Avira Coupons, Promo Codes

Avira was one of the pioneer antivirus programs which were institutional in breaking the hold of paid antivirus solutions in the market. One of the most trusted antivirus programs to date; it provides security to your Windows and Android devices. Starting back in 1988, it has a history of security suites which started with the software named AntiVir; it was changed to Avira in 2006.

In addition to its excellent free version, Avira offers Antivirus Pro, Internet Security Suite, and Utlimate Protection Suite for home.  Its Internet Security Suite which is the most popular of its products includes Antivirus Pro, which provides Web browsing Protection, Safe downloads and email attachments, Secure Online Shopping, and Technical Support. The suite also includes System Speedup which can ensure faster startup, File encryption, Junk file removal, and More available memory. All these security features will cost you $57.99/ year.

Other services form Avira include Browser Safety, which can be added to chrome to further protect you against infected and phishing sites. It will ensure your safe browsing because it automatically prevents you from visiting harmful websites.  Avira Price comparison feature will help you in making the best bargains as it provides comparison in price of items that you visit. It also ensures privacy protection, as it prevents networks form tracking your activity. Its PUA Shield identifies hidden programs in your downloads and directs you to safer alternatives. The major advantage is that all this is free of cost.

Another one of its free products is the Android Optimizer, it can optimize your android phone with a single touch. This free application contains a Memory Optimizer, Application Manager, Junk File Remover, and a Privacy Cleaner. It does this by allowing you to kill applications that are hogging up memory in the background.

If you are a businessman looking for a security suite, Avira is the place for you. Their professional security suites start from $84.12 and can be optimized for your business. With professional security you will also be given access to their gold support and the Avira Management Console.

So, visit their web store to know about the complete details of their products. If you have any difficulty you can contact their customer services via phone and email; or, if you are looking for news and updates follow them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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