HoneyColony Coupons, Promo Code

Who They Are


Honeycolony.com is a website which provides its users with empowering alternate and mainstream solutions for everyday problems. The idea is based on the behavior of bees. When a bee finds a good source of nutrition or nectar, on coming back to the hive they will inform every other member of their group. Likewise, Honeycolony.com works like a hive. They have a panel of specialists and health conscious people working hard to bring the general public awareness about issues and solutions to problems.

They do this by selecting various mainstream and alternate organic products which will help combat disease and deficiencies, by featuring them on their website.

Website Design

The website features a refreshing design, which is easy to navigate. The main categories are displayed at the top left of the home page and include Wisdom and Shop. They are more like sections which have their own list of items and categories. Moving down, you will see a beautiful list of the bestselling products and most popular articles. Further down, the usual company information, policies, and social media links can be found.

The website has a nice combination of dark and light theme, which makes reading the text easy. The overall effect is positive and visitors will not have to strain their eyes to get the basic information. Each of the categories is further divided into sub categories. However, if you are looking for something very specific, then using the site search feature located at the top right hand of every page, would yield results faster.

The Products


As stated earlier, their website is divided into two main parts. One is their Wisdom section, which has articles on a range of different topics. They include articles on Activism, Fitness, Health, Natural Antibiotics, Nutrition, Parenting, Super foods, Sustainability, and Swarm Intelligence.

The articles are well written and referenced. You will find a ton of useful information in them. The writing style is reader friendly and they deliver information without being too journalistic in nature. We would especially recommend reading their article on 7 Excellent Ways To Overcome Vitamin D Deficiency.


The Other section is their shop. It is similarly divided into different categories. They include CBD, Natural Antibiotics, Super foods, Supplements, Bee Goods, Gift Set, Beauty, and Home & Garden. Here it is important to mention that all the products featured on their website have to pass through their own tests and scrutiny. They only select those which are approved by their team.

Nevertheless, the claims on their products are not verified by FDA, as is generally the case with most alternative forms of products and medicines. So, act with care.

They are huge promoters of CBD which is otherwise known as cannabidiol. It is derived from Cannabis. However, it is a legal product, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-depressant qualities. It has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. The scientific research in recent years has led to an increase in its popularity. It does not make you high and has no recreational usage.

Another thing which can be found in their natural antibiotics is the use of colloidal silver. Silver is another material which was used to treat infections and diseases, but after antibiotics, its use became non-existent. The most common form of its usage today is in active wear, where it is used to inhibit bacterial growth, which in turn means that the clothes can be worn for ages, as the bacteria will no longer be able to produce the smell.

Payments, Customer Service, and Social Media

The website is secure and accepts all major online payment options such as Visa and MasterCard. You can order the products online and have them shipped to your address.

Customer service is available via phone and email. They will help you choose the correct products and also help you in resolving any problems that you may face in using their website. Additionally, you can follow them via their pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Coupons and Benefits

Coupons by their very nature are supposed to bring down the prices of products. So, if you are tired of feeling helpless in this world where harmful chemicals have infiltrated the staple products in our diets, Rebateszone can help you in maintaining your heath, by giving you access to HoneyColony.com coupon codes. These promo codes should be used ASAP, because they have an inherent tendency to expire.

How to use Coupons

1. Go to their website and select the items you wish to buy.

2. Add them to cart. Here you can either go back to shopping or Proceed to Checkout.

3. If you are done shopping, then you will find the Promo Code section underneath your product summary.


4. Copy the code from the website, paste it into the box, and click Apply.

5. The prices will update according to the code.

6. Proceed to checkout.