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brownellsBrownells supplies firearm accessories, parts of guns, and other tools that are used in gunsmithing. It is considered a leading company in providing all these items. Here is a detailed review of Brownells

Origin and Introduction

magpul-manufacturepageintro1It’s been 75 years when Brownells officially started its work, and it provides accessories and other products to individual collectors, gunsmiths as well as military personnel all around the United States. The store originally started as a hobby of a man named Bob Brownell; originally Bob owned a gas station and a sandwich shop in 1920 in Montezuma, Iowa. He loved outdoor activities and customizations of weapons, and he used his customized weapons for shooting purposes. Initially, all this was his hobby, but as the news of his workmanship spread, he also started repairing guns of his friends and other fellow members. Finally, he realized that this hobby was giving him some profit, and only then he made this gun repairing business as a part time job.

Hunt for Quality Tools

tool1As Bob stated the business of repairing guns, he also wanted some necessary tools that he thought will work perfectly in guns. As he kept on searching for quality tools, he finally concluded that these tools were available nowhere. But once he found those tools, he bought them in plenty so that he could sell the extra tools to his fellow members who were also having some difficulty in finding the right tools.

Motto of the Company

mottoThe motto of the company, as devised by the Bob is “The First and Only Complete Gunsmiths’ Supply House in the World.” The choice of quality products was the first priority for Bob, but he also stressed that the customer should also be well taken care of. It was in 1951 that he closed his gunsmithing shop and focused solely on providing gun supplies all across the United States.

Family Legacy

At first, the Bob started a business on his own, but later his son Frank joined him after serving in the United States Navy. Frank was an expert in journalism and advertising, so his efforts made the company even more prominent. In the meanwhile, as the company kept on growing, the Brownells added more and more products and shifted the factory in the first purpose-built facility. At this time, the company was already being considered as a leading company because of its testing models and innovative tools.

Shift to Computerized System

computerized1990 saw a wave of technology in the United States, and the company wanted the transition from handwritten catalogs to the more reliable and functioning computerized systems. Due to the efforts of Frank, the company acquired the title of The World‘s Largest Supplier of Firearms Accessories and Gunsmithing Tools™. The new shift occurred in the company when Pete – son of Frank, and a tech-savvy businessman – joined the company. Pete wanted to modify the business technologically and made a successful website. Thus this online showcase made their products visible to the entire world, and their business started to grow considerably.

Information Graphics

brownells_1The website features stunning information graphics which are so beautiful as well as very easy to navigate. At the top of the homepage, the website features a search bar where you can search any keyword or any product. A little down there are different options of site navigation that are Schematics, Manufacturers, Learn, Sale & Clearance, Rebates, and Links. Further down, you can see the 12 categories buttons which are subcategorized into a variety of options. If you see further down, there is a slideshow of free shipping and discounts. At the bottom of the page, different social media extensions, customer services, ordering, and options of connectivity are mentioned.

Ease of Navigation

The overall theme of the website is very light and it has a white background. The logo and the top of the homepage are brown in color. Even though the website features more than 90,000 products, you can easily find what you want in seconds because of the superb categorization. There are few such websites that maintain the quality of their products, and the ease of navigation with which customers can find the desired product and Brownells is one such website.

Main Categories

partsThe website features 12 main categories and each category is unique and is further sub-divided to give you as much details as possible. The twelve main categories are Firearms, Rifle Parts, Handgun Parts, Shotgun Parts, Magazines, Ammo, Reloading, Shooting Accessories, Gunsmith Tools, Optics, Gun Cleaning, and Emergency & Survival Gear. All these categories collectively contain more than 90, 000 products, and therefore it is not possible to explain all these categories. Here is a brief description of the main and important categories.


firearmsOnce you access the firearms category, you will get the following three options: Videos list, Articles list, and Products. The videos are very useful which can guide you about how to use a gun correctly, and many other things about the firearms. On the other hand, the articles category also educates you about the usage and choice of the products. The Products category is further divided into Rifles, Handguns, Black powders, and Shotguns.

For ease of access and to easily locate a product, you can also use different filters for models as well as manufacturers. You can also sort the products by relevance, popularity, ratings, and reviews. The interesting thing is that you can search within the category. You will be really glad to look at the special filters like ‘Made in the USA’, ‘In Stock’, ‘Products with Articles’, and ‘Products with Videos’. Along with the products, different reviews are also available, which you can read before buying any product and which will also help you a lot in the right choice of the products. The firearms category contains a total of 3577 products.

Rifle Parts

riflepartsThe subcategories of the Rifle Parts are Barrel Parts, Bolt Parts, Books & Videos, Forend & Hand-guard, Gas System parts, Grip parts, Muzzle devices, Receiver parts, Safety parts, Sights, Stock parts, and Trigger parts. All other things like filters and sort options are same as the previous category. The ‘Rifle Parts’ category contains a total of 7031 products.

