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Big Agnes Box Canyon Bedroll - Mummy

Traditionally no one would like to sleep in a mummy shaped sarcophagus, but what if it was the only thing which would give you some relief from the cold. We for one would go for it. And if the whole thing is 55% off in the form of a sleeping bag, we would like to take it up. After a long hard day at the trail, it is important to get a good night’s rest. So, if your old sleeping bag is torn and fails to retain the warmth this may be the best opportunity to change it for this one. As we said earlier, it is 55% off, and now retailing at just $58.48, instead of $129.95. It has polyester filled insulation and comes with heat reflective material to keep you toasty through the cold night.


Big Agnes Fairview Tent: 3-Person 3-Season

A tent can form a base of operations or just provide a good shelter from the elements. It has to be tough and yet allow enough cross ventilation to prevent the interior from becoming a humid hole in the mountain. This one has both. Other features include interior compartments/pockets to stash all your things. The whole construct comes under 5lbs or 2.3 kg. It can house up to 3 people, but we would highly recommend against it, unless you are trying to conserve some warmth. Why should you buy this? Well, it is currently available at practically a throwaway price of $121.48, being 55% off from the original Retail of $269.95.


Helinox Chair One Camp Chair

Some people can go all out when camping, all out in becoming one with the nature. We are not those people. We like to have a few creature comforts around us like tables and chairs to lounge in. This camp chair is good for bearing up to 320lbs and made out of aluminum to keep it lightweight at just about 2lbs. The seat is made from high quality nylon mesh and the feet have rubber endings to make them anti-slip. But, the cherry on top is its price $65, down by 45% on retail.


SmartWool Cable II Sock - Women's

What is the most important article of clothing which can have either a positive or negative effect on the biggest muscles in your body after a long day? Undoubtedly, it is your pair of socks. For us, merino wool is the king of all materials. After all, there are very few natural materials which can boast natural antibacterial properties, be extra soft, and just down right fabulous. One can never have enough pair of socks, and when you find that this pair will only cost you $11.86, down by 30%, there is no other option than to go ahead and buy it.


Black Diamond Deployment Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's

Whoever invented the hoodie was a genius. It keeps you snug and comfortable. We consider it to be one of the best casual outerwear options to tread the northern regions. This one is made out of merino wool and nylon: the perfect mix to keep you warm, cozy, fashionable, and hip. What’s more, it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and is currently selling at 50% off for only $99.50, instead of the full retail price of $199.


Black Diamond Vapor Point Shell Jacket - Women's

We all have this dream that one day we will go on the trail, visit the north, walk on the snow covered fields, and maybe even do some mountain climbing. But, few of us go through with it in the end. For those, who are set up on this path and looking for a good lightweight jacket made for the alpines, this would be the perfect cost effective one. This women’s jacket is made from Gore-Tex Active 3 layer shell, with an articulated fit. It is currently available at a measly price of $159.6, which is down by 60% from a retail price of $399.


Black Diamond Chase Backpack - Women's

Carrying backpack all day on the trail can become very taxing for the shoulders. However, there are some ergonomically designed backpacks which will distribute the load more judiciously. This is one of them. Made specifically for women, it takes into account the anatomical structure and uses a free floating hip belt that provides improved stability. The weight is transferred more to the hips and various panels give easy access to on the trail equipment. Additionally, it is hydration bladder compatible. It is currently selling for just $62.98, instead of a MRP of $139.95. You do not want to miss this 55% off deal.


Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

We all like to read up a bit before going to sleep in the tent at night. After the lights are out there is little else to do and it is the ideal time for some reflection and thought. This lantern provides a peak light of 75 lumens, which is enough for most things. It has 2 LEDs one for the lantern and one to double up as a flashlight providing a peak output of 50 lumens. Powered by 4 AA batteries, it will provide you light for up to 100 hours and if you are going for a longer trip keep some spare batteries. We feel that at $19.97, it is an extremely good bargain; especially if you consider the actual price of $39.95.


Black Diamond Axis 24 Backpack

This is for the big guns when it comes to hiking: the expedition climbers and those who favor the alpines. It is large, yet light weight at just 1lb 11oz. Made out of 4200 ripstop nylon, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However, large backpacks come a dozen a dime. This one is ergonomically designed to distribute the weight better and moves with you. This is partially achieved by the ReActiv suspension system, which complements the shoulder straps with a waist belt. This ensures a smooth and efficient stride. Normally, it would cost you quite a lot but it is available for only $71.97 at the moment, being 40% off the retail price.


