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Who They Are is an online website for the DIY Craft cutting machine by the same name. Founded back in 1969, it has since helped countless people to complete their DIY projects. It is one of the oldest dye cutting automated systems in the market. There have been quite a few models since its inception, with every new model increasing the horizon of what can be done at home with ease. But, currently there are two models available for purchase in the market. They provide a complementary design space for their machine. People can find preset designs and simply upload them to the machine or start from scratch.

Things to Know about them

  • One of the oldest DIY craft machine makers since 1969
  • An excellent design space, with countless projects
  • Many supportive materials can be ordered directly through them
  • The current versions can cut through more than 60 different materials.

The Products

Their products and services can be divided into the following main categories: Cricut Explore, Design Space, Apps, Images & Subscriptions, and Supplies. Let us go through them briefly to get a better understanding about their scope.

Cricut Explore

This is the main category which lists their currently available products in the market. There are two of them:

Cricut Explore One

This is the less costly of the two machines. However, it barely lacks in functionality from the other. For one, it can cut all the materials that the other one can. These include paper, card stock, iron-on, vinyl, and even heavy materials such as leather and felt. This means that making a leather bracelet is as easy as making a card using Cricut Explore One.

Cricut Explore

The whole process starts when you decide on starting a project. It could be to make the decorations for your niece’s upcoming birthday or something as simple as making a card. You can go to the design space and choose from one of the many preset designs or you can start from scratch if you like to challenge yourself artistically.

The second step includes picking up a material. You have the option of choosing from 60 different materials. The main ones can be set using the dial, whereas the others can be set using the custom tab. Once you have inserted the proper material, give the command to cut. In just a couple of minutes, depending on the complexity of your design, you will have the design ready. Once finished, carefully separate the design and proceed to next step or begin assembling the project. It really is as simple as that.

The overall number of materials that it can cut is truly amazing. It has two blades. The standard blade is for normal materials such as cardboard and vinyl. The Deep Cut Blade is for tougher materials such as chipboard, Birch wood, magnet, Faux Leather, and even heavy Chipboard. The number of projects that you can do using this is truly amazing.

Cricut Explore Air

This is the pricier version of the two. It has some truly fabulous integrated features. The whole machine can be controlled via Bluetooth for wireless operations. The rest of the functionality is pretty much the same.

Design Space

Design Space

This is the place where all the designing takes place. Technology is becoming more and more integrated and we would have been disappointed if they did not offer cross platform support. You can pretty much start a project on your phone, continue it on the tablet, and finish it on the computer. Everything you do in your project is saved to the cloud. This means that it is available anywhere you are.

If you like to make the designs the old fashioned way: by hand, then it is possible to print and cut them as well. Just upload the pic to the designs space and in just a minute you will have access to the designs all cut out.

There are two ways to access the content on the design space. The first one involves purchasing each picture, which will only cost you 99 cents. However, if you plan to go full out and start a lot of projects, then they have a monthly subscription which gives unlimited access to their designs at $9.99. The projects have clear instructions and all the details that you need to complete them.


This section contains the apps which will provide synchronization across the platforms. You can download the apps to your iPhone or iPad.

Images & Cricut Access

Here you will find all the subscription and cartridge details about cricut and the design space. In all of this, remember that your own images and their tools are totally free.


Supplies’ contains all the related accessories, materials, and items that will be needed in your projects. They have cutting materials and various accessories that will help you out throughout the projects.

We would recommend buying the Cricut in a bundle offer. It will automatically give you access to material for your first projects. Once you have more experience, you should be able to buy whatever you want.

Coupons and Benefits

Designing isn’t cheap, and although the overall cost to make the products via Cricut is less when compared to buying them from the market, still that can amount to a lot of initial investment. Regardless, it is an essential for all people who have a creative side and like to make things themselves. Rebateszone can alleviate any cost worries by giving access to Coupon codes. These promo codes will bring down the price and make the whole setup affordable. But, like all coupons they have a flaw: short expiry times, so use them ASAP.

How to Use them

1.Select the model/accessories that you would like to order and Proceed to Checkout.

2. Here you will have to sign in or create an account.

3. On the Checkout page you will find the Discount Coupons Box, right beneath the Shipping Section.

coupon code

4. Copy the code from Rebateszone and paste it here.

5. Click Apply. The page will refresh to show the discounted prices.

6. If you are satisfied with the results, place the order by clicking Submit Order.