AirTurn Coupons & Promo Codes

Wireless is the word of the day. Everything nowadays is wireless, speakers, computers, internet; all optimized for ease of use. AirTurn is the company which is taking this trend forward and their wireless solutions are second to none in this. They provide wireless solutions for Music, Voice Over Community, Presentations, Worship and even to Medical Fields. Even the logo represents some out of the box thinking: two folding pages represent the letter A and T; whereas the green denotes environmental awareness and blue represents technology.

There are countless testimonials from various articles giving legitimacy to their state of the art solutions. Be it David Kim, Concertmaster of The Philadelphia Orchestra, who likes the AirTurn for hands-free turning of pages on his iPad; or Sharyn Byer, a flutist, who also turned to sheet-less music via AirTurn Bluetooth foot pedals; everyone loves the innovations that are being brought forward. What’s more Pianist Sam Hayward represented AirTurn at TEDxAsheville, a technology and design event. He used an iPad and AirTurn Bt-105 to demonstrate the benefits of sheet-less music and wireless technology.

Enough about music though, what about some of the other uses? Well it has some interesting tech for Scenic Selfies. Its SMARTLOK can help you latch your cameras and to different surfaces and AirTurn DIGIT can remotely trigger Android camera app or an iPhone to take photographs. It also has paperless solutions for Worship leaders, which can help them with songbooks and coordinating music.

If you are interested, it has a well-designed web store from which customers can order all its products. Its products include: Bluetooth pedals, Pedals for PC, Accessories, Handheld Remotes, Holders and Stands, and Books and Softwares.

It supports most Payment methods and shipping is usually 24 hours all over US. If you have any difficulties or want some more in-depth details feel free to call their customer services or use their live chat. They also have a healthy presence in all social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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