Interview with Dennis Ingui

Despite the countless advances in medicine and science, there are many diseases out their which are still incurable. And while some of them can be cured they still leave you very weak and jittery. Cancer is one of them. However, when all is lost many people find solace in introspection. This can come in many forms, but the most widespread form comes from one of the oldest disciplines: Yoga. When Dennis Ingui started his journey as a yogi, little did he know that not only would he recover from the ill-effects of his cancer treatments, but would also go on to share the peace and strength he found in practicing yoga.

Join us as we quip Dennis Ingui from about his entrepreneurial journey to establish a successful business out of his passion for Yoga.

  1. The company was started back in 2009. How has the journey been till now in general?

It’s been a wonderful growing experience. When I started this company it was just a hobby of passion to create a practical eco-friendly product that was affordable. My personal connection with my Yogis has been incredibly rewarding and productive. The greater majority of our yogis are pleasant and always offer positive suggestions and enjoy working with a small family business

  1. Was it difficult to get the seed money to start the venture?

I actually invested a modest sum of my own money to create the brand and buy inventory.

The business since has supported itself as I reinvested my profits back into the business

  1. Establishing a supply chain can be difficult for startups. How did Aurorae Yoga fare?

I found my suppliers through ALIBABA online and interviewed and sampled from over 20 companies. I was able to illuminate suppliers based on communication skills, willingness to support a new venture and our mission statement, quality of product, ability to be creative and intuitive Trust factor

  1. You have very high ratings for all your products. What are the things that help you stay on top?

Customer service is at the TOP of my priorities and I personally read and handle every customer myself. I do my best to work in the spirit of yoga and truly care about each and every one of my customers. The 1st ting I read when I get up in the morning is not sales, but customer reviews, feedbacks and issues. If I see any customer with a problem I do my best to offer them a positive and practical solution. I guarantee all my customers 100% Satisfaction and if I can’t help them I will refund their money. I also understand how personal yogis are with their mats and I know we cannot please everyone and I respect that.

I also comment on every negative review with a respectful solution and all I ask is for them to contact me and allow me to help them.

  1. Social media plays an important role in any ecommerce business, has it been instrumental for Aurorae as well?

Yes, we basically built this business reaching out to our potential customer base through Bloggers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google etc. We spend minimal amount of money on advertising, but send out samples and run contests with bloggers. We are now starting to cross market our products with various other health conscious brands that meet our company’s motto “Illuminate your Life”

  1. Many companies go for an in-site ecommerce setup, yet you have continued on with Amazon. Is there a special reason for that?

We are currently in the process of refocusing our efforts to have more customers come directly through our web site and just use Amazon for checkout.

We feel our Brand is now strong enough with enough demand to draw them to our site so they can see our full array of products. We are also testing additional online shopping sites such as JET and have a full blown out SEO program that we hope will expand our reach to additional untouched markets that we are not currently reaching.

Amazon is still the most trusted shopping site and our partnership with them has been great and we expect that to continue, but our goal is to increase our distribution channels as well as increase our wholesale businesses and customer base.

We do not sell to any major internet wholesalers and we do not sell to mass merchants or large brick and mortar stores to protect the integrity of our brand. It protects the small mom and pop retailers/ yoga studios we do sell to and this philosophy will continue. We are a family business and it’s my intention to continue on this path to work in the spirit of yoga and take care of our customers with a personal touch.

  1. Lastly, there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who have innovative products and ideas, yet find it difficult to bring them to the market. What advice do you have for them?

Find a niche, be passionate, creative, focused, bold and believe in what you’re doing with an old fashioned work ethic.