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Alamy, the company which rocked the stock photo industry, started in 1999. It was an era in which the industry was dominated by large agencies and in which digital photography was still in its infancy. It started as a small time firm; which now has 60 million high quality stock images, videos and vectors in its inventory. Its content is provided by over 36000 individual photographers and 600 agencies from 173 countries around the world.

What is even more heartening, in this story is that they have contributed over £2.8 million since 2007 to different research institutions humanitarian causes. The majority of which has gone to The Fischer Family Trust for cancer research. Apart from this, they have been providing solar powered lamps to poor communities across the world; and sponsored medical camps for underprivileged students in India. It also has a 100% students program which gives 100% commission to students from sale of their photographs and content. It increases the awareness in the upcoming students about stock photography and helps them finance their studies.

Whether it’s a work related assignment, or a student project, or you are looking for vectors for your news article; Alamy can help you out. It provides a hassle free and time saving alternative to going out and photographing the material yourself, which may not turn out to be great despite the effort. The major categories available on Alamy include: Abstract, Architecture, Backgrounds, Book Covers, Business, Industry, Landscapes, Lifestyle, Love, Royalty-free, Concepts, Cultures, Everyday, Families, Food, Sport and Fitness, Stockimo, Travel, and wildlife.

What’s more you do not need to make lengthy accounts for the photographs, you can go to their web store, select the photograph, pay for it and that is it. There photos can be bought online at their web store which supports all the major payment options. However, if you are confused about the different packages, give them a call or chat with them and their Customer Services will help you out in choosing the right options. They also have a separate file which can be downloaded which explains the difference between Rights-Managed (RM) and Royalty Free (RF) photographs. You can also visit their blog which has helpful articles for contributors and customers; or, you can follow them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

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