Interview with Ervin Asomani

Parenting Inspired Entrepreneurial Business: Our interview with Ervin Asomani from

Parenting is one of the most difficult things in life, because you never really know whether there is something else that you could have done. But, it is rewarding as well. As you see your children take the first steps in life, there is just this inner feeling of euphoria that cannot be described in words. However, that does not take away from the fact that new parents need all the help that they can get.

So, we got in touch with Ervin Asomani who is the founder of, and had a small interview to bring the backstory on his entrepreneurial setup to the public.

First of all, please accept our felicitations on making a remarkable new product to ease the life of parents.

Thank you for providing a platform for small business owners like myself.  Your platform provides a voice for Infant Innovators® to promote the Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder. The pleasure is mine.

So, what gave you the idea of making the hands free bunny bottle holder?

The idea was conceived during a baby-sitting stint with my niece. It was very challenging to feed and hold my niece while trying to perform other tasks. So I knew I had to get creative. I grabbed her favorite toy which happened to be a bunny rabbit and I propped up the bottle in the ears. Next, I took some duct tape and wrapped it around the ears to hold the bottle in place. My mom passed by and thought it was an amazing idea! She was definitely the catalyst that pushed me to develop a product around this homemade wonder. Infant Innovators® was established on April 1, 2013 under the premise that both childhood and parenthood should be enjoyable experiences.

Did you have any problems in setting up a supply chain mechanism?

Yes, I encountered several roadblocks in the supply chain mechanism.  Developing a functional prototype was very challenging, after experimenting for months finally a functional prototype was made. Trying to improve the design, I hired a tailor to sew the cradle pouch and slide release buckles to the material and to my amazement the tailor misplaced the only functional prototype. Luckily, I had the drawings, materials and measurements to make another. After consulting several companies in the USA, the cost of development and production was prohibitive.

Feeling perplexed about the expenses, a family member suggested that I audition for a television show named “Shark Tank”. I decided to audition for the hit show “Shark Tank” which airs on ABC. The open auditions were being held in Chicago, so we purchased our tickets to attend the audition.
After arriving in Chicago we immediately proceeded to the casting call, after standing in line for days my mother and fiancé started speaking with other individuals about their products and how they were able to seek manufacturing. A gentleman by the name of Mr. Evan Krause explained to my mother how he got his product manufactured in China without even traveling to China. He gave my mother the website address, and the rest is history.

What has been the highlight of your entrepreneurial career so far?

Our highlight of the entrepreneurial journey was receiving our first functioning prototype and sample set of the Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder. The Hands-Free Bunny Bottle Holder represented years of sweat and financial equity.

Do you have any other upcoming innovative products?

Yes, we have other upcoming innovative products, we will share these upcoming innovative products once our patents have been approved.

We see that you have been actively networking to get your product the proper exposure. There are many others like you who have the ideas, but are struggling to implement them. Do you have any advice for them?

Advice to another budding startup company would be to do their homework and research the ins and outs of their particular market. On a personal level don’t be intimidated to ask questions. Be polite and sincere and individuals will try to assist you in obtaining the information that you will need to succeed. Lastly, be politely persistent; expect roadblocks and challenges. Every roadblock can be a stepping stone for success.