Spring Gift Guide 2016

So, spring is in the air and there are flowers blossoming everywhere. The sweet fragrances, the feeling of everything being fresh, and the fine weather just want you to start over. But, for some of us, there is an additional thing: the dreaded pollen. This means keeping constant track of allergy medicine and inhalers. It can really hamper the overall enjoyment.

Nevertheless, spring is a time of new beginnings. The old dead grass is replaced by the new green one and the deciduous trees have cover once more. The magnificent maple with its fresh green leaves after the winter is a sight to behold. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. And we are moving towards the summer season at a fast pace. Easter has gone by and the spring break is over. This is the calm before the heat of the summer hits us full and hard. We would suggest making the most of it. Go out for picnics, go on a few camping trips with the family, just do something different this spring.

But, if you need some inspiration or to soften a loved one’s heart, we have searched through the internet and compiled our latest list of top spring products and gifts just for you.

5” x 7” Print


Glass prints are truly unique in capturing your favorite movements on the thin material. Masterpix excels in taking your loved memories and capturing them for you on glass. These glass prints will adorn your wall, side table, or desk and remind you of an exhilarating time. Some memories just deserve to be framed. Alternately, they can be given as a gift to the person you love. It will be the perfect thank you gift.

Diamante Solid Fitted Sheets


Can you place a price tag on a good night’s sleep? What are the factors which affect your sleep cycles? The bed could be one, pillows, and of course the sheets. Diamante is pure luxury. Made out of Egyptian cotton sateen, this is the best of Italian fabric and has a silky smooth feel to it. It has a 17” elasticized pocket, which will enable it to cover even the thickest of mattresses. It is available in three colors: white, ivory, and sable. What’s more the whole thing is machine washable and will only get softer after every wash.

Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails

hair skin

Are you tired of using the best shampoos with only mixed or temporary results? Are you tired of skin issues and lack luster nails? If you are, then it may be time to tackle the root of the problem. Most conditioning products only provide temporary solutions to these problems. They are mostly caused by a lack of essential nutrients in the diet. This Omega 7 and Biotin will provide you with all the essential items that your body needs for strong and healthy hair, skin, and nails. Just try them out and see what happens.

Hands-free Bunny Bottle Holder


Parenting is a tough job. It has its perks and privilege, but sometimes you just wish that you had an extra hand or two to multitask. This is an innovative solution to an age old problem. It will keep you baby company and help them to feed from the bottle. It is cleverly designed to hold the bottle at just the optimum level. It has been thoroughly tested and passed through the child safety standards. So, now you can multitask while keeping an eye on the little one and get some work done.

Beach Bumming Bath Fizzie (Bath Bomb)


Have you been having a tough week so far? The constant drudgery has you cornered! Okay. It is time to take a short mid-week treat yourself break. Just fill that tub full of water and throw in a bath bomb. Just watch it as it goes fizzle, it has a thorough and therapeutic effect on the nerves. After sufficient time has passed, just lower yourself into the bath and have a nice old soak. We would recommend coupling it up with a lemonade. This bath soap will remind you of the beach, the sand, and the sea mist. Just wash away the proverbial aches.

Eyejusters Black


Changing the pair of glasses every time you change your focus can be a great pain. However, technology has caught up with this problem. It is still manual, but it’s a big improvement over having multiple pair of glasses. Eyejusters is a new technology glasses which has adjustable lens. It uses SlideLens technology to achieve this. By increasing or decreasing the distance between the dual lenses you can make the view clearer for you. It will cover the range between +0.00 and +3.00. For normal everyday life, this all that you need.



The best way to say thank you is to accompany it with a nice little gift. The Just Because gift pack include cute little items which will show your appreciation to the one who helped you in need. It contains a You Are The Best mug, coupled with “Hello” Card. The package is completed by Illume Tonka Noir Triple Milled Bar Soap. So, they will remember you every time they have a nice little drink using the mug. The card is terrific and the package is perfect for shipping directly.



