Applian Coupon Codes, Promo Code

Applian is one of the few companies which still care about Fair Use rights and the unnecessary use of DRM. It provides Windows and Mac softwares, which can record streaming media. It has a number of products in this regard. Its products include: Replay Video Capture, Replay media capture, Replay Music, Replay Radio, Replay Converter, Replay Media Splitter, Replay Telecorder for Skype and Video Padlock.

How many times have you found yourself thinking if only you could securely lock the videos, personal or otherwise, so that only you had access to them! Well, Video Padlock does this very thing and it isn’t just limited to videos, it can also lock Audio, Photos and other files. After being locked, they can only be accessed through Video Padlock.

We all wish, we could record the meetings we conduct in Skype, especially with the rise of home based work. It would make things easier to go through and yield many benefits. Replay Telecorder for Skype is just the software for this purpose, as the name suggests, it records anything which is done in Skype.


Another useful software that Applian offers is the Replay Converter for Windows, it can convert all popular video and audio formats with ease. Although, the days of listening to Radio seem to be a thing of the past, yet Replay Radio catches it up to modern times. With this software, you can schedule for specific shows to be recorded and then you can listen to them at your leisure on your phone, tablet or PC.

However, the most powerful software the Applian has to offer is the Replay Video Capture. It can record all streaming videos from almost every site. Its list includes Video chat sessions, Skype Video calls, PowerPoint Presentations, Webcam sites and even Encrypted Video websites. The audio counterpart of this application: Replay Music, does the same thing to Music. It can capture songs and automatically tag them with song title, artist, genre and lyrics.

You can download and install all these softwares from their web store; they are available for both windows and mac. In case of problems, you can contact their customer services via email and live chat. Plus, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You can follow them on all major networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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