-Pack


High heels are a delight? But, let us be honest, although they can give a confidence boost, they are terrible for your feet and can take their toll over time. So, the solution is simple: carry an extra pair for after the party. This is where shag comes in. It provides enough space for two women flats or flip flops.  For men, it can only carry a single pair of shoes. The bag is made from easy to clean material and is durable to boot. This would make for an excellent gift to a person who likes to carry an extra pair of shoes with them all the time.

Ice Cream Pint Holder


If ice cream is the fuel which brings color to this otherwise dreary world, this will prove a good companion for you. The cup has been graded using an excellent system that we wish more companies would use. They are Ice Cream Stupor, Brain Freeze, and at the top Chillin. They need no explanations. Other than this, it will keep your ice cream cold and your hands warm. What more can you ask? The opportunities of giving this as a gift are endless, for surely, is there a person who does not love ice cream?

Soothe Serum


Winter can be tough in more ways than one. However, the people with dry skin feel it the most because even slight exposure can make the skin crack and become painful. This serum brings a healthy, all natural and organic product, which will keep the skin smooth and moisturized. The main ingredients include lavender, organic jojoba oil, and vitamin C extracts. It comes in an opaque glass bottle to prevent sunlight from spoiling the oils. This will be a splendid gift for a person with dry skin; and keep a bottle for yourself, if you have dry skin too.

Spirit Infinity Scarf (Red and Blue)


The cold has already set in and if you are still out in the market for a scarf, this is it. Hand knitted using two colors, it is a beautiful specimen. Made from acrylic, this soft and lightweight scarf will keep you warm without sacrificing any style. Additionally, if bought in batches it can be worn by multiple people to show strength of friendship and camaraderie. Regardless, it will make for a brilliant gift to anyone who likes to look vibrant and stay in fashion.

Black Eyes


If you are familiar with culture from Philippine’s, then this will remind you of the wedding shirt. It has embroidered eyelets in vertical lines and if you do not want to be wedded yet, despite wearing the shirt, we understand. It is a big step. However, here far from it origin, it will be okay to wear it as a casual beach shirt. Pair it with your favorite Bermuda shorts and enjoy the beach or layer it up since, it is winter and you do not want to freeze to death. It will be a colorful gift, for a vibrant person.

The Coloring Studio Gift Bundle – Earth Tones


Just as the name suggests, this is for the artistic people. It will help you in making your works of art more colorful and cohesive. But, this isn’t just any normal coloring book; it has been tested for a range of materials with good results. They include watercolor pencils, brush pens, crayons, and many more. The set includes their newest publication, a set of watercolor pencils, gift bag, a set of Faber Castell brush pens, and crayons. It will make for a delightful gift to most people.



We have always had an appreciation for the struggles of Fashionistas, when it comes to winter clothing. How do you stay warm and still be fashionable? These earmuffs will make your job just a bit easier. The main reason is their innovative construction. They do not have a band joining them together and depending on your hair color, they can completely disappear in your hair. They have this product in 8 different colors, so that you will not have to sacrifice your hair style just to stay warm. This is a uniquely useful gift and will be popular with everyone.

Paper Flower Kits: Easy Kit


Origami is a very unique art form, which can be achieved using very less. However, if you are confused by the turns and folds of paper, then this product will make your entry easy into the beautiful world of origami. Well, this will not be true origami, but it will still enable you to make Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Pomander, and other Flowers. You will find an instruction booklet along with all the required materials to make the flowers. This is good for the younger generation and will keep the older ones busy as well. It will make for a truly remarkable gift.



Before the silver fibers had ever been embedded into regular clothes, there was Merino Wool. It is a natural material which has antibacterial properties to reduce odor and it can help in regulating the immediate climate of the body – especially – if worn next to the skin. Add to it the fact that it has the finest fibers available in the market, and you have the most comfortable material to wear. This one will also give you UPF 50 protection against the sun. This will make for a perfect gift to a person who likes to run around.



Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of Fur,

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, pur, pur, pur.

We are huge fans of the geek show Big Bang Theory, and would recommend this to anyone who has cold feet and would like to warm them. The cute little slippers will keep your feet warm and show your appreciation of the show as well. However, it will be a good gift to anyone who loves the children’s lullaby and remembers it from childhood.

Dried Fruit Chutney


Chutney’s are a traditional mix of fruit, spice, and sugar from the Indian Subcontinent. Made from a whole lot of different fruits, they can be eaten with almost everything. This one is made from cherries, dates, apricots, cranberries, and fresh apples. It can be used as a spread, taken with greens, eaten with ice cream, taken with traditional Indian dishes, and in several other ways. Or you can just eat it standalone, but we would advise you to watch the calories. It will make for a good gift to a person who likes healthy and tasty food, or has a liking for the Indian cuisine.

The Kerouac Travel Pack (Sample Kit)


Bearded men have this manly charisma that just cannot be achieved by the non-bearded ones. The well-groomed beard has many benefits, both physical and medical, but if you are considering this oil then we do not need to go into the details. This kit is named after the famous American author and poet Jack Kerouac, who wrote about his travels. Nevertheless, it contains samples of four beard oils: Morocco, Opium, Barista, and Woodsman. Each has its distinctive fragrance and characteristics. It will make for a great gift to a person who has a beard or is contemplating growing one.



If you plan on going after one of the most expensive things to maintain in the earlier centuries, a handlebar moustache, then this is the right product for you. Whether you are doing it for the renaissance fare or for your partner, or because you just like the look, a wax is the first step towards it. This pair contains a primary wax for general purposes and a secondary one for curling your facial hair into a handlebar. To apply, just massage a pinch between your thumb and index finger and apply from the middle outwards. This is a very specific product for a specific person.



Is it just us or are tote’s really the best thing ever that came into fashion! They can carry everything from your deodorant to a spare suit. And this one can carry up to 60lbs, but we guess the real question is: can you? Featuring a Black, boho print, it has a durable canvas construction that will keep you company for ages to come. And what’s more, it can fold up into its own pocket for storage. It is a highly rated gift item and would suit almost anyone.

$ 36.00 at

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Pack Light


If you have ever had the misfortune to hike through the dark, it is a very difficult job indeed. However, it is further complicated if you are not prepared for it and have to hold the light in your hands. This Flashlight and mount will relieve you of your trouble, if you ever have the misfortune again. The mount can be attached to any backpack strap by Velcro and the Flashlight is good for light up to 1000 feet at 300 lumens. It has 3 modes which can be used to increase life or as needed. The products come with a lifetime warranty. It will make for an excellent gift to a person who loves the outdoor.

We hope that you found our list to be helpful, and that you have your wish of a quiet Christmas fulfilled (if that is what you want), but do not go catching thieves on your own. That is clearly not a good idea and a hazard to boot. If you do get the itch, just watch the good holiday season family movies out this year – it’s safer. Keep visiting us for more ideas and check out some of our other posts, who knows, you may get a laugh or two out of it. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon promo code, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.