Burpee Coupon Codes, Promo Code

Burpee is an online retailer of seeds and plants in the US. It started back in 1881, and has since been providing Americans with seeds from the organic ones to the newest hybrids. Burpee’s horticulturists have themselves contributed significantly to the hybrid seed community. Due to their long history, there have been quite a few unique moments for Burpee. It was the first company to offer yellow seed corn. They also introduced a new cabbage variety called Surehead. Their most recent developments and innovations include a variety of tomato which is seedless; and a new kind of watermelon which they had named Snackpack. Although, the times have changed, they still print their catalogs yearly and have them posted to their customers. As you can imagine, they also have a very well-designed web store which displays all their products online.

Burpee provides seeds and plants for the following main categories: With Vegetables, Flowers, Perennials, Herbs, Heirlooms, Fruit, and Organics. The section on vegetables contains more than 70 listed. They have the regular cauliflower’s, celery, garlic, beans; and the seldom heard off endives, mesclun, and shallots. If you are a person who likes to grow his vegetables at home and free from artificial pesticides and chemicals, this is the section for you. They provide seeds which are taken from organically grown vegetables; but, they also provide many indigenous and foreign hybrid seeds.

The flower section has more than 80 seeds and flowers listed. They contain all the regular pansies, petunias, dahlias, and morning glories. The whole website is designed for ease of access and you can find helpful articles listed right beneath the products that you browse. Likewise, the perennials section has close to a 100 entries in the list. This level of diversity can be found in all the other sections as well.

However, what we really found useful was their Help with Your Garden Section. This contains very helpful articles and videos about plants in general, especially if you’re a beginner planting your own garden. It helps you with articles such as: How To Grow Blueberry Plants, Container Vegetables, Growing berries, Harvesting Vegetables, etc.

If you would like to browse through all their seeds and plants, feel free to visit their well-designed web store. You can purchase all their products online. They support all major online payment methods. They ship to all the US states and many other international destinations as well. If you have any difficulty in using their site, you can contact their customer services via phone or email. Additionally, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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