There are places on this very planet where taking out the hands, even to take a sip of your hot beverage, is a bad idea. In places of extreme cold the insulated cup may keep the hot beverage hot, but it does little to warm your hand. To alleviate this problem, the cup muff was invented. It will keep you beverage hand warm while you sip it comfortably. It is an excellent device and kind of makes you think: why did no one ever think of it before.



Dress shirts and athletes usually do not go hand in hand. The reason is simple, most of the dress shirts in the market are tailored for regular people. These shirts not only restrict movement, but are uncomfortable for the athletes. Thankfully, there is a solution if you are ready to look hard enough. This dress shirt has been made from Athletic grade fabric, which has four way stretch. Made specifically for athletes it allows the whole range of movement and will keep you comfortable all day long.

Zinc Oxide Vitamin D Enhanced Sunscreen (1 oz)


We love the beaches and the sun, but this can prove to be a one way affair if care is not taken. The fact of the matter is that continued exposure to the sun can lead to many problems indeed. It will cause sunburn, increase risk of cancer and what not. But, on the other hand, sunlight plays an important role in Vitamin D formation. So, here is the solution via which you can have it all. This Sunscreen has been made from certified organic materials and will help you get your daily value of Vitamin D as well. Just to add to the info, if you are wearing normal sunscreen the sunlight won’t lead to Vitamin D production in the body.

Leather Croakies


Sunglasses are a great asset, but the thing is that you cannot keep them on forever and when you finally take them off, where do you keep them so that they are safe and still remain accessible. This is the thing that croakies were invented to address. However, the fact of the matter is that sunglasses aren’t just another accessory used solely for their function. No, for most of us are a way of expressing our style. So, the croakies should match them in fashion and durability. These croakies are made from top quality oak leaf vegetable tanned leather. They come with a life time warranty, but being leather they will only grow more beautiful with age.

Cool Cucumber™ Whipped Body Butter


We all like to lie down and relax in the sun and boy can it take away the cares and soothe away the aches, but sun isn’t the best thing for our skin. It makes it age faster, cause it to dry, and many other problems. So, it is always a good idea to moisturize the skin after you have been in the sun for a while. This Cool Cucumber Whipped Body Butter contains beta carotene from Aloe Vera and many other essential vitamins such as C and E. It will hydrate the skin and bring it back to its hydrated form. Alternately, if you suffer from dry skin, it can work wonders as well.



Watches are a common favorite among most people. Why is that so? Perhaps it’s the precision in their making, but they aren’t the best thing to take into the wild. That is why we have tactical watches, which are made specifically for the rough and the tough. Smith and Bradley is a brand which is known for its tactical watches. This one is made out of stainless steel which has been PVD coated. It uses Swiss Digital Analog Movement and has a sapphire crystal protecting the dial and inner mechanism. There is an alarm, coupled with a chronograph and a compass to know the directions on the go. The LED is backlit to give maximum functionality. All in all, a very solid watch, which will be passed down to generations.

Hand Etched Gold Toned Bangles - set of 3


Are you tired of similar looking bracelets and would like to try something new and unique? These bangles are unique even from each other because they are made using a very specific technique, which gives them an oddly retro feel. The pattern is that of paint splatters, but it has been etched on metal. This is then reinforced with brass. Lastly, the bangles are then plated with 22 K gold for an exquisite look. They will make a sweet sound as you go about your work and can be paired with a larger bangle or bracelet for a more solid look.

The Signature Golf Purse


Who says that you cannot be fashionable while playing golf? This bag combines function and fashion in the best way possible. Having an exquisite design, it comes with 26 easy to see partitions in the form of pockets, sleeves, and compartments. You can put away your visor, phone, and other small nit bits and have them accessible all the time. The bag has a cleverly placed magnet to hold ball markers on the outside, which makes them very easy to carry around and use. There is a large center compartment for jackets, hats, sweaters, etc. There is even an insulated beverage compartment to hold your favorite beverage.

