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The Seiko Epson Corporation is a company that has been in business for over 100 years. It started as a watch making company and then later on brought to the world the first quartz watch and many other firsts. They kept this tradition of using innovation and invention to create products which are very accurate and smaller in size. This is what they are still doing today having developed the world’s most advanced micromechantronics which have great capacities for high precision and ultra fine processing.
Epson America, Inc has a vision of driving the Digital Image Innovation through the provision of high-tech solutions which are focused on the fields of imaging on glass, imaging on paper and imaging on paper. In order to achieve this vision, the company must engage in innovative activities. Their innovation is focused on value addition and imaging products.
The Seiko Epson Corporation is the parent company of Epson America, Inc. It is a technology company with global operations. It is engaged in robotics, machinery, electronics and precision. Epson provides a great variety of products which are award-winning in their own context. There are products used for image capture and output. They are the best for use by various markets such as graphic arts, photographic, consumer and business. The company also leads in the supply of point-of –sale added value printers as well as the transaction terminal for the retail market. The company was founded in 1975 and established its headquarters in a place called Long Beach in California.
The management of the continue continues to position the company as a leader in the provision of still and moving image. These are the products that make communication richer and deliver color to people from all over the world. Their main strategy is that of committed customer service and Digital Image Innovation.
The company has many established sales offices all over the United States and then some subsidiaries in Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. There are also a few sales offices in Peru and Argentina.
The company has an Electronic Media Kit that supplies all companies with the information that they need. By following this news, you will be the first one to know what is going on with the company.
There are many advantages as to why you should print directly on CD/DVD as compared to printing a label and then attaching it to such disc. The first advantage is that it costs less because you will be required to purchase only the inkjet printable discs instead of buying the discs and then the adhesive labels. It also quite convenient since it is just a one step process. There is no wasting time in putting the labels in place.
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