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Who They Are is an online retail store which sells sports apparel, jerseys and fan merchandize of various sports and other teams in America. They started back in 1995 with an on-ground presence but have since taken their business online and also sell at sports venues to make it easier for their customers to interact with them at all levels. They are a licensed merchandize distributer of some of the most popular teams and sports like NFL, MLB, etc. Their popularity stems from the care that they take in making customers and then retaining them. Being fans of these sports themselves, they know the value of the merchandize that they sell is beyond anything that can be paid in simple dollar terms.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in 1995
  • Sell Sports Apparel, Jerseys, and other merchandize
  • Available through online, on-ground, and on-site stores
  • Licensed sellers
  • Huge fans of the sports themselves

The Products

The whole list of products is divided under the following categories:

NHL NASCAR Soccer Olympics
More Sale Players Cities

Let us go through a couple of them to get a better idea about the range and diversity of items available for sale.



Here you will find the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) apparel from all across America. NCAA is a non-profit organization which regulates the college level competitions among other things. It was formed in 1906 and since has been responsible for all the March madness and the sports fever that grips people all over the American States. Currently headquartered in Indianapolis, it holds the countless sports championships for basketball, baseball, football, etc.

There are two ways you can go about shopping in this section. The first one is via your specific team page. They have over 500 teams and their apparel ready for sale. So, if you want the merchandize of Kansas State Wildcats, then you simply have to click on the relevant team link and you will be redirected to their page. There is a whole lot of apparel available for purchase. The list includes T-shirts, Jerseys, hats, and Sweatshirts. Or if you want the whole gear then they have popular collections in the form of basketball gear, etc.

The other classification goes by departments. Each of these two main methods of browsing through a team’s merchandize are compatible with each other and will work in harmony to help you locate just the right items. However, if you are not just browsing through looking for good stuff, but are actually seeking a very specific item which would complete your collection then they also have a search bar which will bring up the product or related products at a single keyword.

But, their college section does not only feature new merchandize, they also have several collectable items and memorabilia, which can be collected. Other items include signed copies and items, which will help you remember the special day.



NFL is one of the most popular leagues in North America. It is followed like no other. Well, perhaps the baseball and basketball have the same level of appreciation as well. It consists of 32 teams divided equally between the two premier partitions: National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. It was founded back in 1920 and has since been organizing the highest Football event in the States. The game has evolved over the years to reach its current form. The current position stands at the 16 game regular season. The NFL is a high time for the TV industry as well. Almost all the major corporations vie for the coveted commercial spots which can cost in millions.

Some really interesting regulations have been applied to regulate the ticket sales for maximum attendance at NFL games. Who does not remember the 2014 season where the NFL carried out its Blackout Policy! We all love to go to the game, but sometimes a large screen is more comfortable than the open atmosphere.

Their NFL section is one of the largest ones we have seen. They carry merchandise for all the 32 teams and it will be hard not to find the right size for any person who is interested in supporting his team. So, whether you are a fan of Atlanta Falcons or Detroit Lions, you are sure to find suitable items to represent your team in the next game. Order the items, wear them and then scream yourself hoarse at the next game. Just remember to take some throat softeners to help you recover from the all the opinions that you think they should adhere to. They have these apparel available in all sizes: big, tall, and plus. Additionally, it is available for men, women, and even kids.

If you are a fan of the Detroit Lions and your son likes to support them as well. Then it may be high time to take him to a game with all the proper gear from Fanatics. It will be a crucial Father/Son bonding moment, which he is likely to remember his whole life. This is the sort of motivation that is required to turn a mere interest into a lifelong pursuit.



This for us is the biggest sport in America. Why? Let’s just say that some of us still like to shoot hoops at the end of a tiring day. For there is nothing more refreshing than to shoot a few hoops at the end of the day. NBA (National Basketball Association) is more recent than competitive football in America. The organization came into existence back in 1946. It had sort of a checkered history before the organization stabilized. The opposing leagues finally reached an agreement in 1976 and it has been stable since then.

