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Who They Are

EventBrite.com is an online ticketing system from the US. It was founded back in 2006 by Kevin Hartz, Julia Hartz, and Renaud Visage. They were one of the first people to launch an online ticketing website and despite many competitors out there, somewhere in the range of 170 +, it has retained much of its market share, which it captured in the early days. Currently headquartered in San Francisco, USA, they provide services to more than 187 countries around the world. The scope of their services can be judged from the fact that they assist almost 2 million events per year and ticket sales of more than 4 million per month.

Things to Know about Them

  • Started in 2006
  • Operate in 187 countries
  • 2 million events per year go through them
  • They process more than 4 million tickets per month
  • Available in a range of different languages
  • Has different website for different regions

Products and Services

Event Brite was formed to free the time of the organizers. It functions on the principles that the organizers should focus on organizing instead of worrying about managing attendees. The simple version is that you will create an event, promote it, and finally host the event. The service is absolutely free if you are hosting a free event. However, if you are charging for the ticket, then there is a low fee for the services.

Create an Event

Create an Event

To create the event, you will have to sign up and fill in the event details. The second step involves choosing the type of tickets that you want to display. You have to choose from free and paid. This pretty much sums up the create event process.

You can optimize a number of options for the event. You can make the event private, so that only those invited can register, or purchase the tickets. Then some special tickets can only be reserved for a particular class of people. If you have limited seats, an automatic wait list can be set up. This is a great feature which will automatically inform interested parties in case a spot opens up. This is followed by automated reminders, etc.

You can make sub accounts  to give your whole team varied access and control of over different functions. You do not have to take care of the whole thing alone. The actual tickets can be sold on your, your website, Facebook page, or even some affiliate websites. In any case, you can generate an event URL which will make it easier for contacted parties to reach you.

Event creation is not just about selling tickets. Any event is a reflection of your brand value; you have enough tools to mode your space to represent the brand. You can showcase speaker profiles, have a social stream with pictures of the place, and the whole setup is inherently mobile friendly.

The ticket itself can be designed completely from scratch. After you have designed the ticket simple select the methods through which your attendees can access them. Options include free print at home e-tickets for the event; smart phone tickets that will allow the attendees to pull them up on the phone; and if you want it to be really cool, then barcoded and RFID wristbands which can be scanned at the entrance to make for a cool reception.

Promote the Event

What good is an event which no one knows about? It will not generate revenue or fulfill any purpose. A whole range of promotional tools are available to increase awareness of the event. First of all, there are the direct email invitations. They work best if you already have a database and clients which will be interested in the event. If you are just starting out, do not worry, for there are other ways to promote it.

Social media and online advertising are an excellent way to reach out to potential attendees. Their extensive set of tools will allow you to promote on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can schedule posts from your own Event Brite account directly. Their social media sharing policies will allow you to optimize for the best possible results. Online advertising is available through Google, Facebook, and Twitter. However, some of these features may incur additional costs.

But, you do not have to do all the work. You can set up Affiliate programs and issue discounts and promo codes. They even have widgets which can help in promoting the event directly on WordPress websites. In addition, you can design your own posters with ease in the provided space.

The effect of all these promotional activities can be tracked via their systematic Reporting & Analytics. You can trace which promotional activities are generating the maximum effect and concentrate your efforts on them. If you are more comfortable with Google Analytics then you can connect your Google Analytics account to their system to track people.

Pricing and Payment Options

Payments new


The pricing totally depends on you. As stated earlier, if you are hosting a free event, their services are free as well. If you are charging the attendees, then you will have to pay a small service fee.

The payment options are great. They will take care of everything from collection to depositing the amount in your account. You can choose to absorb the fees into the price or have the attendees pay the fees as well. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards. Apart from this attendees can choose to pay via PayPal as well. This is supplemented by Direct Deposit and Offline payments via check. And if you want to take an advance then that option is available as well.

Check In and Onsite Operations

They have integrated tickets which can help you check in your guests. The RFID solutions can lead to exquisite automated systems. If you issued tickets with a barcode, you can use their app to turn your phone camera into a barcode scanner to make the whole process smooth.



The visitors and attendees of the event will get access to their end of the services via a well optimized and easy to navigate website. If you are someone who would like to see the musical events in your area, then it is as simple as entering a search term on their website. You can then buy the tickets and be done in 5 minutes.

All of these great things are available along with 24/7 customer support. If at any time you feel stuck or confused you can always call them up to ask for support.

Coupons and Benefits

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