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Who They Are

Coupaw.com is an online deals website catering to the need of owners and pets. It was started back in 2011 by FamilyPet.com and has an interesting story. The owners after moving to New York City, used a dog walking service and were so impressed by it that they decided to tell all their friends about it. This brought massive business to the place. The place decided to give a special discount to the owners. This had a lasting impression and it lead to them searching out excellent services to make it easier for themselves and their friends. Eventually, this turned into Coupaw. Since its inception, it has helped thousands of people save money and provided quality food and items to their pets, all at the same time.

Coupaw was recently acquired by Greater Good, a charity for pets. Their main website is The Animal Rescue Site, which is highly charitable and operates to finance the charitable wing. This adds another dimension to Coupaw, a charitable one. This means that for every order you place on Coupaw, 6 meals will be provided to rescued animals. This is how we change the world. You will be purchasing quality food for not only your own pet, but some rescued animal will survive in another place in one of their rescue centers.

Similarly, Family Pet is a network of websites which all cater towards providing the best possible care to the pets. It includes websites for Training, Dog Walking, Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting, Pet Waste Removals, and many more.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in 2011
  • Started out of a will to help pets and people
  • Now a part of the Greater Good, an animal charity organization
  • Also part of Family Pet, a holistic network which provides levels of care to animals.
  • Has helped countless pets in one way or another.

Pet Situation and Coupaw’s Contribution

Before we launch into the countless deals that they offer that you can take away from the website, we would like to stress on the issue of animal homelessness. Some of you may say that people are living homeless, why should we care about pets? But, the simple fact is that people who do not have empathy for pets will have no empathy for humans. We are responsible for both and it is high time we take some steps to counter them. Some of these facts may break your heart, but it is for the Greater Good.

About 70 million stray cats live in the US alone. These do not include any companion cats. The number of companion animals that enter the animal shelter are almost 5-7 million per year. Out of these only 20-30 % are adopted. Now, here is the heart breaker, about 3-4 million rejected cats and dogs are euthanized every year. And euthanize is a fancy word for kill humanely. But, you have to ask yourself: is any killing really humane?

But, sometimes it is better to be euthanized! The companion animals do not fare well in small kennels. They are faced with anxiety and a percentage of them die due to general deterioration of health. Things are made even worse by owners who are not ready to care for the litter and do not neuter their pet.

Now that you know what the situation is, you will be better able to understand the difference that Coupaw is trying to make with Greater Good.

Products and Services

The main deals are divided into the following categories: All Dog, All Cat, Chews/Treats, Toys, Home Goods, Accessories, and Health. Apart from this they have short sections for people who want Subscriptions, a VIP section, and Clearance. Let us go through them briefly to get a better idea about the range and diversity of the deals available.

All Dog

All Dog

This section is reserved for all things Dog. You will get access to food, treats, and various accessories for man’s best friend. If you were to take advice from us, we would recommend the 5-pocket Water Resistant Car Seat Cover. It will save the interiors of your ride and provide a comfortable cover to sit for your canine friend. You can use the pockets to store your dog’s favorite toys. It is made from durable materials and will not rip easily.

All Cat

All Cat

This is for the coolest animals on earth, cats. If you are a cat lover who owns these fearsome, yet cute and cuddly creatures, then you will find quite a lot of good deals here. Domesticating an animal can make them totally dependent on you for food. This can lead to problems and we suggest using interactive cat toys and food dispensing toys to help them get some exercise. We would suggest using Original Cat Buddy Catnip Kicker Toy. Or the Wild Wobbler Interactive Cat Toy would serve the purpose as well.



If you like a product very much and think a regular subscription would serve the function better, then you can set up regular subscriptions for the products listed on the Subscriptions page. These mostly include treats, other food stuffs, and health related items.


The VIP section will give you access to some really cool VIP deals. It will lead to increased savings, make you eligible for free gifts, and you will additionally get 5% off all purchases.

Coupons and Benefits

Coupons have been employed by companies since time immemorial. Before the advent of internet they were usually coupled with other products of the company or linked to shopping till a specific amount. Another popular way to distribute them was through magazines. This was all made convenient by the internet. Now, there are websites like Rebateszone, which will help you enjoy good discounts no matter where you are.

So, if you are impressed by the overall cause that Coupaw is trying to bring to the front and would like to make use of the deals, we can make them even sweeter by giving you access to Coupaw.com promo codes. But, like all coupons they have a short life. Use them while you still can.