It has always been a star studded event and since only five men can play in the court, individual stars have had a great effect on the popularity of the game. The original stars from the starting decades like Wilt Chamberlain and Karim Abdul Jabbar are still revered today, but it is a fact that it was the 1980s when the game finally found its proper footing in terms of national popularity. Incidentally, it was also the era when some of the greatest NBA stars started their career. We are of course talking about the likes of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Later on Jordan came to town and has since been one of the highest profiled NBA players to ever play the game.

If numbers and rivalries are to be considered there is nothing greater than the Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers. Boston Celtics have won the most NBA finals at 17, but their greatest rivals Lakers are only one game behind at 16. Although, it is not the FIBA, which is the international governing body of basketball, still NBA is considered to be the highest professional level playing field for basketball.

If you are a basketball fan like us, then you will find the collection here to be absolutely amazing. Interestingly though, the top bought gear, at the time of writing this, was of players Kobe Bryant, Kawhi Leonard, and Lebron James. However, if you are more interested in some of the most prolific players in the history, then search for Karim Abdul Jabbar who amassed 38,387 points, won six championships, and won the MVP award six times in a career spanning 20 years.

Or Michael Jordan who amassed 32,292 points, with 5 MVP and 6 Finals MVP won, over a career spanning almost 20 years as well. However, they have all retired, so if you want someone more recent we would suggest Kobe Bryant who surpassed Michael Jordan in the total number of points just recently. Bryant along with Lebron James is considered to be a future hall of famer.

And they have an extensive list of merchandize for both these current great players. You will find separate sections on both Lebron James and Kobe Bryant to be full of collectibles, merchandize, and much more.

We feel that there needs to be a section on Lebron James who is one of the few players who could finally go on to break Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s lead in points. In fact, if he continues like this, it is likely that he will become the first player to score 40,000 points in the NBA history. He has had his ups and downs with the fans, but that does not take away from his ability. On a side note, he is also one of the highest paid sportsmen in the world and his opinions carry a lot of weight among the company stalwarts.



Major League Baseball is one of the four oldest organizations in America, starting in 1876. It oversees the game and has 30 teams in the main game and also oversees 240 affiliated teams. It is considered as the highest level of professional baseball in the world. 162 games are played each season. It is the most watched sports league in the world with spectators standing at 74 million in 2013.

It is as much part of the American culture as the next best thing. Traditionally, the skills are passed on to the next generation at a very young age. In fact, most people have fond memories of their father trying to teach them the ball. Hence, it is only natural that a sport which is so deeply embedded into the American population attracts a very high level of media attention as well. Just like in the other major sport events, the commercial costs millions and that is just for the time slot.

Talking about statistics, New York Yankees have won the most number of series, which is at least partly due to the fact they have played the most number of series as well. Still they have the highest win ratio in the World Series having won 27 out of 40 series. However, like most other major sports, baseball has also been hit by steroid controversies, especially in the 1990s when the number of home runs scored in the game increased quite a bit.

So, what does Fanatics have to offer for this major American sport? They have merchandize and apparel available for all the 30 teams. You can simply come here browse through and select the items that you think would work best in supporting your team in the next game.


National Hockey League is the last of the four major sports leagues in America. It was formed back in 1917 and is played by a rostrum of 30 clubs, with 7 of them being from Canada. Montreal Canadiens have won the highest number of titles, standing at a whopping 24 titles. This is quite a large margin ahead of Toronto Maple Leafs which comes second at 13 titles. This is followed by Detroit Red Wings at third with 11 wins. Of the major four leagues, this has had the least success when it comes to media.

Whether you are looking for a Buffalo Sabres jersey or Philadelphia Flyers T-shirt, you will find them and much more in this section.

Some Benefits when Shopping with Them

There are a couple of benefits while shopping with them. We have listed them for you.

  • Flat Rate Shipping at $4.99
  • Free Shipping at orders above $50
  • An unconditional satisfaction guarantee
  • A whole year of hassle free returns
  • And their Low price guarantee

Coupons and Benefits

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How to Use Them

  1. Select the items, put them in cart and come to the summary page.
  2. Here you will find the “Have a Coupon Code?” option.
  3. Copy the April 2016 coupon code from Rebateszone and paste it in the box.Coupon Code
  4. Click Apply. The page will refresh to show the adjusted prices.
  5. If you are satisfied with the discount and items, proceed to secure checkout to complete the transaction.