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This is an online retail store which provides solutions for a number of skin types. There is a solution for the skins which are extremely dry and anything in between. These types of skins do not need the lotion only. This is where the Remedy Advanced Skin Care comes in. This product is composed of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants that play a great role in nourishing the skin. The product was originally produced to help in soothing and relieving the skin from skin irritations which are commonly associated with cancer treatments. This remedy currently has got wider applications in the healthcare facilities across the world. The great benefits of using the remedy have been seen by patients, nurses and doctors.

There are many reasons why we must think of using this remedy in our lives: The remedy is very gentle in most skin types. Its pH is well balanced and it is non-cytotoxic, it is not allergic or irritating to the skin where it is applied. The silicone is contained in the Remedy skin protectants. This locks the natural moisture through the use of Zinc Oxide which help in keeping perspiration and other moisture out of the body.
The third advantage of using the Remedy is that it was created to be gentle on the skin but highly effective in eliminating the problems on such skins. It nourished the skin in addition to its primary purpose.
Take remedy skin assessment
The company always has the right skin regimen for the various types of skins. There are those which are quite sensitive, dry, flaky and acne-prone.
Remedy with Olivamine
The Remedy Skin Repair Skin is the company’s most popular product. It is acquired from the Olivamine line. This product is made up of a number of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. The resultant lotion is very nourishing to the skin. It is capable of shooting the irritations experienced on the skin. It is a good scent to accompany its beneficial uses.
Remedy with Phytoplex
This is a product that is specifically formulated for those skins which are very sensitive. This is an exclusive brand made of natural ingredients which are obtained from marine and botanical sources. The product is not made up of phthalates, parabens, sulfates and aloe. It is used in caring for the most sensitive skins. There are gentle cleansers, lip balm which is free from petroleum and moisturizers.
This is the most used emollient in the world. There are a few people who are allergic to this ingredient.
Various authorities have reported that there are no reasons as to why consumers should be concerned about this ingredient. Despite that observation, some clinicians prefer to use other preservatives instead of parabens.
A large number of studies have concluded that this ingredient has a number of negative side effects to the consumers. It is therefore avoided.
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