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Exercising is very important. It can help us lead an active and healthy life. So, today we are going to be reviewing a product which facilitates the overall process. We have not seen anything quite so innovative for quite a while and are really excited to be doing this. So, read on if you want to know more about the product which is called FlipBelt.

Who They Are

Flipbelt.com is an e-commerce site for Level Terrain LLC’s product Flipbelt. It provides a very special product in a category of products, which have not been able to do the job efficiently. It is shaped as a belt, but its main purpose is to hold all your things, during strenuous exercise. And it can hold a lot of things, very conveniently. It

What is Flipbelt?

A Flipbelt is a small belt which can be worn around your waist or in other ways and provides you with storage for keeping your smartphone, keys, etc.

Why the Need for a FlipBelt?

Why The need

So, the first question we need to answer is this one: was there any need of another product, which just holds stuff? The short answer is:  Yes. We have not come across something so incredibly easy to use during exercise. However, let us first look at some of the other competing products and their faults.

Firstly, there is the good old fanny pack. It was once in fashion, but surely anyone still wearing those things is automatically ruled out of the fashion game. Furthermore, a fanny pack is just a small bag on a belt to keep your things. And have you ever tried to take a run wearing it. It is an excruciatingly horrible experience. The things are secure, but most fanny packs bounce around and chafe. When a person goes for a run, every little bit of inconvenience takes away from the overall experience. And in today’s busy lifestyle, you just cannot leave the essential items such as your phone behind. Another big problem with it was the overall weight distribution. The weight distribution was horrible and in some cases enough to change the balance slightly. We are only talking about a simple run in the park; we haven’t even gone on to other more strenuous things.

Apart from this, you can always use the armband, but we will be comparing apples to oranges here. Nevertheless, it has to be done. The armband can be used while taking a short jog, but it has an incredibly small amount of space and there is always the chance that your cell phone will get separated from you and break in the process. So, no, an armband is not really a very viable product to stay chic and carry your stuff as well.

What about the pockets of your running trousers? They suffer from even more flaws than the fanny pack. If you have ever taken a run, with the car keys in your pocket, you will know that they can bounce around a lot. And frankly, with the price of smart phones nowadays, we would not entrust them to any simply pocket.

However, there is another option for ladies: the Sports Bra. It can be used for running, working out, and doing yoga, but it does not have any space for storing things. Some of them do, but you can only keep very small items in them. So, not really a place to store your essential items such as the smartphone, your car keys, or plastic cards. We aren’t even talking about hydration material yet, which by the way is one of the most important things during any exercise. You have to take care about your hydration levels; otherwise you may be lying unconscious in the middle of the run.

That pretty much covers the major competitors out there. To be honest, we cannot even call them true competitors as they do not even come close to FlipBelt. All the other products in the market fail to satisfy the standard that is required when exercising and keeping your essential items from bouncing.

The Benefits of Using FlipBelt


So, now that we have established that there aren’t any viable products which solve the problem of staying comfortable during exercise and still be able to carry the essential items in style, let us delve a bit more deeply into this innovative product called FlipBelt.

It has four distinct qualities which tilt the opinion heavily in its favor.

  1. Can be worn in a number of different ways
  2. Very light weight due to its materials
  3. Stays in its place and keeps the things in their place, effectively reducing the bounce effect to almost nil
  4. Very stretchable to the point that it can hold an iPhone 6 +

Flipbelt is made from 92% micro polymer, 8% Lycra. This premium build is the primary reason for its extra softness and the other qualities. Furthermore, since it does not have a buckle or a fastener of any kind, the chafing is non-existent.

The whole construct is extra stretchy this means that despite its sleek appearance it can carry a whole lot of things. The ideal way to take a short run is to put aside everything in your car and just go with the keys. But, what if something important comes up? With the FlipBelt, you can securely carry your smart phone, keys, wallet, and any other essential items. They will not bounce as they are held securely by the stretchable material. What if you get thirsty during the run, can it hold a water bottle? Yes, it can. We know it seems a bit unbelievable but we are telling it as it is. You can actually fit a small water bottle into the belt. We would recommend using their special line of bottles which have been designed keeping the belt in mind. But, imagine being able to comfortably carry around 11oz of water or about 325 ml. It is a truly remarkable product.

We know that it can be used during a running session, but can it also be used in other activities? Part of the charm with FlipBelt for us is its extremely vibrant colors and its overall construct, which means that it can easily be used as a fashion accessory alone. It is true that the charm is more for active people, but the point still stands. We have also found it to be a superb product for doing Yoga. It does not interfere with the different poses and you can be the center of attention due to its hip design.

Yoga is fine, but does it work with more strenuous forms of exercise? It works excellently with most forms of training. You can run, play different sports, and even have a go at the old boxing practice. However, we would not recommend carrying any items when doing close combat exercises such as karate. Although, it hold the things securely, it does not make them damage proof.

Benefits 2

Another surprisingly good use is for travel. It can be used to carry your essential items securely at airports and other mass transit systems. It even has a hidden money belt to make things secure. It can be easily worn under or over a shirt or pants. The exact positioning is for you to decide and we suggest that you choose whatever feels the most comfortable. Regardless of how you position it, it has multiple access points to facilitate access to the stored items.

FlipBelt is available in a range of different sizes and comes in a variety of different colors to suit your personal preferences. It can be bought in multiple colors to go with different workout apparel.

Customer Service, Shipping, and Social Media

If you are interested in the product, you can head over to their well-designed website and search for more details. You can order it online or buy it from one of the supported stores. For shipping details and charges visit their shipping section. The website is secure and accepts all major online payment options. If you have any additional questions, you can contact them through phone or email. Additionally, you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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