California Condor - Ebony Wood Aviator

sun glasses

It is the small things in life that bring about a positive change and this is also the case with Aviator Sunglasses. This pair has been made of Ebony wood a renewable resource and a very premium material. These high quality shades will provide you protection from the UV and the wood will protect the environment from degrading further. Unbeknownst to most Americans is the fact, that most of the glasses from their shades ends up in landfills polluting the environment. It comes paired with an Ultra plush microfiber bag to protect when not in use.



Totes are the best bags around. They are fashionable, carry a lot of stuff discreetly, and are very durable. This one has been made keeping the weekend in mind. The pattern will wow most people out there. It is large enough to carry your documents, laptop, and even gym gear. There are inner zip compartments for cell phone and other personal items. Made from canvas body fabric, it has straps made of faux leather to carry it around in style. We would highly recommend it if you are a fashion forward mom, a gym enthusiast, or just love to travel around.

The Alice Box

just for you

This one is more for our British cousins, but we loved the idea so much that we had to include it. The idea is to have a gift wrapped in a custom gift box that will just slide through the letter box. You can choose the card and include a personal message in the gift. It will contain an assortment of gifts sourced from ethical companies. The Alice Box contains a Natural Body Balm from Sheffield Skincare Company, a natural Olive Oil Soap, a Rose Geranium Lip Salve, Cow Parsley Notebook, handmade clotted cream fudge.

Black Diamond and Crystal Beaded Sash

bengal 2

It is truly remarkable how much difference a small sash can bring to the overall outfit. This sash has been made from black diamonds, Swarovski crystals, Preciosa crystal, beads, silver thread and grosgrain ribbon. The ribbon is wide and extra-long so that you can tie it into any form you want. This is designer Mariana Leung’s gift to the world. The inspiration arose from wanting to design something which would transform the simplest of dresses to something special. And we think she has definitely been successful in achieving that.

Mix.O.Logie Blend able Perfume Collection Box Set


Many people, who love to sample fragrances, eventually go on to discover the joy of mixing their own unique scents. It is a delightful pastime and there is the added advantage of developing something which is unique to you. This set contains 8 alcohol free fragrance oils. Each container contains 5 ml of oil and comes with a rollerball to make it easy to use. Additionally, there are seven recipe cards which contain recipes to start you on the journey of mixing. The scents include citrus, floral, vanilla, musk, ocean mist, natural, rose floral, and fruity. The box is beautiful and can be given as a gift.

Raspberry Vanilla Soy Wax Candle


Whether you believe in aroma therapy or not, but the fact is that fragrances have the power to uplift your mood at the very least. Some fragrances are special, it may be due to some happy childhood memory or the fragrance itself, but they can make you relax. This candle has raspberry undertones balanced with vanilla. It is made from high quality soy and will burn for 100-120 hours. So, the next time you are feeling a bit tense just open up the curtains and light this beauty and you will feel the difference.

Luxe Gift Wrap


Have you ever thought of sending someone a favorite beverage? I know it sounds ridiculous, but we feel that it would be an excellent yet harmless prank to pull on a loved one. You can always follow it up with the actual gift. We suggest using this excellent gift wrap to send your intended audience some spiced black carrot juice. It’s a rarity, which is unique, but rather an acquired taste. If nothing else, it has some really cool health benefits and has indeed been traditionally used in alternate medicine for quite some things.

The Legacy Letters his wife, his children, his final gift


There are very few books out there which impart a very important lesson and still remain interesting enough to be hooked to from the start. What makes a book interesting to read? What is it we want from the book? Sometimes, we just want to pass time, but there is always an element of learning in the background. This is a story that will get you hooked from the start. It is about a man who is dying. His wife does not know. She is pregnant, but he cannot come back. In this setting, he turns to save all his wisdom, stories, love, and regret in the form of a book, to share with them a piece of his that they will have forever. This book is The Legacy Letters.

