Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

Gifts always attract those people who give value to relations – whether blood relatives or friends. The choice of gifts is a most difficult thing because we need to make sure first that the gift we are buying, will it be suitable to the personality of the person to whom we are giving it. In the modern world when you have access to thousand online stores, sometimes it becomes a tiring task to explore and choose the best gift. There is no need to worry; we have compiled a list of gifts that you will find interesting and compelling.

12” Wooden Letters


Decorate your shelves by placing these beautiful letters on them or simply hang these letters on the wall for splendid decoration. These letters are 12” tall and 12” wide. If you want a standing icon, a small wooden piece will be attached to it, so that it remains firm on the shelves. You can choose either painted icons or unpainted ones.

Patriot 32GB Pulse Series USB 3.0 Flash Drive


If you have 3.0 USB slot in your computer, you can take advantage of this high-speed USB. It is very cost-effective as well as efficient. It has an aluminum housing which saves it from everyday wears. It is highly portable and you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Sprout Shell Car Seat Cover


It is a multi-purpose cover which can be used for different functions like Nursing Cover, Shopping Cart cover, and Infant car seat cover etc. It is highly practical and stylish as well. It also has a pocket which you can use to place your essentials like mobile, keys or diapers. It is available for $48.00.

Botanical Facial Cleanser


The main ingredients of this botanical lotion are green tea, vitamin E, and Tamanu oil which are all anti-aging ingredients. All the ingredients are natural and are carefully chosen from the eco-world. The lotion serves as an anti-aging therapy and also nourishes your skin. Other ingredients of the lotion are coconut oil, orange peel oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and green tea leaf extract etc.

Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphone


It is a beautiful sports earphone with noise cancellation system. It is wireless and functions via Bluetooth. You can use this earphone for routine activities like in the office; when playing video games; or when calling someone. The sensitivity of the earphone is 110±3dB. It is available for $27.99.

Petit Cuff Bracelet


It is a beautiful bracelet and you can order a fully customized one. You can choose from three different materials – gold-filled, silver and rose-gold. You can also choose from five beautiful engraving texts. If you want a personal engraving, it is also available.

Tracksuit Sportswear Man


It is a beautiful tracksuit available in two different sizes. Its quality is excellent and the material used is 80% cotton and 20% lycra. It has a front zipper and three white stripes on each arm. It is available for $55.00.

Juno Soy Candle


It is made of sweet vanilla bean with little traces of cream. The name Juno signifies the Roman queen of gods who was the protector and special counselor. Once you light this candle, it will give the classic and rich aroma of vanilla. It is available in travel tins as well as in glass jars.

Silicone Cookie Teether with Clip - Boy or Girl


It is a beautiful and delicious cookie teether, which is sugar-free and fat-free. The length of the teether from clip to cookie is eleven inches. The product is 100% approved FDA. It is odorless as well as non-toxic. If you want to clean it, you can wash it with water and soap. Adult’s supervision is mandatory when the kids are using it.

Cut-wood Reimagined Series E-Liquid


The product is available in three flavors – manic mint, outrage orange, and vivid lime. You can also choose your nicotine either 3mg or 6mg. it is available for $19.00.

Aqua Happy Birthday Cake Topper


This Aqua Happy Birthday cake topper is a one-time purchase which you can use again and again. The color of the topper is both boys and girl’s parties friendly. It is available in $ 18.95.

Active Dog Package


This Active Dog Package contains 80 capsules of Technyflex Canine and 1 bar of handcrafted sojaz soap. Technyflex will give your dog sufficient energy and will keep your dog moving while the soap bar will keep your dog clean. You can get this package in $35.40.

Botanicals - Anti-Ageing Hand Serum 10ml


It is an outstanding serum designed to improve the beauty of your hands. The serum prevents wrinkles and dark spots. It moisturizes cuticles and gives strength to your nails. The main ingredients of the serum are rosehip oil and carrot oil. One bottle of serum is available in £14.00.

The Infinity "I AM" Blousy Tee


It is an excellent feminine Tee, which features biblical adjectives. The Tee is available only in black color and is available in five different sizes. The Tee is made in such a way that it will compliment most body types.



This waterfall jacket is knitted in 100% softest baby alpaca and it is semi-fitted. The design is a black and gray mix. It is available in £149.00.



