New Year Gift Guide 2016

The holiday season is almost over and the New Year is upon us. New resolutions are being finalized, the fireworks are being readied, and parties are being planned. With so much going on we are stuck with the ultimate question: What is the most commendable of resolutions? Before making this year’s resolutions, we would suggest looking at what happened to last year’s resolutions? How long did they last? Were any of the resolutions achieved? We can budget all we want, but if we do not compare them with actual results, how will we ever go into profit?

Regardless, for couch potatoes like us, it is inevitably going to be to get more exercise. Some noteworthy advances have been made in 2015, which make it easier to balance work and exercise. Our favorite was the adjustable work desk, which made it possible to work while standing up or sitting down. Healthier workplaces tend to improve productivity. Eating healthy will be another thing high on most people’s list. Obesity is on the rise in the US, but more people have become aware of this problem and we hope that healthy eating will bring it down. But, we should also be looking at alternatives, perhaps give out gold like Dubai did to incentivize their citizens.

Let us leave aside these meandering thoughts and come to the point, you are here to see the list of our New Year gift ideas, and you will not be disappointed, for we have once again done the research for you and bring you our Top New Year Gift Ideas.

DIW-10 Medium Output Wall Mounted System


Washing your car at home can be a gratifying experience, but no matter how hard you try there are always some spots left in the end. Did you ever wonder why? We can tell you, it is mostly due to the minerals present in the water that you use to rinse away all the stuff. This product is the perfect solution to it. It provides you with a constant stream of de-ionized water, so that there are no spots/mineral deposits in the end. So, buy this if you want to pass the tradition of washing your own car down the family line.



Travel should be the perfect time to catch up on some much needed sleep, but it is rarely so. Most of the time, we wake up to a terrible neck ache, which takes its own sweet time to go away. Well this is one product which offers a credible solution to this dilemma. Features include slip-resistant back, an adjustable chin strap, and a side pocket for small items. What’s more it comes with a compression bag for storage. It will be a true companion in your travels.

Dash MacBook Sleeve


What is the point of owning a MacBook Air, if you have to carry it around in a bulky protective case? It is ironical that we buy the slimmest devices and then adorn them with the bulkiest covers, which takes away from their beauty. Well this Sleeve is one such protective case which will not take away from your devices beauty. Slim, smart, simple, and to the point, it serves a purpose and does it with an abounding grace.

GoPAX Solar Backpack Blue


Hiking and camping are fun activities, but unfortunately humans have a constant desire to socialize and share. Although, social media sites have made it easier to share, but unfortunately the current technology to use them has not caught up yet. Mobile devices have a tendency to run out of juice fast. Well, with this backpack, not only can you store you things and 2 liters of water, but also enough juice to post constant photos from your cell phone. The solar panels keep the battery live, which in turn provides juice to keep your device alive.

Smart Reach Cell Phone Pocket – Black


How many times have we tried to pick up the phone from the side table and trashed it in the process. Or, put it beside the pillow and accidently put weight on the screen, ending its life? Losing a smart phone like this can be painful. This pocket was invented to elevate this very problem. It will attach to the side of your bed via sheet magnets and provide you easy access to your phone whenever you want. It is guaranteed to decrease all cell phone bedside fatalities by about 99%.

OTBT Bushnell


A 3” heel on a 1.3” platform, and we ask everyone to point out an unlovable thing about this Bushnell from Off the Beaten Track. This is a product where fashion meets comfort, and we say that it is as it should be. Why should we sacrifice comfort to look chic? It is available in a range of sizes and comes in 10 different colors. So, we declare buy buy buy!

The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer - The Power of Nature in a Box!


Do you have difficulty in removing the bad smells from your home, or perhaps you suffer from a mold and mildew problem. If this is indeed the case then try out this Ozone/Activated oxygen air and water sanitizer.

What I Love About You, Mom


We know that even though most of us are attracted to the idea of writing a journal, few are eventually successful in doing so. The major reason is, we just do not know how to express ourselves. This is where this guided journal comes in. Not only will it help you to preserve beautiful memories and parts of your life, but also, for the first time, help you realize, how much you truly owe to your mother. Writing this will give you an insight on the inner workings of your mind.



Joe Journeyman is a legendary NFL player. He is the only one to have played for all 32 NFL teams, follow him on his journey across 16 NFL cities, to find his playbook, which contains all his secret plays. All this has to be achieved before his nemesis catches up.

It is a beautifully crafted mix of artwork and storytelling which will enamor young and grownup fans of the game alike. So, it will be a perfect gift for the upcoming generation.