Owl Always Be Grateful mug and chocolates


We know what gifts to give to our loved ones, but often enough we are stumped by those people who we know, but not close enough to actually give them a memorable gift. This is one gift which will work in these situations. It is something useful, and comes packaged along with something which almost everyone likes: chocolates. It is a porcelain mug with an owl design with chocolates in it and can be given to a hostess, your teacher, a co-worker, or even a friend. The chocolates are handmade and contain peanut butter or caramel delights. All in all, it is an excellent gift.


nail polish

Beautiful, refined and free from all the top 5 most harmful substances that are used in making nail polishes, this one is made by a vegan for vegans. It comes in 5 different colors with the sixth one being clear gloss. The colors include bright red, indigo, clear, mauve, mint green, and oxblood. Now, you can look fabulous knowing that it will not be harming you in the process and the environment is safe as well.



There is something very joyful about the sound of bangles clinking together. These ones have a very retro look to them. They have been handcrafted by female artisans in India. The style is overwhelmingly boho chic and you just cannot go beyond this. They come in two colors: copper and white brass. They are very durable and can be left to age to give them a nice natural patina. Personally, we love the white brass ones, but the copper ones are good as well.



The first question that you have to ask yourself is that why this is called Potato Rocks Glass? Here is a mystery for you if there ever was one.  The simple fact is that we do not know the story behind this one and if you find out, share it with us as well. Nevertheless, this without doubt is an oddly beautiful glass. It somehow reminds us of Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. We would recommend it for drinking fruit juice and milk. Yes, milk would definitely be the best thing to drink in it.

Black Vegan Leather Studs


Talk about forbidden love; a love that was never supposed to be. Thankfully, we now have vegan leather, which is an alternate to killing animals and taking their skin to adorn ourselves. If you love your vegan leather jacket and shoes, and would like to complete the tough gal outlook, these are the perfect pair of studs for you. They mean business with their simple yet elegant outlook. They are hypo-allergenic and made here in the USA.

SCOUT Stroller Carrie


How many times you wanted to go somewhere with the family, but the stroller took all the space and you guys weren’t very comfortable in the end? Or the stroller’s wheels got mud all into the vehicle? Well, there is a simple device out there which will eliminate the need to have the stroller inside the vehicle at all. This will attach to the rear of your car and hold the folded stroller safely. What’s more it will not mess up your rearview visibility or the car’s overall maneuverability. So, now you can go on those picnics carrying the maximum and still stay comfortable.

Bamboo Lemongrass Cleansing Bar


Why should you use a handmade soap instead of a regular one? Well for one the handmade soaps usually have a much better quality and are made from organic materials. This one has been made from Shea Butter, and additionally has olive oil extracts, lemongrass extracts, coconut oil and activated bamboo charcoal among other things. If you suffer from dry skin, then this is one of the best remedies out there. It will make your skin smooth, soft, and velvety. The charcoal will detoxify your skin.

Emma Bear T-Shirt in Marine Blue

Version 4

This is no mere shirt. It is a shirt with a mission to save the polar bears and the arctic ice caps that they are so dependent upon. Each purchase will donate 10% of the profits to different organizations working towards saving the ice caps and the polar bears. But, you will get an extremely comfortable shirt which is made from 100% rung spun cotton. It has long sleeves and if the tag bothers you just tear it away. Every time you wear it, you won’t just be looking fashionable, but will also be raising awareness for the cause.

