Interview with Roberta Perry

In a consumer based society which is already full of so many brands and products, it is difficult to launch something similar and carve out a niche for yourself. Often times, people discover a great solution to a problem they had been facing and down the line realize that others would be interested in the solution too. The entrepreneurial spirit goes to work then. What follows is a journey, which is full of making hard decisions and working late nights, i.e. if you wish to be successful

So, we reached out to Roberta Perry from and asked her about the initial phases of her startup and how she got over the difficulties.

First of all, accept our felicitations on a journey which began in search of a perfect product and led to launching your own series of skin care products. We believe that this journey hides a truly inspirational story, which has the ability to inspire many other entrepreneurs.

Thanks! I never dreamed it would become a business, but when I realized how much we could help others, too, it just blossomed from there. It was hard work and kismet all wrapped into one.

We know that you started with salt as the ingredient for your scrubs, but was going to sugar a natural turn of events, or how did you exactly alight upon it?

We actually tested a few times with salt and other exfoliants before launching with sugar instead. I had a bad experience using salt in the shower. I scrubbed the product over a nick from shaving and it made me cry out with pain as the salt hit the wound. Ouch!  Sugar does not burn, irritate or cause dryness like salt can. Also, when melted down sugar release traces of glycolic acid, which is a natural exfoliant. So besides being better in general, it is better for your skin.

What were some of the initial difficulties that you faced on putting your product out there? And how did you overcome them?

Exposure in a market place that is saturated with other products was and is our biggest hurdle. Finding the right people to become our brand ambassadors, who will sell it just by talking about it. Training department leaders on the proper use of the product, making sales calls, following up with email leads; these were all some of the initial difficulties.

Was the on-ground store always a part of the plan, or was it something that came along later?

It came along later. We took our first space as a shipping and production place but people wanted to come and pick up their product instead of having us ship. The brick/mortar type of retail business just seemed to develop naturally from that. When we moved into the heart of town, we became a more established store. It is my most favorite thing because I love serving our customers one on one.

Lastly, there are many entrepreneurs out there working to bring their products into the market, if you were to give them advice, what would it be?

Consistent, Persistence, and Passion

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because the best success comes from those learning experiences. Speak with your true voice. Be your brand completely.