This aquatic blue with duo chrome shimmer will give you multiple shadings ranging from blue to gold. It will be a great addition to your personalized palette. It is available only in $5.00.

12 Reusable Cloth Napkins


These napkins are 100% cotton made with graphic prints on them. The size of the each napkin is 7″x8″. The interesting thing is that you can also order customized napkins. Edges of the napkins are surged for high durability.

Hexagon Coasters


These hexagon coasters are made of concrete, and the bottom is made of cork. The diameter of each coaster is 4”. One pack contains 4 coasters and is available in $35.

Glam'r Gear™ Changing Station


It is an outstanding bag with many features: privacy curtain, brighter lining, 4 spinning wheels, adjustment for different heights, and removable thermal pouch insert. The bag also features a hanging rack that can be used as a wardrobe. The bag is available in two sizes: standard and large; standard size can hold up to 5 costumes and large size can hold up to 12 costumes.

Hand Screen Printed Flour Sack Kitchen Tea Towel


It is eco-friendly cotton made towel which you can use for decorating your oven bar in the kitchen, or you can use it for wrapping your baking goods. The towel is pre-washed and pre-shrunk. The print on the towels is nontoxic and is based on the natural and water based ink. You can buy this towel in $11.00.



Barbie Q and kabobs are integral parts of parties whether you are enjoying indoor parties or whether outdoor. But there is always this danger of burning your hands if you are using separate skewers. This rack is an outstanding solution; it will make your cooking easy as well as enjoyable. The rack is made from stainless steel and will easily fit on your grills or inside your ovens.



These small shoes for babies are comfortable as well as beautiful. The shoes are made of the soft leather and the sole is non-slip suede which will keep your babies safe as they attempt to walk. The leather used is natural and is free from all chemicals. The shoes have elasticated ankles for perfect fit and are available in £13.99.

Woven Baby Shoes


These woven shoes are so beautiful in shape as well as in color and are also very comfortable. The shoes have the ability to stretch and therefore, the shoes will comfortably fit in the feet of your child. The shoes are available in three sizes depending on the age of your baby. The price of one pair of shoes is $14.99.

Raw Organic Red Maca Capsules


Organic, GMO-Free, Fair Trade Red Maca Capsules. These vegan capsules are filled with 100% Raw Red Maca Powder from Peru. Red Maca is used to help hormone balance, fertility, libido and energy. It is a also a nutritionally dense “superfood” with high levels of phytonutrients including antioxidants, bio available protein and special nutrients that work to support overall hormonal health. From The Maca Team, the world’s leading supplier of Peruvian grown Maca products.

Fashion Templates


In the fashion industry fashion templates are preferred more because they focus on professional looking sketches rather than the figure. You can buy five such templates which include two Women template, 1 Close-up template, 1 Kids template, 1 Shoe template and 1 Group template all in $5.00. All these templates are published in August 2016.

Air Freshener/Toilet Freshener


Using this air freshener, you will feel as if you are in subtropical Australia. This freshener is made from best quality natural ingredients which will make the atmosphere of your house natural and fresh. It is anti-bacterial and contains no artificial fragrances.

Body Mind Glow


These Dolman shirts are comfortable as well as maintain the aesthetic effect. The shirt is the mixture of three quality fabric making it unbelievably soft. It is available in different sizes and different colors.

The Sampler


If you haven’ tried any flavor yet and you are unable to decide which one to choose, then this package is perfect for you because it offers you with the samples of all the flavors available. The samples come in 10ml plastic bottles. The package is available in $20.00.



This luxurious lip kit contains two things – a long lasting matte finished lip gloss and a matching lip liner. The kit is available in $27.50.

'Indian Summer' Necklace


Most people like summers very much and they do not want to forget the memories of those moments that they spent with someone in summer. This necklace is made specifically to keep those memories alive. You can get a customized necklace by choosing metal of your own choice and length. The necklace is available in $42.00 USD.

Floral Loose Top


This loose fit top has perfect floral patterns on the dark blue background. The dress has a tie on the shoulder. The lower part is light blue which gives perfect contrast with the upper dark blue part.

