Interview with Marc Aschoff

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the words of the day. They are both fueled by promising tech which will move mountains in entertainment and other industries. But, just like automatons preceded Robots, before these futuristic techs become a reality there are other similar experiences which people can immerse themselves in for a fun night out. This is what Last Minute Escape is all about. They will provide you with a room full of mystery and you will have one hour to solve it to get out. If you are unable to do it, there is always the next time.

Join us as we interview Marc Aschoff  about his entrepreneurial journey to bring the Escape Rooms of Europe to America.

What was the inspiration behind Last Minute Escape?

The Inspiration started with the room escapes in Europe. Prior to a room escapes becoming popular in America they were starting to develop in Europe.

When and where was your first location opened?

The first location we opened was in Montclair NJ and that was at the end of 2014

How did you reach out to your first clients?

The first customers to come in were family and friends to test the game, but then it started to expand to strangers through digital advertisements such as Google Ad Words and Groupon.

How was the initial response from the potential audience?

Everyone has absolutely loved it, to the point where they have even returned to the same room twice.

Where do you go from here?

Because of the continued success and demand we were able to open locations in Morristown and Wayne NJ, and we now plan to open a location in Tom’s River NJ, and possibly Scranton PA.

Lastly, there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who have brilliant ideas, but are unable to successfully bring them to the market. You have passed through a similar situation. What advice do you have for them?

When this idea was being built it was definitely a concern whether this would become popular or not. Entrepreneurs need to embrace this risk because should they fail at an idea the first time around it will give them plenty of experience and knowledge for the second time around.