Brookstone Coupon Codes, Promo Code

Brookstone is a chain of retail stores in the US which provides distinctive and unique products, which are hard to find to its customers. Started back in 1965, it began as a company which offered the market hard to find tools. At that time, the sales were mostly propelled by catalog listings. From its launch, it was highly successful in the market. Brookstone opened its first retail store in 1973, at Peterborough. At the moment, Brookstone has more than 200 retail stores spread across the US. They are usually located within premium shopping malls. However, recently it has gone through turbulent times. It declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2014. But, has since recovered as the Chinese investment firm Sailing Capital purchased it for more than $173 million.

Over the years, Brookstone has contributed generously to humanitarian causes. It has contributed towards Charity for Women, which works to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. It also contributes towards Save The Children, which is an organization which protects rights of children. In view of this, they have launched special products, which when sold contribute towards the fund.

The products at Brookstone can be divided into the following major categories: Electronics, Massage, Outdoor Living, Home, Games and Toys, Ceiling Clearance, and Gifts. In the electronic section, the sell Apple products, headphones, app controlled devices, etc.

But, this really does not offer justice to the unique nature of the products that they provide. A product which really impressed us was Big Blue Unplugged Wireless Indoor Outdoor Speaker. As the name suggests, it is a device which offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity and is fully water resistant. It has a rechargeable battery that will last up to a maximum of seven hours. Another really impressive product was EZ-robot JD Humanoid Revolution Robot Kit. It is a humanoid robot which has the ability to walk, dance, play the piano, and much more. It is based on snap-together technology which makes it very easy to assemble. It can be controlled via voice commands or through your smart phone. Additionally, it has a camera which gives you a unique perspective on the world around yourself. It comes with a 1300mah battery which is optimized to be energy-efficient.

All the other categories also have equally unique products on offer. If you are impressed by what they have to offer and wish to browse through all their products, visit their well-designed web store. You can purchase all their products online. They accept all major payment options. They provide shipping to all the US states and to many other international destinations as well. If you have any difficulty in using their services you can contact their customer support via phone or email. For news and updates, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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