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iHerb is an online retailer of herbal remedies and medicines. It started the business in 1996, initially promoting the benefits of the herb St. John’s Wort. Now, its inventory has more than 1000 well-known brands and it offers a total of more than 35000 products. It has received a couple of awards like the Good Manufacturing Practices by NSF International. It has had more than a million transactions and is one of the Google Trusted Score sites.

Due to its business of herbs, the company strongly believes in being eco-friendly. In this view, it has taken initiatives to become as environmentally responsible as it can be. They have a paper-free environment and all their UPS shipments are Carbon Neutral. They also recycle all of their packaging materials. They promote this effort through their website and blogs as well. They are also a big believer of giving back to the community and in lieu of this; they contribute to many humanitarian causes around the world. They have direct donation programs in which profits of their products go to the fund for organizations such as Doctors without Borders and Cambodian Children’s Fund. In 2014, iHerb contributed $425,000 USD to humanitarian causes. The have also contributed to famine relief in Haiti and Somalia.

Their main products can be categorized into the following: Brands, Supplements, Herbs, Bath, Beauty, Grocery, Baby, Sports, and More. The Brands section contains all the brands that are listed on their website. To put this into perspective, they have over 100 brands listed. The Supplements section contains all their herbal supplements. You can find all your Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins, and many other related items in this section. For example, the Natrol, Melatonin, 3 mg, 240 Tablets bottle was retailing at $11.77.This is a natural drug-free sleeping aid and helps to promote normal sleep patterns. It also contains Vitamin B6 which has been shown by research to promote sleep. However, as is the case with most medicines, if you are on any sedatives or tranquilizers, you should consult your physician. The rest of the sections offer a similar diversity in products and feature competitive prices.

If you are a believer of herbal medicine and would like to see the full content of their offerings, visit their well-designed website. You can order all their products online and have them shipped to your house. They deliver to all the US states; however, for international destinations and charges, you will have to visit their shipping section. They have a secure site and accept all major online payment methods. If you have any additional questions or queries, you can contact their customer support via email or phone. Additionally, you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram.

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