We are all generally excited about Makerwear Products. After all, not every company gives profit back to a designer selected out of crowdsourcing competitions. Regardless, this hat has the traditional MakerWear Logo, with interior branding tape, and the holographic sticker will bear testimony of it being original. The design is exquisitely original, though our love of the maple and its products may have biased our opinion towards it.



Silk is the softest of materials, whereas wool is the warmest; combine the two together into a scarf and you get a product that is both warm and comfortable. Now, if only that scarf were to come in a range of colors to be matched to different outfits! Have no fear, for your wish was answered before even asking. Add to it that it was made by fair trade weavers in India, this means that not only were they paid for making this beautiful product, but also received education, about the world as it stands now.

BYOU “Be Your Own You” Magazine


We can instruct our children all we want, but the truth is they will always go after role models their own age. Take the example of Justin Beiber. Here comes a magazine which promotes positive thinking, builds self-esteem and teaches about girl power in general. It has lots of games, puzzles, and stories targeted towards girls of 7-15 years of age. What’s more a subscription will give you free access to the online version of the magazine to read on the go.

Red NightRage Backpack


Riding around the states is a fun activity, but let’s be honest when traveling the only hazard is posed by other motorist who tend not to spot you in time. Here is the perfect solution. It is a backpack which has special lights which can be turned on, so that other motorists can see you on the road from ½ mile away. Apart from this, it has enough capacity to store your tablet, water bottles, and other personal stuff.

MoMo the Monkey


If you have been graced with kids, then you will know that they can be touchy about their pacifiers. Even though they spit it out, they will still start crying, there can be many reasons, but sometimes they just do it. MoMo the Monkey will help them by keeping at least one pacifier in sight at all times, so that your baby can grab the one in sight even if the other is out of reach. The toy employs a pulley, which will always get the other one back. Now, why did no one think of it before!

Blue Floral Espresso Cups, Set of 4


It’s true we love our big plain coffee cups/mugs, but sometimes the heart does yearn for something more. Perhaps, it is time to try porcelain cups with floral designs for a touch of classical intricacy. This will be an ideal set for those mornings, when you feel nostalgic and want only the quietest people as your companions, for an espresso fueled bouts of introspection.



Be it your pool or the beach, it is never uncool to display a fashionable pair of above knee trunks. They are good to take a dip, and are equally good to take a sunbath and have some of the good ole Vitamin D. Made out of polyester, these are equipped with a custom M. Marcelle zipper fly and button. A soft mesh liner will prevent the boys from getting out. So, all in all these are good shorts.

Chalk Markers with Reversible Tip


Times were when using a chalk meant making your hand all white, but times change and new, better things come along. Take these chalk markers for instance, they are good to go for blackboards, window, whiteboards, mirrors, and in fact almost anything you can think of. Cleaning up is easy, as you just have to take a wet cloth and wipe it off the surface. Being non-toxic and environment friendly, these are ideal for your kids to have fun with.

Gift Card


Their comes a time in every person’s life when it is just easier to give a gift card rather than give the gift that you think will please the person, but you are terribly wrong. And what could be better than a gift card? We say, it is a personalized gift card. This personalized gift card can be used by your loved ones on their travels and help them make more memories. You can add your name and the recipient’s name. Afterwards, it will serve as a treasured memento.

6 Month Coffee Subscription


There is no dearth of coffees for coffee lovers, but often we are set in our ways and very few people venture into experimenting with different flavors. This six month subscription will deliver freshly roasted coffee from 6 different destinations of the world. It is only natural that different soils have different tasting coffee. This will start your adventure in coffee with the following: Honduras, Moses, Colombia, Diablo French Roast, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

pHWatr Complete Starter Kit


The Earth’s water used to be alkaline before humans started to industrialize and pollute everything. The human body of course is still trying to catch up to the acidic water we now normally drink. It does not help that most of the soft drinks have an acidic pH as well. So, if you want to return to the natural water that had antioxidant properties and was good for you, then this is the ideal kit for you. It contains a Jug, Filter, 2 Alkaline Sticks, a Water Test Reagent, 2 Water Bottles, and give you the ability to bring the pH of any source of water to human ideal levels.

Blue Blocks


Kids can be very choosey about what they wear, which is mostly because they just won’t wear anything in which they feel uncomfortable. Comfort is the first thing that has to be kept in mind when kids are concerned. This is one such product. Made from 100% organic cotton, it will provide the most comfortable bottoms for your kid, such that it will soon become their favorite. And with hidden pockets for carrying around treasures and a blue dots print, who wouldn’t love it!

We hope that we have been able to help you out. Gift giving is a nice tradition, one that is being spaced out. But, what if you are a bit down and giving gifts is not an option. Then know that the best gift of all is to make someone smile. For as Mother Teresa said: We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.

and most dangerous gift of all is an idea. For as Einstein said: Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.