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Logo is one of the major online game retailers which provides keys for Xbox, PS, and PC games. They started back in 2012 with the aim of getting the merchandize to their customers at the best possible value. This is made possible by having direct contracts with the distributers and buying them in bulk. Since, all their operations are in the digital realm, they can transfer maximum cost benefits to the customers. Traditionally, the CD Keys were available on the physical CD/DVDs. They were used for registering or activating the product. But, that has all changed with the rise of online systems.

Things to Know about Them

  • Started operations in 2012
  • Complete Digital Operations
  • Live delivery system
  • Efficient automated system for self service
  • Varied payment options in multiple currencies

The Products

It provides a range of services and subscriptions along with CD Keys. They can be found under the following headings: PC, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo, Top-Ups, and ITunes. They have all the latest games available through all the supported platforms. Let us go through them one by one, to better understand the extent of their inventory.



There is a war going on between the different platforms on the internet. PC vs Console is a very interesting topic. On the one hand gaming started from the consoles, but on the other hand a majority of even the modern ones are optimized to run at only 30 fps. In the end, a PC does have certain advantages over console games. First of all, there is a whole genre of games which is almost unplayable on the platforms. We are of course talking about the RTS games. Even old classics like Age of Empires are pretty much still unplayable on consoles, unless you go to all the trouble of attaching a mouse and keyboard to the Xbox.

Another major advantage that PC gamers have is in terms of raw power. Without doubt a custom built PC can easily outclass a console like PS4 or XBOX. And there is the added advantage of being able to upgrade as newer technology comes in. But, even from a pure gaming perspective there is more content available for the PC versions. This is mainly due to large Modding Community which is very active on the PC. There is just no way to do this on the consoles yet. Generally speaking the games have been much cheaper on PC and there are fewer compatibility issues.

They have all the new PC games available at really great prices.

Dark Souls 3

You Died! But, on a more serious note, if you are ready to get killed again and again and again with the third installment in the series, which is known for its picturesque horror graphics and a difficult learning curve, which is none the less rewarding, then feel free to use their discounted price to enter into a world which is on fire and quite dark. You are an undead warrior trying to prevent an apocalypse. You would have to face cunning foes which are merciless in their determination to rid your undead exterior. And be content in the knowledge that no one will mourn your death. And there is no princess to be rescued as well. Needless to say that it has received high ratings from critics, with 8/10 on GameSpot and a 9.5 on IGN.


If you would rather play a bit more strategic game, then how about Stellaris, which is a space based real time strategy. The overall game mechanics are pretty old school. You start with a small fleet and one planet and then expand your outreach to others, discovering new species, etc. Each system can only have one species and the technology advances with time. However, there are different species which you can choose from when starting your empire. Each species has their own gameplay style with unique technology trees and characteristics. So, if you enjoy a good ole RTS which is visually superb and set in space, then you can find it discounted at

The Division

The Division

Few games have received such coverage and critical acclaim as The Division and with good reason as well. It is one of the best open world third person tactical shooters out there. Generally receiving positive reviews, it is a fresh breath of air in the arena. Sadly, it isn’t the most original gameplay out there, but it is well done. You will be part of the Division a special unit which is deployed to make Manhattan great again, after being quarantined. The storyline is well worth the price and will be good enough for even the most stringent critics. The open world is amazing and the whole rendering of New York City is absolutely amazing. If we were to grade it just on the basis of graphical fidelity it would score 10/10.

Initially, we had a few qualms about the graphical fidelity as its development started way back in 2013, but Ubisoft has done its homework and the world is beautiful and downright spectacular. We are not big fans of a game being released in parts and DLC, but there is little we can do regarding it. On the other hand, even we have to accept that it takes a lot of juice out of the developers to develop something of this quality.



PlayStation has ruled the hearts and minds of whole generations of gamers. This gaming console out of Japan was one of the first to attract games which had high quality graphics and some cool storytelling and we are not talking about Kingdom Hearts alone. Although, it was a very fine game indeed, that is not their greatest achievement. PS2 has undoubtedly been the highest selling console in the history of consoles. To date it has sold over 155 million units. No other consoles, including its successors, come even close to this figure. The closest one is the original PlayStation which stands at 102 million units sold. Needless to say that it also has the highest selling console in the current generation. PS4 launched in 2013 has sold 36 million units.

Despite all the above information due to PS policies, they do not have a large amount of games keys available for PSN. There are some interesting titles which will keep gamers occupied and at some really cool prices.

Child of Light

There are games which are known for their characters and then there are games which excel at almost every level. Child of light is an RPG, but it isn’t an RPG about powerful male characters and over sexualized female side-kicks. Rather, it is an artistically hand drawn adventure about a little girl who steps outside to save her father. The gameplay is interesting, the music score is good, and the overall storyline, the most important feature of any RPG, is downright fantastic. This side scrawling, beautifully drawn-out adventure will keep gamers busy for up to 12 hours.



XBOX was the entry which almost took the market away from a giant in the industry. Launched back in 2001 by Microsoft, it forever polarized the home gaming console community to go for one or the other of the two major consoles. It was also the first one to include on board storage and has forever earned the gratitude of countless console gamers on earth who were tired of DVDs getting useless after hours of play. The others in the arena had to follow soon. After a decade and a half, it receives almost all the games which are released for PS.

And despite CD Keys shortfall in the PS section, they have a reasonable collection for XBOX. You will find the latest titles available for some really cool prices here. But, in truth this is only a part of their services. You will also get access to Gift Cards, Memberships, and Season Passes along with the games.


This will always be known as the game for which almost half the gaming community in the US called in sick at work on its release date. Few games have had a more radical impact on the gaming industry in general than the Grand Theft Auto Series. We often ask ourselves why this is so popular. The answer is a bit alarming to be honest: deep down we all want to turn into maniacs and go on killing sprees while stealing other peoples cars; we all want to be gangsters?!! But, jokes aside, it revolutionized the open world gameplay and currently boasts one of the highest total areas for an open world game. So, if somehow you have still not played GTA V and would like to catch it at a great price, then this may be your lucky chance.



This is the oldest surviving gaming console company in the run. It released its first home gaming console back in 1982: the Famicon, short for Family Console. Since, then it has a history of many innovations, including one of the first companies to introduce motion tracking for improved and interactive gameplay. Nintendo DS is the highest selling handheld console in history selling 154 million units since its release. We can all recall playing Mario in our childhood, a series which is still very much alive and kicking. Along with The Legend of Zelda, it is one of the most iconic games in existence. However, Nintendo was eventually sent on the back foot by PS and since has been going pretty much downhill. It is more a choice which is more popular among casual gamers rather than the power hungry ones to be found in the other consoles.

They have a range of different titles which will keep people interested for a long time.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

If you like hunting monsters, you may want to invite your friends over with this one. It is one of the most colorful monster hunting games out there and quite friendly as well. Dark Souls really set the standards pretty high for monster hunting. But, this is the more preferable version. We understand that there can be no comparisons, but who cares.

You are helping out a little town at the edge of the sea, which has a dressed up cat as a chef and a friendly fish squad which will help you out in finding the buried treasures of the ocean. The main attraction however is the excellent gameplay and the diversity of monsters. Nintendo has always had a fun multiplayer/ Co-op advantage over other platforms and this advantage is utilized to the fullest in this game. You can actually have players in the same room playing on both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.  Imagine the opportunities it can bring. The parties just got more awesome.

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