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The butterflyphoto.com is one of the leading providers in consumer electronics in North America. They serve their customers from over 65,000 square feet warehouse as well as retail stores in New Jersey.
Butterfly.com provides research to the shoppers for comparison and purchase of products. The website offers the latest products in the marketplace by leading brands such as Panasonic, Sony, LG, Hitachi, Samsung, Pioneer, Canon, Nixon, Olympus, Onkyo, Yamaha and Sharp.
The customer’s order will be shipped when the order that you have made is available. The Credit and Fraud Protection Department is responsible for credit verification. Most of the orders are sent within two business days. There is no processing or shipping of goods during the weekend. In case of a delay, they will work hard to contact you. They contact using the email or through phone.

With the exception of TV sets, all the other products are shipped through FedEx. FedEx has a reputation of making three attempts to deliver the products that they are given before returning those goods to Butterflyphoto.com. The customer signature is required when the products are delivered through FedEx. If the customer is unable to sign for the order it is returned to the company. The customer cannot be refunded with the handling and shipping charges.

Shipping Charges
The shipping charges are automatically computed based on the size and weight of an item immediately it is placed in the shopping cart. The weight and size of the item matters a lot when doing the computation. This depends on the shipping method that you choose during the checkout stage of your shopping. The actual method is based on the description of every item that is shipped. Once you click on the button, some information will be displayed about the shipping options available as well as the corresponding charges. You can equally check on the shipping cost of an order by placing all the items that you need on the shopping cart. That is very easy to do when shopping.

Product Designs
The majority of the items on ButterflyPhoto.com which offers an exclusive refund. There is a 14-day exchange or refund policy. The online customers have a lot to enjoy. There are products which cannot be accepted on credit. All exchanges must be repaired by the service centers which are authorized by the manufacturers. The TVs 19 inch and over of various brands such as Panasonic is the best example. The Digital DVD recorders, computers, ear buds, printers, headphones as well as note computers.

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