Interview with Kamii Nettles

Shopping quality products for children is often a very difficult task as not only are you required to look for materials which are soft and comfortable enough for the delicate skin of your young ones but that it also looks fashionable. Baby Truth Collection is one of the few businesses which understands this need truly and offers some of the best products for this youngest segment of the population. The range is goods they offer is extremely wide and there are no compromises on the quality of goods offered on the website.

We were fortunate enough to get in touch with the team behind Baby Truth Collection and Kamii Nettles was kind enough to answer all the queries we had.

  1. What was your inspiration behind starting e-commerce stores specializing in selling products catering to the fashion needs of the young ones?

We have been selling our baby clothing on Etsy for a little over a year now and were inspired to open up our own e-commerce store to save money. Also, selling on Etsy limits some of your branding abilities. So now, by owning our own e-commerce store, our options are limitless.

  1. How has been the response of your customers to the idea of buying the clothes for their children online?

Honestly, it’s been great! We’ve had 1700 orders over the past year, and most of our marketing is done through the use of social media. Instagram has been an amazing place to market to mothers.

  1. Is the market favorable for other entrants in the same business? What was the kind of problems you had to face in the initial days of setting up the business and how did you overcome those problems?

I do know several companies selling apparel online with success. I think marketing can always be a challenge because social media is always changing. It can be tough sometimes to keep up with the changes, but we like to sit in webinars and enjoy watching YouTube videos to keep up with what’s new.

  1. What are the best-selling products on your store for children’s products?

We have several best sellers. Our Chillin’ Out Maxin’ tee is an old school crowd favorite. Customers can’t get enough of our Ain’t No Momma Like the One I Got tee, Watch Me Nae Nae tee, and our Shine Bright Like a Diamond tee. One of my favorites is our Rollin’ with the Homies tee, which we’ve sold over 100 of them.

  1. What are your plans for the future and where do you see the company in a few years?

Currently, we are partly handmade, which makes it hard keeping up with our orders. So, we are currently looking into screen printing or possibly finding a manufacturer to mass produce. We would love to see our tees and Onesies sold in boutiques and department stores worldwide.