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The animoto.com has been in operation since 2005. The company was founded with a vision of offering inspiration on people to share their lives through the magical power of video. The people who founded animoto.com include great veterans of the entertainment industry who ended up producing great productions such as the ABC, MTV and Comedy Central. These were people who studied music in London and others played roles in the indie rock bands based in Seattle.
Nowadays animoto.com is in the job of offering video creation services. They do their job online and even mobile basis. That is a very funny way through which people can make and share video images. Apart from sharing videos, they can also share video clips as well as music.

The service is very easier to carry out by simply uploading your video clips or pictures in a style of your choice. You add music or words to your video clips before uploading them. The videos are produced by clicking on the button “Produce Video”. From this point on, the cinematic technology available at Animoto gets into work. It takes only a few minutes before a powerful production is brought into life. This is eventually shared with relatives and friends.
Currently, there are millions of people who use Animoto for all their activities starting from special occasions to birthdays and weddings as well as trips.

The company has its main offices in New York and branch offices in San Francisco. The entire team has passion for their work. That is the way they have helped a majority of the people to realize on how to share their lives.
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