Handgun Parts

handgunpartsThe important handgun parts are further sub-divided into following categories: Action parts, Barrel parts, Frame parts, Grip parts, Recoil parts, Safety parts, Sights, Slide parts, and Trigger Group parts. The total items in the Handgun parts category are 5629.

Shotgun Parts

shotgunpartsThe following Shotgun parts are available on the Brownells website: Barrel parts, Bolt parts, Choke Tubes & accessories, Magazine Tube parts, Receiver & action parts, Sights, Stock & Forend parts, and Trigger Group parts. Total of 4471 products are available in this category.

Emergency and Survival gear

safetyThis is one of the most important products offered by Brownells because it offers you many things at one place. The items included in this category are Backpack & bags, Clothing, Emergency Electronics, Fire Starters, First Aid, Food & Cooking Supplies, Hygiene, Knives, Lighting, security Cameras, Self Defense, Shelter & Bedding, supplies, Survival Kits, Tools, and Water & hydration.


The Brownells features hundreds of manufacturers which are very easy to access because they are mentioned in the “Manufacturers” category in alphabetical order.


Brownells is a store that not only provides you with the most efficient and latest firearm accessories, but it also provides you different career options. The company offers competitive base pay as well as a bonus. If you work for the company, it also offers benefit programs like free medical and dental checkups. It also offers life and disability support. The other things that the company offers are paid holidays, paid time off, wellness programs, flexible working schedules, and other community involvement activities.

The best thing about the careers offered by Brownells is that you not only work, but you learn as well. It offers different development opportunities that enhance the skills of the employees. If you work for Brownells, you can also pursue your career goals. The other things that the company offers are NRA memberships, training, and access to a hunting preserve.

All the current positions that are available currently are mentioned on the Company’s website, and it is suggested that you keep on checking these posts because the company keeps on updating the latest positions.

News and Media

newspressBrownells is such a big company that it features more than 90,000 products and it means lots of news about the company must also be available. If you are a firearms enthusiast, and you like the products of Brownells, then there is no need to go anywhere to read the latest news and updates regarding the products of the company because the company itself features News and Media section. Different subcategories in the News and Media section are Industry News, New Products, logos, Public Relations, Company History, and Executive Bios. The launch of new products by the country, what are its public relations, what are its logos, and what is company’s history, you can know all about these things in the News and Media section of the company.


sinclairlogobwSinclair is a company that offers outstanding quality products of firearms, gunsmithing tools, and gun parts for precision shooters. The company, Sinclair international, joined Brownells in 2007. The Sinclair International Company has a long history and its foundational motto is ‘selection, service, and Satisfaction”.

Like Brownells, the starting of Sinclair is also very informal. It started in the 1970s when Fred Sinclair built firearms and other reloading tools for different shooters and hunters. Later, a group of shooters along with Fred excelled in optics technology, rifles, and cartridge. Sinclair is an internationally recognized company, and together with Brownells, it is strengthened much more. Companies, collectively, offer latest products and the most useful firearms and other accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.

AR 15 builder

ar15builderOne of the best things about the Brownells website is that you can make your customized guns here. You can access the AR 15 Builder option in the down right corner. Here you can build a new gun from scratch using different options and by selecting different parts. You can add a replica of your existing gun and then you can add new parts to this replica to see how your new gun will look like. You can also save and update the guns you have created.

A Legacy of Giving

Brownells also has a legacy of giving and it gives cash grants for different programs as well as in-kind support. It also supports many activities like law enforcement, military supports, as well as educational opportunities.

Brownells firmly believe that all those heroes in the military who wear uniforms and who risk their lives for the sake of others are really great people and we owe something to them. The organization gladly considers those people which aspire for the betterment and job securities and are military personnel or related to them. Brownells also support gunsmithing and considers gunsmiths a real asset. It is also willing to help and support gunsmiths.

Brownells believe in vibrant and productive society and for which education – inside the classroom as well as outside – is also very important, and for this reason, Brownells is also willing to support many educational activities. The Brownells Company also supports many non-profit organizations, and thus, in turn, is willing to make the world a better place to live in.

Ordering, Customer Services, and Social Media

It is extremely easy to order anything you want and it will be shipped to your house. Brownells offer 100% forever guarantee on everything. All the terms and policies of the company are mentioned on the last of the homepage and it is highly suggested that you read all of these before ordering any product. You can also contact the company for any details or for further help.

The website accepts all the famous paying services and it also features all the popular social media extensions like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.

Coupons and Benefits

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