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Armor Concepts started, when the owner was renovating properties in an area; he never actually had to plan anything out. Most people in the US believe that alarms can stop robberies. However, alarm security systems are expensive and the police response time is 20 minutes. In most robberies, the entry point is the door. The chances are that if you check your door, the door knob jam will be screwed in using ½ inch screws. This is where the idea of selling a product, which Alan Y. had been using to secure his own properties, came into existence and Armor Concept was formed.

They do not own fancy stores or warehouses; they are just selling a useful product. Their security plan revolves around strengthening the most important part of your house: the Door. As their company line goes “the alarms work after intruders are in your home, we help keep intruders out. Their products are also distributed through Lowe’s, Ace, Do-It-Best, Grainger, Wilmar and others. Or you can simply visit their web store and order online. They ship all over the United States as well as Canada. They also offer all the usual payment methods. They offer the usual 30 day money back guarantee. Their product list includes Door Armor, Fix-A-Jamb, Door Jamb Armor, Side Light Doors, Double Doors, and Sliding Glass Doors.

If you have the tools and expertize, the security solution is easy to install. Or, you can hire a handyman and the job will be done under 30 minutes. The basic principle is that they reinforce all the weak points in a door with armor. A glaring example, here is that instead of ½ inch screws their armor is installed with the help of 3 inch screws. A typical Door Armor consists of a Door Armor Jamb shield, 2 Mini Door shields and 2 Hinge Shields.  You can buy the whole Door Armor or just the Door Jamb armor.

They have various installation videos to help you out. They also have a blog which you can visit to know more about their products and the security industry, with all the relevant statistics. You can reach them via phone and email; or you can follow them on Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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