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This website was started by Dr. Michael Ho. This is a great doctor who specializes in Acupuncture and Chiropractic. He has been involved in teaching and practicing medicine for the last 18 years. His studies were carried out in many countries such as China, Canada, United States and Sri Lanka. This great doctor has dedicated his whole life towards the study of natural medicine as well as self-care. Dr. Michael is a great believer in the body’s healing powers and it is clear that the body when exposed to the right conditions has the ability to restore its ideal conditions.

Dr. Ho has played a great role in the field of medicine by using his experience to treat a large number of patients. He always attends to his patients by pay attention to minor details about their health. He always aims at identifying and properly correcting the causes of illnesses that cause problems in the health of those patients. He is not after relieving pain but eliminating the cause of that problem completely.
In the majority of the cases, the patient’s problems are brought about by multiple causes. This is where Dr. Ho identifies those elements which are common among people who suffer from related conditions. A good example is where the patient has pain on the lower back which needs to be relieved. These challenges have forced Dr. Ho to work with innovative scientists as well as engineers in developing products which are customized to help in addressing the major causes of health problems.
Dr. Ho strongly believes that poor diet and sedentary lifestyles are the main reasons which bring the problems experienced by the patients. These problems require that every person must take initiative to promote good health. That is the only way through which people can maximize on the quality of life that they experience. Many years of experience has given Dr. Ho extensive knowledge about the human body. When such knowledge is combined with innovative thinking, the results are wonderful. These efforts have lead to development of a wide range of products which are used in helping many people across the world to lead a great lifestyle.
Dual Muscle Therapy System
Dr. Ho was able to identify many factors that lead to painful conditions such as headaches, migraines, spinal related problems and accidents caused by conditions of work and sports. The patients suffer from physical strains which are repetitive, muscle tension, joint movement restrictions, excessive emotional stress while at home or place of work. The founder of this company utilized many therapeutic devices on the market that were designed for clinical applications. These applications disappointed Dr. Ho because of the limited results more especially for the case of chronic pain patients. It was also noted that some of the devices were not consistent in the production of results. That means that they work well initially and then stopped working as well as before. This happens because they same the body becomes assimilated.So, if you are going to get treatment from Drhonow, then don’t forget to use Dr. Honow coupons as this can save you money.