Best New York Bagel Coupon Codes

Bagel, a darling bread, and a specialty of New York whose taste is hard to find in any of the other states. Well, not anymore because Best New York is an online retailer of New York Bagels which can be shipped overnight. These tasty delights can have a mouthwatering effect on most people. The idea came up to the owner when he was studying outside New York. He enjoyed many things which were delightful to eat, but did not find a bagel to match those made in New York. Thus, Best New York Bagel came into being, to cater to those people inside and outside New York who wish to have the best of Bagels no matter where they are.

Its current selection of products include Best New York Bagels, Kosher New York Bagels, Black & White Cookies, NY Mini Bagels, NY Flagels, NY Bialys, and H & H Bagels. All their bagels are handcrafted and boiled using New York water. They are then baked to complete the feisty treat.

If you wish for more details about the different bagels, visit their web store. You can order their products online via web store, which accepts all major online payment methods. The store is secured by GeoTrust. They have special shipping arrangements to ensure that the bagels that reach you are fresh. They deliver through Monday – Thursday. However, if the orders are placed on 12 noon EST Friday, or on Saturday-Sunday, then the order is baked and sent on the following Monday. They have this policy to protect the bagels from becoming stale in transit.

If you have any difficulty or any questions to ask call on their customer services via phone and email. For news and updates, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. They also have a blog, which has various articles on bagels and related stuff.

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