ZOOT Carlsbad Running Shoe - Men's

Are your joggers starting to look shabby and you have been considering buying a new pair to make your running session a bit more comfortable. This may actually be the best time to change them. These Men’s running shoes are coming at a colossal 55% off the MRSP. They are down from a retail price of $119 to just $53.98. They are made with open mesh uppers to help your feet stay cool and blister free. Despite that they fit live a glove and the light padding will protect your from the hard pavements. With an excellent design to boot, these neutral trainers will help you pound through the routine.


DAKINE Cruiser Roller 37L Bag - 2250cu in

Backpacks are good and all, but nothing beats a tough old Cruiser Roller bag. We will assume that you are already familiar with its more well-known cousin the vertical trolley bag. So, the question arises what sets a cruiser apart. Your normal trolley bag has only two wheels which pretty much limits its movement. The cruiser has four wheels and can handle pretty much any kind of terrain. Now you do not have to pick it up if the terrain gets rough, just power through with the cruiser. It has protective pocket for your laptop and internal organizers for other things. If you need one, it is being sold for a meager price of $84.97 which is 50% off its retail price.


Mizuno Wave Kazan Running Shoe - Women's

There are more active women out there than men. So, it is only natural that we would include an excellent deal geared towards them. These pair of running shoes are stylish, fun, and absolutely downright fabulous. They have been designed to handle all kinds of terrain. Whether you like to power through proper dirt trails or take your morning jog on a paved sidewalk, these will provide unparalleled comfort. The outer sole has been specifically designed to handle a wide variety of terrain. What’s more it is currently 65% off and selling for a low price of $41.98.


DAKINE Dispatch 36L Backpack - 2174cu in

There are many benefits of riding a bike. Unfortunately, having a large trunk space is not one of them. It is inevitable that if you like to ride, you will need to carry some essential stuff as well. That is why a good old riding backpack is one of the most important things for a rider. This one is designed specifically for riders. It has reflective coating to protect against gasoline powered vehicles and a special dry pocket to protect the essentials against the rain. This is in addition to light coating present on the bag to protect against light rain. It is available at a throw away price of $37.48 almost 70% down from the retail price of $124.95.


Grand Trunk Roatan Woven Hammock

Whether you are chilling in your summer retreat or a refreshing camping trip, without a hammock it is only half as fun. Somehow, whenever we think about ultimate relaxation, a hammock is always in there somewhere. This one is made from woven cotton which is super soft and if you want to share the space with someone special, it can easily hold two. It comes with fixed loops to make the setup easy. It is machine washable and comes with carrying bag to boot. Currently down by 40% and selling for just $41.99, it is an ideal purchase if you are planning a retreat.


SmartWool PhD Outdoor Medium Crew Sock

There are a good pair of socks and then there are the hiking socks, the difference in class is so great that you may decide to stick with these specialized ones, especially if your job involves a lot of travel. These have been made out of merino wool and nylon. Merino is the king when it comes to top quality natural materials. Its natural softness, with moisture wicking, high breathability and antibacterial properties make it highly desirable. The construction is top notch and will keep you comfortable on the trail. But, the real thing is its current price of only $17.96, which is 25% less than the original price of $23.95.


BackCountry.com Review and Guide

Title Image

Let us start with the fact that the very prospect of reviewing this exciting site had our hair stand on end. Some of us were enthusiastic, while others had their sarcastic Yay, with a reverse smiley face. How did they fare, just read on to find out.

Who They Are

If you need to read this then, we get it, you are not someone who likes the mountains or the outdoors very much. They sell apparel and other recreation equipment for a number of major sports. The list includes hiking, camping, mountain biking, mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, kayaking, rafting and various others.

A Brief History

It was founded back in 1996 by two outdoor enthusiasts Jim Holland and John Bresee. They started with a minimal capital of $2000 and their initial set up included only a handful of avalanche gear products. Despite the launch in 1996, they were actually unable to sell anything in the first year. The first product was sold in 1997.

They operated under a couple of different domains initially, but eventually aggregated their businesses under the current domain backcountry.com in 2004. They had to purchase this domain for a colossal amount of US$75,000. But, at that point they had already been very successful and were being considered as the second most established business in this category after REI.

