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Who They Are

DiscreteClothing.com is an online retailer which sells men’s and women’s clothing and headwear. The idea was conceived back in 2003 by Julian Carr in a computer science class learning about discrete principles. These are principles with a mathematical nature that cannot be concretely defined. This is what Julian has based his headwear line on. The brand believes in unique pieces which are comfortable and chic. Incidentally, most of the pieces in the apparel line are actually named after popular mathematical and computer concepts. This forms the basis of all discrete style.

There isn’t a thing which is not interesting about this brand. However, the most interesting thing is perhaps its logo. The logo represents the Tower of Hanoi in its simplified 2 dimensional and black & white form. Why the Tower of Hanoi you say? The short answer is that it is considered by some to be the first algorithm ever to have developed. There is a very popular game on it. As the legend goes, three monks were ordered to move 64 golden disks across three towers with some very specific rules. They had to move them one by one and no disk can be placed on a smaller one. Add to this the fact that only the top most disc can be moved each time and you have a real puzzle.

Who They Are new

The puzzle was invented by Edouard Lucas, who was inspired by this age old legend. He discovered that there was a simple algorithm to doing all this and the total number of moves required could be calculated using the formula 2n – 1, where n is the number of disks. A puzzle with only three disks can be completed in only seven moves. There are other parts in the legend which say that once the monks are able to complete the transfer the world will end, or the world will be enlightened.

Thanks to algorithms we now know that it would take them a minimum of 18,446 trillion turns to complete the puzzle. Now, if they were to move them at 1 second each, then it would come up to somewhere between 585 billion years. Just to put that in perspective, this is 127 times the life of our sun. This is the power of algorithms and this fascination with computer science can be found throughout Discrete Clothing.

Things to Know About Them

  • Founded in 2003
  • Headwear and clothing store with uniqueness
  • The logo is a symbol of the Tower of Hanoi
  • They are sports fanatics in general and ski fanatics in particular.

The Products

Despite their apparent roots in providing the proper headgear, they do also sell other products. The complete list of categories include: Men’s, Women’s, New Arrivals, Shop Our Instagram, Peak Series, #rockdiscrete, and Custom. Let us go through them briefly, to give you a better understanding of the range and diversity of products on offer.



The Men’s section is further divided into T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Neckies, Beanies, and Sale. The T-Shirts are marked by simple designs and most of them have the Discrete Clothing logo or insignia on them in one way or another. So, this section is for people who love what they are trying to promote. The t-shirts are present across a range of different colors and you are sure to find one you love.

Hoodies are an essential part of the skiing experience. They keep you warm, do not flap in the wind, and generally show low resistance in the wind. The Hoodies are also available in the whole color spectrum. These have exquisite designs and are one of a kind.


Hats is the section where the real creative genius lies. They feature fabulous designs, which are unique and very much reminiscent of the Discrete Principles discussed earlier in the review. However, we would recommend the Chip 5 Panel, as one of their best works. Modeled into something like a half military styled cap and a mesh, this is the thing to go for if you like to protect yourself from the sun and still keep a bit of air around your old noodle. We are also impressed by their Flash. It has a flowery pattern on the P portion of the cap, which contrasts beautifully with the simple black head. This is completed by the pink button on the top. The Discrete logo sits proudly in the middle of the whole construct.

A neckie is one of the most important things when you are skiing down the hill at quite some speed. If you do not use this essential item, then you may find that frostbite can actually cause your lips to be taken away. Although, this is a worst case scenario, why take the chance when you can use a Neckie. With designs like the Neck Gaiter, native pattern, camo, and Tactical, you will find them a right fit with any one of your skiing outfits.

Beanies are the last, yet not the least important, thing for saving yourself from the cold. Your uncovered head loses the greatest amount of heat to the cold. So, have a beanie and wear it proudly to conserve the heat, when in the colder regions.


Neck Gaiters

This section has a very similar arrangement to the men’s; however the designs are definitely more colorful. Regardless, whether you are looking for a beanie to protect against the cold or a hat to protect from the glares, you will find a range of different items up for sale.

Coupons and Benefits

Coupons are a great way to save some cash. They can be used in the checkout process to save some money. If you are impressed by the Discrete Clothing Brand and are now looking for some promo codes to give you the necessary support to go through with your decisions, then you have come to the right place. Rebateszone has some of the classiest coupons for DiscreteClothing.com, they will help you buy the desired products. But, like all promo codes, they have an inherent flaw: they will expire in a short amount of time. So, use them while you still can.