Bags and bows online Coupon Codes

Bags and Bows is a premium packaging material provider. Established in 1994 and part of the Deluxe Enterprise Operations, it provides packaging at wholesale prices while making sure the quality remains top-notch. Its target market is the small businesses and enterprises, which usually have a tight budget to maintain. Using Bags and Bows services mean that they get their orders on wholesale prices, despite the smaller quantity.

Bags and Bows offer a large variety of packaging products. The most popular include various bags like Kraft Paper shoppers, Matte Laminated Euros, Merchandise Bags, Frosted shoppers, and Fabric Bags; Boxes like Jewelry Boxes, Gable Boxes, One-piece Boxes, Pillow Boxes, and Two-piece Boxes; Complete the Look like Solid Tissue Paper, Ribbons, Basket Shred/ Fill, Bows, Raffia, and Gift Basket Supplies; Food & Gourmet like Food & Gourmet Boxes, Window Boxes, Candy Boxes, Food & Gourmet Bags, and Food Grade Tissue.

It has many other services that make it the perfect to packaging partner. Bags and Bows has facilities that can print your logo, or, place it as a hot stamp. It can have a matte or a metallic foil depending on your choice. You can customize the bag further. The approved design is then made and shipped to you in 9 days.

With the rise in concern about environment friendly products, more and more businesses are becoming environmentally aware. The products offered by Bags and Bow, are completely Eco-friendly. They are made from biodegradable materials which decompose after the end of their life-cycle and are not harmful to their surroundings. They offer these products in various designs and the product quality and durability are not affected by the change in materials.

Another great thing about Bags and Bows is that they offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Exclusive Designs and Fast Delivery. Most of their orders are shipped just after 24 hours of their inception. This means that your business does not have to suffer long delays if you want special packaging made for your business promotions.

You can view their designs and the complete details of their products on their well-designed web store. You can order completely online; or, if you face any difficulty you can contact their customer services via phone or email. They ship all over the United States and accept most regular payment options. Additionally, you can follow them on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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