Due to its highly profitable business model, it has attracted a number of investors over the years. Although Jim continues to be a founding member and has representation on board he no longer owns the majority shares. The most recent change of ownership occurred in 2015 when the TGS consumer partners bought a massive controlling share of 81%. That is enough about history; so let us now move on to the real things.


They have a number of claims to fame but we have chosen the following ones, which distinguish them from the rest.

  • One of the fastest-growing companies to date.
  • Remaining profitable in a very difficult sector.
  • Providing specialist gear, which lets people live their life to the fullest.
  • An unusual and innovative athlete sponsorship program.
  • One of the coolest websites we have seen.

Website Design

They definitely have one of the coolest websites we have seen in a long time. Part of that is of course due to the nature of their business and the other part is due to a flawless implementation of their company spirit. The website features a simple yet effective design, which is very easy to navigate. The main categories are displayed at the top center of the home page and include New Arrivals, Brands, Activities, Women, Men, Kids, and Outlet.

Moving down you will find a beautiful collage of their best-selling products and the most popular deals. Further down, you have an expanded view of the different categories which are related to their products. At the very bottom, you have the customary company information, shipping policies, customer service, and social media page links.

Ease of Navigation

The website is highly optimized for ease of navigation. Each of the main categories is further divided into subcategories, which makes browsing through and searching for the right product very easy. However, if you’re aware of what you’re looking for using the site search feature, located at the top left of every page, will definitely yield results much faster.

The aesthetics of the site are excellent as well. The color combinations and the fonts make it very easy to read the descriptions. The descriptions themselves are excellently written and allow you to choose between competing products with ease. Once you select a section, you can further refine your results by arranging them according to brands, sizes, prices, customer reviews, etc.

Another beautiful feature in their website relates to the integration of different pieces of information for a single product. When you select a category or a product all the related information and articles from their well-managed blog appear right underneath your selection. This reduces the hassle of searching for more information about your desired choice.

The Actual Products

Despite the vast number of categories that they feature on their website, we will be mainly using their Activities Section for this review.


Their exclusives section has all the items which are exclusive to Back Country collections. This includes apparel as well as accessories from a range of different sports. This includes exclusive offers from The North Face, Norena, Basin and Range, etc.

New Arrivals

This category has all their new and upcoming products available for sale, with some of them even available for preorder. Even here the products are segregated according to gender. They also have the option of segregating them according to Gear or Brands.



If you’re a fan of a specific brand, then this is the place that you will have to come to. Here they list all the brands listed on their website arranged according to the alphabetical order. With over more than 1000 brands available, it may just be better to use the site-search feature to list all the products under them and then use the left side refinement options to further reduce the number of results.


Just as we mentioned earlier, we will use this category to assess their actual range and quality of products available. They have the following main categories:

Ski Snowboard Hike & Camp
Bike Climb Fitness
Fly Fish Run Paddle
Surf Snowshoe Travel

We were really amazed with the range and diversity of products present for each of these sports. But, then we would have expected nothing less than what we found.

SKIING is a very specialist sport, which requires some really top quality gear, because the stakes are too high if anything goes amiss. You would not want your strap to break in the middle of a slide would you. But, just the sheer number of athletes that use their products give credence to their high quality.

From the actual skis to the related accessories like outer gear, balaclava, and helmets, they had everything that a skier could need.

Snowboarding is another sport which is considered by many to be one of the extreme ones. Again, there is no room for margin of error at all. They have snowboarders covered giving them a range of different options to choose from. The accessories section was also adequate to say the least having all the items from warmth gear to safety helmets.

Fitness was perhaps the only category which most regular people would be interested in buying from them. And they would not be disappointed with the range of items that they have in their inventory. With major products covering the Performance electronics, Yoga & Studio Gear, Running Gear, Nutrition, and even recovery, this is a pretty much one stop shop for any fitness enthusiast.

The North Face

The fitness electronic had all the Fitbit and other performance measuring brands to monitor your vitals. Plus, they had an assortment of premium headphones, so that you have no difficulty to take that long jog that you have been planning the whole winter.

On the other hand, fitness running gear includes premium glasses, caps and hydration packs to maintain your hydration levels while on the run.

