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The Blue Nile was established back in 1999. Currently, the company is the largest retailer in fine jewelry as well as diamonds. The diamonds are of the highest quality since they are certified by relevant authority. The company has been reported by the Internet Retailer as being larger than the next three largest online retailers combined. The company is based on very unique ideas such as ways of choosing the best engagement rings. At least with the help from this company, the task of choosing a ring is made much pleasant. They have made available plenty of information on diamonds. That is how they have succeeded in simplifying the process of choosing a diamond ring. The company is widely known for this approach and hence it is frequently mentioned in the media.

The Blue Nile is an established company considering the fact that its shares are publicly traded at the NASDAQ. The trading is done under the symbol NILE. The company has been recognized in the past for efficiency of its products. One such award is that of Circle of Excellence Platinum Award. This award was offered by Bizrate.com. The award is meant to recognize the excellent customer service by various companies. Blue Nile is special because it is the only jeweler that has ever been awarded such prize. The award has been in existence since 2002. It is therefore, a recommendable achievement.
The diamonds supplied by Blue Nile are of the highest quality and above all, they are certified by the most respected diamond grading laboratories in the world. The company gives you a chance to create your own jewelry. That is, you can decide to pick on pendant, earring or any ring design that comes to your mind. The shipments for all orders is done free of charge. There is also a great policy which ensures that, if you are not satisfied with the products you receive from this online retailer, you can return them and get your payments back.
Blue Nile is famous for offering unparalleled services to customers.
High Quality and Value
The company has set very high standards in the production of jewelry. There are no risks encountered when you shop at Blue Nile. These are the best diamonds you can ever find anywhere in the world. The company ensures that only the best materials are used in the production of jewels. The high standards of quality are also maintained by the help of superior personnel who are employed by this firm.
At Blue Nile you will find the largest selection of diamonds in the world. You can choose the fine cut, color or clarity. The grading scale is highly standardized. The diamond jewelry are of highest quality in order to meet the minimum international quality standards set by relevant bodies.
The natural diamonds are used to craft the black diamond fashion.
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