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Bespoke Post is a subscription based e-commerce website which works with the motto of turning you into the most interesting person alive. It releases a “Box of Awesomeness” every month. You can subscribe to have the box every month for 45$ or you can forgo the subscription to purchase the box for $55. The subscription fee also stands at $45. The company started back in 2012 and raised a market capital of $500,000 USD. The owners, Rishi Prabhu and Steve Szaronos, were unsure about what to do at first but have since been successful in establishing a name for themselves, in a highly competitive industry.

Apart from the “Box of Awesomeness”, the company has various others items on offer. Its products can be categorized into the following: Kitchen, Bar, Outdoor, Home, Grooming, Style, and Storefronts. Kitchen can be further divided into Food & Ingredients, Cookbooks, Coffee & Tea, and Cooking Tools; Bar: Barware, Glassware, and Bitters, Syrups, & Ingredients; Outdoor: Active Gear, Camping, Knives, and Workshop; Home: Den, Books, and Candles; Grooming: Bath & Body, Shaving Beard, Face, and Hair Care, Style: Bags, Accessories, Belts, Wallets, Watches, Sunglasses, and Ties; Storefronts: Dinner Party, Liber & Co., Light up, Welcome Stranger, Black Out, Americana, Bread & Boxes, Bearded, and Autumn Layers.

Although, you can buy all these products individually, just to give you an idea, let me go through a couple of “Boxes of Awesomeness”. The box at the time of this article was titled Homefront. It contained a Trapper Knife, Classic Lighter, and a P-38 can opener. All of the items are classic 20th Century must haves.  Another recent box was termed as the Frontier, which had explorer themed items. It had a No8 Pocket Knife, Sport Fountain Pen & Ink Refills, Machined Steel Bottle Opener, and a Soft Cover Notebook. Each of the items has a deep rooted history attached to them. For example, the No8 Pocket Knife by Opinel was first made in 1890, by the company. Over the years, it has served many famous personalities. Pablo Picasso used it for making his sculptures. Other famous people include Jean-Louis Etienne, Eric Tabarly, and Alain Colas.

If you wish to know more about their products, you can visit their exquisite web store; where you can buy all the featured products. They accept all major payment options. Furthermore, they ship to all the US States and shipping is free for orders over $45. If you have any difficulty in using their web store, you can contact their customer services via phone and email. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also visit The Post section in the website, for in-depth stories and lifestyle advice.

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