Autism Awareness Pendant with Rhinestone


It is a puzzle piece pendant which you can buy to spread awareness about the Autism. The “puzzle” logo is adopted by the company because of the nature of the autistic people who feel puzzled. It is available only in $10.00.

U DO U Duffel Bag


This bag can be used for multiple functions – gyms, sports, and other outdoor adventures. It has one front splash pocket and two other pockets for water bottles. The shoulder strap is adjustable. You can carry the bag easily with the help of grab handles. The main compartment has the zipper closure.

DS Nike Air Max


Nike is famous for most comfortable boots in the world and you can get one which is comfortable as well as beautiful in design. The pair is available in $89.00.

Chemion LED Bluetooth Glasses


You can show all your creativity in public places by using these glasses. With the help of these glasses and by using Chemion app, you can customize all your messages. It works with the help of illuminative LED and contains two AAA batteries. It is extremely lightweight.

Contemporary Natural Bamboo Rug


If you want to add some charm to your living room, then try using this contemporary natural bamboo rug which will add beauty. The rug is made from 100% sustainable bamboos. The rug features black contrasting border. It is available in $45.00.

Gourmet Jewels Gift Basket


This excellent looking basket is perfect for giving someone as a gift. It contains sweets, wafer cookies, butter wafers, and creamy caramels etc. The other things included in the basket are fruit candy bonbons, raspberry crumble snack, and chocolates. The basket is available in $39.95.

Ninja Loop – Phone Strap


Many people find difficulty using smartphones in one hand especially because of their size. This ninja loop helps you to protect your mobile from unfortunate accidents as well as gives your mobile some style. If you are using a costly mobile which if unfortunately falls down will be a great loss to you. You can secure your mobile by simply using this strap case. The strap is available in multiple colors.

Artist Key


This new accessory is multi-functional and you can use it in many ways like you can clip it on your backpack, you can use it as a zip puller, you can wear it as a necklace or you can simply add it to your key ring. The possession of this key will show your love for artistic things. You can have this key only in $6.99.



It is a great diary of 150 pages which are acid-free and are recycled. The main cover is so artistic and is made by using a black background with colorful prints on it. The cover also has water resistant coating which saves the diary from water in case it gets exposed to it. The binding is perfect because the highest quality binding glue is used. The diary can be adjusted anywhere, in your coat pocket or in your bag. If you use it with care it will last forever.

Aqua Glam


These aqua glam sunglasses will literally glitter on your face. The glasses have the blue frame and reflective lenses. The frame is made from polycarbonate and the lenses give you 400% UV protection. The price is only $45.00. You can also get 15% discount by using this code “REBATE15”.

Meet the Palmat


There is no need to use your dirty make-up brushes because we have devised a way to wash them. This plamat performs two functions: it cleans your collection of brushes to the maximum extent; it is portable and small enough that you can carry it anywhere. It will adjust on your hands so that it will be easier for you to clean your brushes. It also has two years warranty.

GIADA Art Deco (Onyx Black)


No matter what you are wearing as an outfit, the GIADA’s outstanding pattern and sparkle will give you an astonishing allure. The pattern is inspired by art. It is made with woven metallic fiber.

Bleu Du Bocage


As time passes, the goat milk in this cheese mellows and the blue streaks even become sharper. The price is dependent on the quantity – $37.99/lb.

A Lovable & Comforting Gift for Someone with Celiac Disease


This gift bundle contains two books: the first one is “My Invisible Cosmic Zebra Has Celiac Disease – Now what?” and the second is “One Big Gigantic Herd of Invisible Cosmic Zebras Coloring Book.” The books are written from the non-medical perspective and offer plenty of practical advice for celiac disease.

Cin Chili and Savory Seasoning 6 Pack Combos


The pack contains six items belonging to two categories. The first is Chili dry seasoning mixes and the second is Original Savory Saltine Seasoning mixes. The pack is available in $35.49.

Christmas ‘I BELIEVE in Santa’ Glitter Necklace


If you believe in Santa, if you believe in Christmas then you should also believe in this glittering necklace. This new necklace will really be fun for you, so do not forget to buy it on this Christmas. It is available only in $16.95.

Bacon T-shirt


The shirt is for the lovers of Bacon who not only eat bacon meat in their breakfast but it has become their psychological need. The fabric is a soft jersey with a white print on it. It is available in four different sizes.