Biking is another activity which is loved by a vast majority of people. After all who doesn’t like a ride in the spring, when the flowers are in bloom and the wind is just enough to take away your sweat. But, that stuff is for us amateurs. They have gear and apparel which will have you biking in extremely cold weather with ease.

With options such as Triathlon clothing, jerseys, jackets, knickers, and the bikes and their accessories as well, we feel they have done a wonderful job with this section.      So, whether you are looking for a cam to attach to your bike for recording all your cycling adventures or a GPS system to help in cross country, you will not be disappointed with the number of choices that they feature on the website.

Running is also an activity that some of us like to engage in from time to time. There is just this freedom in a jog around the country side that prepares you for the whole next week of desk work. They have fitness apparel and footwear that will make you comfortable while you train for your next big event, or your fitness runs.  We are rather impressed by their collection of running socks which are made of merino wool and have specific pressure points to help against impact damage.

Runners always wear socks out very fast and hence anything which is durable along with comfortable is always a plus point. Most of the ones featured will get you way past the 50km range of your current ones.

Hiking & Camping Gear is a favorite among people from all ranges of life. Part of the reason is that if done right it can become a mini vacation. And you do not need to be too fit to enjoy the benefits. On the downside, you do need a basic level of fitness to do a proper trail, but then there are many spots which will provide support to even desk jobbers like us.


0 Degree sleeping bags and 4 season tents, they have everything that you may want and all from your favorite brands as well. Tents from The North Face, Nemo Inc., Black Diamond, Mountain Hardwear, and many others will keep you protected from the elements as you rest from your days hike. Most of them are easy to set up and even easier to pack.

We were especially enamored with their collection of 4 season tents. They are a bit heavier than the single season ones, but still they do take you through all four of the seasons. Typically made as virtual bomb shelters, they provide excellent protection from the harsh elements.

Climbing Gear & Equipment is a section which is best shopped from having an expert at your side. We will not even say what happens if you chose the wrong gear, as it is self-evident. But, then most people are satisfied with the rock climbing simulator in their nearest mall.

Nevertheless, it has a similar range and diversity of items to the other sections, which can also be said about their Paddle, Snowshoe, Travel, and Fly Fish sections.

So, are we satisfied with their collection of items in each of the categories? Yes, definitely, but the really good thing about the whole setup its ease of use. There are guides, videos, and blog articles which will all help you in choosing the right products.

The Blog

Accessible through backcountry.com/explore, it is one of the most well-managed ones that we have seen about travel and these sports. It will give you relevant insight into the specific niches. Some of them are written by athletes, some by their in house staff, and some from people who use their products regularly.

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping is free for all orders above $50 in the contiguous US states. However, it is not available on bulky items such as bikes, kayaks, etc. You can order the items online and have them shipped to your address. However, for international shipping, delivery times, and charges for bulky items, we suggest that you read through their detailed shipping policy.

Returns are accepted within the 30 days after delivery. Items can be returned for a full refund, but the claim will first be accessed by their relevant department.


The website is secure and accepts all major online payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. You also have the option of tracking your order and they also offer a price matching policy.

Customer Service and Social Media

Customer service is available via chat, email, and phone. They will help you in choosing the right products and help in any returns or other problems that you may face in using their services. Additionally, you can also follow them on their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

Our Conclusion

BackCountry.com is a premier business in the outdoor gear and sports category. There is a reason that they are counted amongst the top people in the sector. It is their dedication to their work that distinguishes them and we think that they have a wonderful system set up which is ideal for any potential customers. We rate them amongst the A+ businesses online.

Coupons and Benefits

Coupons by their nature are there to reduce the prices of the products that you purchase. Our backcountry.com coupon/redemption codes will ensure that you get the best quality of products at the best rates in the market. However, we would advise all visitors to use them ASAP, as they have short lifecycles and tend to expire.

How to Use Backcountry Coupons:

  1. Go to their website and select the products that you wish to purchase.
  2. Add them to cart and then proceed to checkout.
  3. On the checkout page you can either sign in or proceed as a guest.

4.When you fill out the relevant billing details, you will find the link to “Redemption code? Click here to redeem”, in the Verify your Payment Information Section.Coupon code5. Click on the link and a popup window will appear asking you for the code.Coupon Second slide
6. Enter the code and the prices will be updated to reflect the discount.

7.Proceed as usual after that.


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