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Coffee Bean is a website which is maintained by the largest privately owned specialty coffee and tea franchise in America. It was started in 1963, in Brentwood, California by Herbert Hyman. He was the driving force behind Americas gourmet coffee industry that we see today. The company was eventually sold to Sassoon brothers from Singapore, in 1998. It has stayed with them to this date. They expanded the company globally and in the USA very successfully. It has also been popular among celebrities and politicians. The place in Brentwood has been frequented by Ronald Reagan, Johnny Carson, and Lee Marvin, among various other personalities.

They were initially successful because of the innovations that they brought to the industry. They were famous for letting customers sample the beans and had them arranged according to the country of origin. Perhaps, their most innovative product of the time was the Ice Blended Drinks, which started from a simple mix of ice, coffee extract, and chocolate powder. This has also been claimed to be the predecessor of the famous Frappuccino drink served in Star Bucks.

To this day, this practice is a core of their business. The origin of the coffee bean, in essence, affects the taste, look, and the smell of the coffee. According to their website, for their reserve coffee, they only select top 1% of the Arabica Beans found at very high altitudes of 6000 feet.

Their website is arranged according to the following categories: Coffee, Tea, CBTL, Essentials, Gift Cards, and Subscription. The Coffee section contains the following types of roasted coffee: Light & Subtle, Light & Distinctive, Medium & Smooth, Dark & Distinctive, Decaffeinated, Flavored, and Reserve. Likewise, the tea section has all the regular Gree, Black, Oolong, Herbals, and other teas. Their CBTL section has various types of blends for the coffee machines. They also feature coffee machines from various manufacturers, here.

If you are interested and want to see for yourself the products that they offer you can visit any of their 1000 franchises around the world. Or, you can visit their well-designed website at your laptop. You can order all their products online, which they deliver to all the US states and Singapore. For more details regarding international destinations, please visit their section on shipping. The will accept unopened products back in 30-Days. If you have any additional questions or would like to return a defective product, you can contact their customer service via email or phone. Additionally, you can also follow them on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google +.

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