Valletta Backpack & Wristlet - Black

travel bag

This black and gray backpack has been made keeping the sophisticated in mind. It will suit a range of different situations and places. You can carry it arms free and the included wristlet will give you quick access to essential items. If you have to juggle college and work all the time, then this will provide the constant in between. It will carry your laptop, a water bottle, and various other useful items. Made from top grain calf leather, it will only improve with age. The waterproof coating will keep everything inside safe in case of rain.


black shoe

Children are lovable at most times, except for the times when they are not. Parenting is a tough job, but it has its own perks and privileges. If your girl likes to dress up and want her own little pair of flats, then these will suit just perfect. It will turn her into a perfect little lady. Chances are that she would still prefer to use your oversized ones – what is it with kids and large footwear – but it would protect her and keep the little feet away from harm. These have been made from premium leather and ironically will last much longer than she will ever wear them.

ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serum


Working full time and still staying beautiful is a very tough job. And one of the greatest nightmares is the dark circles. Ideally, you just need to take in more fluids and get some rest to get them away, but who has that much time. Alas, then we come to the alternatives. This anti-aging eye serum is the next best thing. It will smooth away the crow’s feet, expression lines, and help with the eye circles. It contains a good dose of peptides and other essential vitamins which will help revitalize the skin and leave you feeling fresh.

Daring: Hair Lightener


Times were when we only used organic products. Things were generally better in terms of hair health. People had thick lush hair. But, that changed with the synthetic products. If you want to make your hair a lighter shade, you can of course go for the synthetic and harmful products. But, what if there was an organic alternative, which worked just as well. There is. This crème is 100% organic and will help you achieve your hair lightening dreams, without damaging your hair.



Are you bored with the same old boring lawn games? If you are and thinking why haven’t new ones been invented, then we bring you just the one. This game is similar to horseshoes, but not quite the same. It is designed to be mobile and can be carried with you almost anywhere. It consists of large wooden disks with a wooden goal which is 25 feet away. The aim of the game is to land the disks close to the goal. But, chance is involved as well, because the disk has two numbers on the face and the points are also dependent on which side the disk falls. This is an expansion pack for the game which will allow more members to play.

Stuffed Dates Gift Box (Single Flavor)


Just as the coconut tree is known as the tree of life in the tropics, dates are given a similar importance in the deserts of the Middle East. This highly sweet and nutritious fruit is scrumptious on its own. But, if you stuff it with your favorite ingredients the flavor goes even higher. You can stuff these with almond lemon, hazelnut chocolate, pistachio orange, and pecan maple. We love all of them, but hazelnut chocolate is a clear favorite. It combines 3 of the most nutritious things on earth and the taste is heavenly.



Much of the jewelry we see today is same old same old. This is where boho chic fashion comes in. Whatever else you say about it, it is unique and different. These Venetian silk tassel dangle earrings are an excellent mark of craftsmanship. Made by Bess Heitner, they are a presentation of her take on contemporary jewelry. These ones stand out due to their vibrant colors and the silk tassels. This is completed by beautiful Arlecchino cubes. So, pair them off with your tassel necklace and wow everyone.

Farmers Blend Whole Bean Coffee 8.8 OZ


Coffee is the life blood of the working American class. We don’t know what would happen if we were to give it up or if the stocks were to end. This one is a good example of dark roast gourmet coffee. It has a great aroma, with a heavy body that is smooth and bright. These have been sourced from organically grown produce directly from Da Lat, Vietnam. What’s more it has been made using high quality New Zealand unsalted butter, so the original flavor is great and it also provides you with essential fatty acids. Just use good quality water for the brew, to get the best taste.

Poppies with White Detail Choker


This spring has brought back a few of the old favorites, with chokers being one of them. Sometimes we feel that fashion follows a circular path, but we are far from calling us fashion experts: because we are – so no need to call. This one is different. It is unique and outright beautiful. An original design from Margaux, it is made from high quality faux leather. The pattern has poppies with white detail. It can be worn alone or paired with other necklaces to give a more layered look.

Gifts are a splendid way of brightening someone’s day. The value of a gift does not stem from its price tag. Rather, it stems from the person who is giving the gift and the circumstance. So, do not be sad if you cannot give her the diamond ring yet, just remember that a smile is the most beautiful of gifts.